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15 Reasons Why Does Boruto Hate Naruto

Why does Boruto hate Naruto? We all know that Boruto and naruto love each other, and they’re connected in some way. Fans and netizens have asked this question.

Boruto is the son of Naruto Uzumaki, the protagonist of the Naruto series. He is also the son of the great shinobi Hinata Hyuga.

Several reasons could be the reason, but these 10 reasons are good enough for reasoning.

15 Reasons Why Does Boruto Hate Naruto

Always get a card of Naruto.

Boruto Playing Cards Why Does Boruto Hate Naruto

Boruto is Naruto’s son. He also got his name from Naruto. Boruto always gets a card from his father that others can’t. But he doesn’t want his father’s card because he hates his father, so he gets more hated by Naruto.

We see that while playing cards with his friend, he wants to collect Sasuke cards but instead, he always gets Naruto’s card. So then his hate for Naruto grows more.

All things that belong to Naruto are for others.

 Why Does Boruto Hate Naruto

Boruto is unlucky that his father is Naruto. And he once said that he wouldn’t become a ninja because all the things are associated with his father’s name. Others use all things that belong to Naruto, but not him.

Boruto Uzumaki is a young and popular shinobi of Konoha village. He wants to follow his path, not like his dad, to become Hokage for leaf village in the future.

Always brought up in one day.

Why Does Boruto Hate Naruto

Naruto always talks about Boruto to other people. Many people know about Boruto, who’s the son of Naruto, because of this. Doesn’t like it.

Next-generations of naruto are much clever and strong; In Boruto’s series, many people may know Himawari and Boruto, so Naruto shows his family to everyone.

Involving in everything

Involving Boruto in everything Why Does Boruto Hate Naruto

Naruto is involved in almost everything that happens in the village and leaves the house behind. Boruto does not like his father involved in their lives too often because he is not an ordinary father.

For Chunin Exams, Works and in a dangerous mission, etc. Hokage show’s no mercy on his son to make his best in Uzumaki Clan. That hate the most.

Forced to work as a ninja

Forced to work as a ninja Why Does Boruto Hate Naruto

Boruto does not want to be a ninja, but he has no choice because his father is a great ninja, and everyone wants him to be like him. Boruto does not like this.

To become the best shinobi in the next generations, Naruto force Boruto to train with him because he wants to be a ninja.

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He is better than Naruto.

Why Does Boruto Hate Naruto

Another reason that Boruto hates naruto is that Boruto thinks that he is better than his father. And it might be true.

In an entirely anime/manga series the popular clan of Uzumaki is extinct and has been for many years, but after the birth of Boruto Uzumaki, this clan emerged again. In this anime/manga series, see that Boruto think’s he is better than naruto in the first place.

The remark of the father

Why Does Boruto Hate Naruto

Boruto’s behavior, which his father always raises. He responds to everyone by talking about Naruto. Boruto does not like this.

Naruto always knows what his son is doing and says the remark of Boruto in front of everyone, where Boruto cannot answer him. That makes the reason why Boruto hates naruto.

The Absence Of Love

Why Does Boruto Hate Naruto

Boruto could have never felt love from his father. He’s too busy to love Boruto, and he lacks bonding with his son that could provide for a father-son relationship.

According to Boruto, naruto is too busy in his life. To pass the love of father and son in this way, they were not in contact with each other. that Boruto hate’s naruto very much.

The Lack Of Sharing

Why Does Boruto Hate Naruto

Naruto and Boruto could have a very good relationship. But, unfortunately, Naruto is very busy, so he cannot provide for his son as much as he wants to. As a result, he has no time to bond with Boruto, but that’s what being a father is about.

Boruto said that the father had no time to share their feelings with him. Boruto was very upset because of this. He never learns what the feeling of love and fatherhood was.

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The Lonely Childhood

Why Does Boruto Hate Naruto

Boruto doesn’t have any siblings. Boruto has a very lonely childhood, with few friends and companions to play with. He’s too busy to take care of his son that he neglects him in the most crucial part of his life: childhood.

Boruto has no siblings to play with, which makes him very sad. However, it seems that Naruto doesn’t pay attention to it and does not feel for his son.

The Angry Father Figure

Why Does Boruto Hate Naruto

Naruto was an angry person when Boruto said some bad things to him. However, he would not cower before his son and show him the pride as a father should do.

Mainly because of naruto’s actions and behaviors, the gap between father and son had far widened. For example, when Boruto disrespects his father, he seems to be angry with his son.

The Annoying Child

Why Does Boruto Hate Naruto

Boruto is too annoying to Naruto. He doesn’t know how to respect his father, so he’s always rude to him all the time.

May also like to Kawaki, Boruto is always talking negatively about his father. And he does not respect him in front of others; this makes naruto very annoyed.

The Lack Of Respect For His Father

Why Does Boruto Hate Naruto

Boruto doesn’t know how to respect his father, even when Naruto gives out some tips and advice. As a result, he doesn’t want to listen, and he always acts like a brat towards his father.

Boruto called his father a careless idiot. Boruto does not believe he has the right to call his father an idiot who has struggled so hard for their son.

The Lack Of Bonding

Why Does Boruto Hate Naruto

Naruto doesn’t have time for bonding with Boruto. Sometimes, they can bond, but not as much as Naruto would want to do so.

In search of his path in life, he is ready to learn from his father. However, Boruto does not want to feel that naruto is the obstacle between him and his ambitions as far as Naruto does not give him the opportunity.

The Rebellious Nature

Why Does Boruto Hate Naruto

Boruto doesn’t follow in the footsteps of his father. Instead, Boruto is always acting like a rebel, doing things his way, not following Naruto’s instructions.

Boruto always search for his path, but he follows naruto’s footsteps. Boruto always encourages his father to do things in a better way. And whenever Kawaki ‘s evil presence appeared, Boruto always tried to protect naruto from that.


Boruto add his reasons to make the best list. First, he hates his father because he’s not interested in him. as soon as Boruto says some bad things to his father, the gap between them had far widened.

In recent posts, naruto is still the main character of the series. We know the chakra of nine tails is sealed in naruto. So his more shows we will still see in movies and the next episodes of Boruto.

I hope the reasons why does Boruto hate naruto are useful for you.

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  1. It did not explain very well why Boruto didn’t like his father. The article kept repeating that he was a Narutos son and that he hated his father over and over. I don’t think it has enough evidence.

    1. I believe you are a fan of Borut from what you’ve said. It is also important to know that Boruto is not like his father. Those points are very familiar to anyone who watches Boruto. All of these points are evident in the first few episodes of Boruto.

      Let me know if you have any questions.

      Best wishes,

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