why did tanjiro cut his neck In Mugan Train?

The Mugen Train forced Tanjiro Kamado to make a brutal sacrifice. The anime franchise’s debut feature film is currently taking over theaters worldwide, which is not surprising since it picks up immediately after the events of the first season.

Tanjirou’s actions seem drastic, but they worked out well for him. Why did he cut his neck?

Tanjirou is very intuitive, and he sensed something was off as soon as he entered his dream. Upon death in the dream world, he guessed that he would awaken in the real world. He needed a bit of nudging from a vision of his father, however, since it’s not an easy act.

why did tanjiro cut his neck?

One step closer to Hashira

why did tanjiro cut his neck

In between the epic battles and the heartbreaking conclusion to “Mugen Train,” there’s a strong undercurrent of character development. In order to defeat Enmu and save the train full of passengers, the franchise’s core trio of Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke are forced to confront and overcome their weaknesses.

In “Mugen Train,” Inosuke (who wears a boar’s head as a helmet) remains aggressive, but the film reveals that he is becoming a more attentive team player. The boar head also helps him avoid Enmu’s hypnotism.

Zenitsu is the opposite of Inosuke, the most cowardly of the three young slayers, but one who comes to the rescue with courage and Thunder Breathing power at the right moment. He can only show his skills when he falls unconscious, making him an ideal opponent to fight the sleep-inducing Enmu. In “Mugen Train,” his unconscious bravery is also subtly related to his desire to protect others, especially Nezuko. the Mugen Train Arc, we knew of Tanjiro’s bravery and tenacity.


But the film forces him to push the limits of his will to survive. In one nail-biting scene, Tanjiro is repeatedly hypnotized by Enmu, dropping into his dream sequence. To get out, Tanjiro has to cut his own neck to “die” in his dream world. On the flip side of his ferocity is kindness, as seen when he tries to save the train operator and the young children being manipulated by Enmu to kill the demon slayers.

What makes a demon slayer?

why did tanjiro cut his neck

Prior to his death, Rengoku tells Tanjiro that he believes in the demon slayer’s sister, Nezuko, and her ability to retain her humanity despite being a demon. Rengoku, unlike many other Hashira demon slayers, thought Nezuko could be saved.

In essence, “Demon Slayer” is about Tanjiro’s love and dedication to the only family member he has left – his sister – and his quest to turn her back into a human. The uniqueness of Tanjiro and Nezuko’s situation is demonstrated in the first episode when Hashira Giyu Tomioka attempts to kill Nezuko shortly after Tanjiro discovers that his family has been slaughtered. Nezuko quickly proves to the Demon Slayer Corps that she is an exception to every rule they had learned about demons when she defends her brother.


When the rest of the Hahira meet her during Season 1, despite her loyalty to humans and relative lack of bloodlust, they’re not convinced of her goodness. But throughout the first season and especially in the “Mugen Train” film, Nezuko develops her own fighting skills and helps the trio slay demons. Nezuko is also instrumental in waking Tanjiro up from Enmu’s dream-induced sleep.

Demon slayers are known for their courage, strength, loyalty to humanity, and dedication to protecting the world from demons. She may not be human, but Nezuko has become a demon slayer in her own right. Meanwhile, Rengoku’s belief in the young girl makes his death all the more heartbreaking.

Raising the stakes for the Demon Slayer Corps

why did tanjiro cut his neck

Until the “Mugen Train” film, we hadn’t seen any Upper Rank demons in action. Tanjiro and the others battled unranked demons in Season 1 except for Rui and his Spider Family. We have yet to see Muzan at full strength in a fight, although he sometimes appears as a demon leader.

‘Mugen Train’s’ main villain, Enmu, is Lower Rank 1 and the last of the Lower Rank demons after Muzen kills them in a rage. Tanjiro receives plenty of help from his friends, including his demon sister and Hashira Rengoku, in order to defeat Enmu. With the arrival of an Upper-Rank demon and the Akaza vs. Rengoku battle, the dynamic of the series changes drastically.

Tanjiro’s training as a demon slayer and his quest to find a cure for Nezuko were the primary topics of the series. As a result of Akaza’s near-death and the death of Rengoku, the series turns to questions of vengeance and the hierarchy of the demons, called the 12 Kizuki. This will be crucial in future seasons, as Tanjiro carries on the Flame Hashira legacy and tries to cure his sister. As seen in Akaza, the Upper Rank demons are clearly to be feared, with levels of power that far exceed that of the Demon Slayer Corps Hashira.


 Every time he tries to force himself awake after getting hit by Enmu’s spell, he cuts his neck and commits suicide in his dream. Tanjiro almost cuts his neck in the real world when he mistakenly believes it to be a dream. Although he doesn’t need to because Inosuke saved him, he must demonstrate this kind of resolve if he wants to face the even tougher demons he faces in Season 2.

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