why is naruto so weak in Boruto

Anyone who has watched Naruto, or heard of it, knows that he is one of the most powerful characters in anime. He starts as a bumbling idiot with all kinds of potential, and by the time Shippuden rolls around, he’s pretty much God.

Then Boruto takes place years after the events of Shippuuden. In Boruto, we see naruto is an adult and mature, but he seems weak than Shippuden in Boruto.

After Naruto Uzumaki finished his series, he was the strongest ninja. But now, he is weaker. Why is that?

Well, there are many reasons. Some of them include:

Kurama inside Naruto

Just because Naruto has the nine tails inside him, he doesn’t mean that he is still super powerful. The nine tails will not automatically give naruto all of its power for free. But, without it, Naruto would be nowhere near as strong as he is now with Kurama sealed inside him.

Without Kurama, Naruto would have to do more work on his own to be as strong as he is now. He would have to study and become a better ninja somehow.

But, this would take years of training, and Naruto hasn’t had too much time since he was busy protecting the whole world.

Naruto’s laws of ninja

The laws of ninjas create a limit on how strong naruto can be no matter what he does. To become a true ninja, one must follow all of them. This may limit Naruto’s true potential.

But, if naruto followed the laws of ninjas to the letter, he would never become Hokage. He may not be able to use some jutsu that are too strong or that go against the laws, but most of his abilities will still be available to him.

Naruto has friends who help him.

Naruto’s main thing apart from the rest of the genin is his will never to give up. No matter what, he always tries his hardest. But this wouldn’t be possible if not for the friends who help him along the way and get him out of trouble more than once.

Sakura would maybe be a little better without Naruto, but without Hinata and Sasuke? He would be dead in a second.

Naruto is unlucky

At the start of Shippuden, we see naruto’s bad luck with his inability to do anything right. This becomes less apparent by the end of the series but still becomes a problem during Boruto: Naruto The Movie.

Naruto was never lucky when it came to tests, which can happen in their world. He was always just unlucky when it came to the three shinobi exams he took, but this didn’t seem to affect his power that much.

Maybe Naruto’s luck will change in Boruto if he becomes Hokage… But for now, he’s just unlucky.

Naruto is Hokage

The Hokage is supposed to be the strongest ninja in the village, limiting Naruto’s power. No one wants to fight their leader or risk losing him, so he can’t go around starting fights like he used to.

Hokage is also a tiring job that requires many hours of work. Naruto is shown to be working long hours at the Hokage tower, so he doesn’t have much time for training anymore.

Naruto has become weaker in Boruto than Shippuden because of how strong he has become and all of the unfair advantages that give him power. But if it weren’t for any of these, he would probably be even more potent than he was in Shippuden.

Boruto is Stronger than Naruto

However, Boruto is indeed stronger than his father. This proof can be found in the latest anime series called ‘Boruto: Next Generation’. The new protagonist, Boruto Uzumaki, has created many jutsu since he became a genin. As a result, he has become the strongest ninja ever in Konoha village.

But one thing that I consider is that the Boruto manga has not ended yet. So all of the assumptions are just speculation as to what might be coming in future chapters of this comic.

The Main Protagonist of “Boruto: Next Generation”

In the Boruto anime series, Naruto is doing okay at being Hokage, but he will never be as great or powerful as his father. However, it could mean that Boruto might become more potent than Naruto one day if he keeps training hard enough.

Most importantly, Boruto is the main character now. Naruto is not the protagonist of his own story. Instead, Naruto is a supporting character, and Boruto’s dad does not need to be stronger for this sequel.

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