why did madhouse drop one punch man?

Back in 2012, One Punch Man was originally a webcomic started by an author named ONE. The webcomic got popular with fans, and when ONE finished it on December 25th of 2012, he allowed Madhouse to adapt it into an anime.

After the success of One Punch Man’s anime adaptation in 2015, plenty of people have been trying to figure out why Madhouse dropped the ball on what is possibly one of the most anticipated anime for 2016.

In this blog post, we will discuss Why Did Madhouse Drop One Punch Man? and what the future holds for the anime adaptation of this great series.

What exactly is One Punch Man

One-Punch Man follows a Japanese salaryman named Saitama in his quest to become a hero. One day, he happens to save a child from getting run over by a truck, so he starts training to become a hero. Unfortunately, the child turns out to be an otherworldly being named Genos, who immediately pledges his loyalty to Saitama so they can fight evil together.

Saitama is extremely overpowered and defeats any enemy in one punch. However, since he has become OP for this world, he searches for an opponent that can give him a challenge.


Why Did Madhouse Drop One Punch Man

There are multiple reasons why Madhouse dropped the ball on what is possibly one of the most anticipated anime for 2016. Here are just some of them:

  1. Higher-ups at Madhouse may not be interested in it.
  2. It’s not financially successful enough for them.
  3. One Punch Man was too good of a series to adapt in the first place.

These are the most common reasons why an anime adaptation fails and never gets finished, and this is probably why Madhouse dropped One Punch Man.

The future for One Punch Man

Fortunately, the odds are in our favor that this great series will be green-lighted for an adaptation again, so all of us fans can have a second season before 2016 ends.

If you are unaware of what is happening behind the scenes with regards to the future of One Punch Man, here is what you should know:

ONE will be in charge of the anime adaption again.

Why Did Madhouse Drop One Punch Man

Studio DEEN is the studio behind anime series that are really good, while Madhouse is the studio behind anime series that are okay.

One Punch Man might not be successful enough for Madhouse, but Studio DEEN can make it work because they have experience making good anime series out of popular manga.


If you want to see more One Punch Man, you should check out the manga series because it’s way better than the anime adaptation.

When One Punch Man gets green-lighted for Season 2 by Studio DEEN, do not expect delays or production problems like Madhouse in 2015.

Shingo Natsume’s contributions to One-Punch Man

Shingo Natsume’s contributions to One-Punch Man were integral to the anime’s success, but that doesn’t mean he can do it again.

Studio DEEN will most likely be sticking with Chikara Sakurai as director, who they previously worked with on Hitman Reborn and Ushio & Tora.

If you want One Punch Man Season 2 released under Studio DEEN, you should show your support for their other projects so they can work on One Punch Man next year.

The Rumoured Other Anime Adaptation

The Rumoured on Other Anime Adaptation

You may have noticed in the last scene of episode 12 that there were two anime series being promoted. So naturally, a lot of people speculated that it was going to be a second season of One-Punch Man.

However, if the anime’s final episode was any indication, it is more likely to be a second season of Parasyte instead. In other words, don’t get your hopes up for One Punch Man Season 2 because you should be satisfied with Studio DEEN giving us another great series.

one punch man j.c. staff vs Madhouse

JC Staff is the studio that produced good anime series but did not produce anime series that are just okay. Instead, they made Toradora and Shakugan no Shana (both of which are among their most popular titles).

Their return to One Punch Man has everyone very excited, but you should settle down because there is a high chance that they may end up dropping the project again.

Their schedule for 2016 looks packed with anime adaptions of manga titles such as The Devil Is a Part-Timer, Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator, and Saint Young Men. These series will also be made using their traditional process where they only release one episode per month.

If they manage to squeeze in One Punch Man Season 2, it would likely be later next year instead of this year.

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