Zoro x Sanji: The Rivalry of the Straw Hat Pirates

Zoro x Sanji has been fighting for a long time. They always fight, they always hate each other, but they are also the best of friends.

This blog post will explore their rivalry, how it began, and why it has continued to be so strong. We will also look at the moments where Zoro x Sanji have helped each other out in tough times. But, unfortunately, it is not until later that Zoro and Sanji grow past their rivalry into a true friendship.

Zoro and Sanji share a bond on board the ship who are not related by blood to Luffy. Zoro introduces themself as an enemy but quickly switched sides when he learned they were looking for One Piece. He always gets fighting with other characters like Usopp or Merry, even though he is friends. Sanji is also a pirate, and he usually hangs out with Zoro, but they still get into fights.

How they meet each other, why they join Luffy’s crew:

Zoro and Sanji’s rivalry began on Thriller Bark when they first met and had a fight until Luffy intervened and ended it. There, Zoro is just seen as an enemy who joins the crew, but he quickly becomes friends with all.


Zoro and Sanji often fight against each other, but they share many similarities, such as the desire to be the best swordsman. Nami leaves Luffy’s crew during Thriller Bark, so Sanji joins him. The same way Usopp, Chopper, and Robin were friends with everyone else except Zoro.

Zoro helps out:

When Merry was about to hit Sanji with her sword at Alabasta after being brainwashed by Absalom, it was actually Zoro that pushed Sanji out of the way so he could take the blow instead. This moment shows how caring Zoro can really be even when he is still fighting with Sanji.

Sanji helps out:

When Zoro was in the worst condition and almost died during Thriller Bark, Sanji took care of him by keeping him alive until Usopp could help them escape that ship. After they escaped from Thriller Bark, we never see another moment where Zoro fights against Sanji as hard as before because deep down inside, they have always been friends but didn’t know how to show it.

Why they fight all the time:


They keep fighting until Luffy tells both of them that there’s something wrong with their attitude, which makes sense since they are both in combat most of the time on board the ship.
Zoro and Sanji are often seen helping each other out in challenging situations.

For example, Zoro is the one to save him from being executed at Loguetown while he was hooked up on a crucifix with his body exposed. Likewise, he saves Sanji when they are surrounded by marines and gives back all his stolen food before escaping together.

They find themselves fighting side-by-side against Akainus (one of Kaido’s most fearsome underlings) where they work perfectly as a team despite not trusting each other or having any kind words for either other beforehand.

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Zoro and Sanji: The Rivalry of the Straw Hat Pirates

how they become strong together at the end:

Both Zoro x Sanji is also seen fighting side by side against Kaido’s forces. They work perfectly as a team.

Because of this moment, both Zoro x Sanji exchange smiles in understanding, recognizing one another’s skills after all these years of competing with one another. This respect leads to them becoming friends at last.

Zoro has been on board the ship since Luffy found him an enemy from Alvida’s crew; he was introduced later but quickly switched sides when he learned that they were looking for One Piece. He often argues about food and finds himself interrupting the battles that Sanji is in.

Sanji, who joined the crew because of his love for Luffy’s sister Nami, has been a pirate since nine years old and often hangs out with Zoro on board the ship. He still gets into fights with Zoro about food, but they are also seen helping one another when needed most.

Zoro becomes happy when Sanji helps him, like how he saved them where Zoro had already lost all hope. But, unfortunately, the two were later surrounded by marines which caused Zoro to lose control over himself again. Still, instead of attacking Sanji as usual, he gives back all the food he stole before escaping with him too!

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