The 10 Worst Things That Ever Happened To Guts Berserk

Guts Berserk hasn’t had it easy. His life had never been this crazy before.

Guts from Berserk is the only anime protagonist to suffer the same or similar fate. If they had suffered the same kind of physical, psychological, and emotional pain, they would not have survived long to continue their respective anime. As a result, he is the toughest anime hero or antihero ever.

With Berserk’s latest chapters hinting at an endgame, Guts’ suffering might finally be over. It’s good news for the fictional character since he probably holds the record for the most tortured anime protagonist since 1989. But, during Berserk’s manga run, how much has he suffered? What Guts has ever suffered, Excluding 3D anime?

Being An Orphan

Guts were destined for an agonizing life from the moment he was born. After his mother was hung in a tree moments before he was born, his mother marinated him in human waste until some soldiers found him crying.

In addition to not knowing his mother, she died before he was born, which may sound crazy. However, he is upbringing was even worse than an orphan’s.

Getting Adopted By A Mercenary

He was not found by samaritans or the wealthy but by borderline bandits hired by mercenaries. Gambino was the leader of the Band, and he also took the initiative to adopt Guts so that he can be used in the future.

Gambino was a cesspool of problems for Guts. The poor boy never had a good father figure because he was cruel and unsympathetic. Guts and the boy ended up having a love-hate relationship since while he was harsh to the boy, he also raised him.

Donovan Berserk

Guts Berserk were disillusioned by Gambino’s apparent care when he was sold as a possession to another mercenary named Donovan. Unfortunately, this mercenary just so happened to be a homosexual pedophile.

Donovan had psychologically scarred guts from his prepubescent days onwards. Early on, Guts learned how to be vengeful, killing Donovan as revenge, and later on, Gambino for selling him out.

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A Life Of War

Guts became a wandering mercenary after he had avenged his adoptive father. But, because he didn’t have a formal education and it was a dark medieval fantasy world, he only knew to learn to kill people.

During his puberty, Guts drifted between battlefields, serving as a sword-for-hire, sometimes even as blood sport entertainment for nobles. The experience made him independent and strong, but it wasn’t a good way for a boy to grow up.

Betrayed By His Best Friend

Eventually, Guts found relative sanctuary in the mercenary band Band of the Hawk, led by the seemingly honorable Griffith. But, unfortunately, Griffith was never that honorable and put his ambition above anything else, including his friends.

To gain power and become a king, Griffith sacrificed his whole Band of the Hawk, including Guts, to God’s Hand. Even more tragic is that all this occurred not long after Guts risked his life to save Griffith.

Their Best Friend Abuses Their Lover

Cata, the Band of the Hawk’s second-in-command, was one of the Guts’ dearest friends as they had a romance and bonded. While Griffith knew this, he did not care. He wanted to either demonstrate his dominance over either of the characters or show a lack of empathy after transforming into the demon Femto.

Griffith violated Casca in front of Guts for that reason. But, unfortunately, it was also at that point that Griffith’s betrayal became apparent, and Guts’ heart was crushed tenfold by his best friend betraying him and witnessing his lover being abused in front of him.

Rendered Disabled By Demons

Guts almost killed Griffith during Griffith’s sacrifice and display of power after transforming into a God Hand demon. To do so, Guts had to break free from the grasp of the demons or apostles holding him.

As a result, he had to sacrifice one of his arms. Guts were pinned down again tragically, but the apostles did so more roughly this time, puncturing one of his eyes and rendering him half-blind. It was the worst physical thing that had ever happened to him.

Lose Nearly Everyone Dear To Him

The Band of the Hawk was the closest thing Guts had to a family, so it’s no surprise he became attached to them. In addition, all of the characters that Pippin encountered– including Rickert and Casca– taught Guts to be human somehow.

Griffith lost all of this when he became Femto. As a sacrifice for his transformation, nearly every member of the Band of the Hawk was killed. So then, it was understandable how and why Guts became a worse version of himself before he met his new and current gang.

Gets Cursed

Dank to his old friend, the Skull Knight, Guts survived the sacrifice for Femto and ended up living a cursed existence. However, he still bore the accursed sign the God Hand gave to him to prepare him as a sacrifice.

This curse mark not only bled constantly but also attracted apostles who saw Guts as nothing more than a slab of rib eye. Similarly, the curse mark only bleeds when the apostles are nearby, so at least it helps. However, anyone near Guts is in greater danger of being killed by demons.

Seeing His Traitorous Best Friend Rise To Power

He was adding insult to injury. Griffith not only took everything away from Guts. He violated what he held dear, but he also essentially controlled the entire human race. A false utopia he constructed pretty much exalted him to the emperor.

Guts were left with only a few allies after the world turned against him. Guts’ hatred for Griffith only fueled his desire for revenge against him, and thankfully, justice is near for the Berserk manga.

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