who’s the strongest villain in boruto

This season of Boruto brings back who’s the strongest villain in boruto.

Boruto builds its villains but simultaneously plays to the strengths of old, bringing back some Naruto enemies. Kara is a new terrorist group similar to the Akatsuki that Naruto and his friends had to defeat. Jigen, Kara’s leader, blends science and ninja culture similar to Orochimaru (the reptile scientist).

However, in Boruto #30, a villain reappears to hound Naruto’s son, hinting that he might, indeed, be on a dark path. Naruto’s life essence is shared with Momoshiki Otsutsuki, a member of the divine clan of the Otsutsuki, to whom Naruto is there physically.

The Otsutsuki


In 2015’s Boruto: Naruto the Movie, we first encountered Moshiki, Naruto’s immature son. Pale-skinned, blue-eyed Kinshiki came to Earth with his foster father to consume the planet’s chakra. We would learn in the Boruto anime that the OTsutsui clan hunted God Trees across the cosmos, draining their chakra and rendering worlds lifeless.

Kaguya (Naruto’s main villain) used the God Tree to rule Earth until Naruto and Sasuke stopped her. However, millions of ninjas would lack their power without her, so they should thank Kaguya for empowering their ancestors.

In the end, Boruto and his father slaughtered Momoshiki because they felt that these generations of chakra belonged to their people. After that fight, Momoshiki appeared to Boruto in a vision, warning him this victory was the beginning of a dark path and would lose everything he loved.

Boruto is witness

boruto villain

Several fans attributed that to the last remnants of Momoshiki’s soul leaving the planet. Boruto was the only one to witness it due to his Bakugyan eyes (the blue eyes he acquired from Hinata). Through these eyes, Boruto can see chakra and certain spiritual aspects of the world uniquely.


According to the latest Boruto manga chapter, Boruto’s worst fears have come true, and Momoshiki still haunts him. The two ninjas give each other the Seal of Reconciliation after sparring. Still, as they touch, their diamond-shaped mark called Karma connects their powers once more, causing Momoshiki to appear.

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Boruto’s Eye

Only Boruto can see him, taunting Boruto and warning him that death is coming to Konoha. Having weakened after the encounter, Boruto suspects Kawaki saw the villain, too. Still, he opts to pretend ignorance, seemingly scared as well.

Although Nagato seems to recognize Momoshiki’s chakra, he suspects something is amiss. According to Koji Kashin, a ninja gaining a mark represents defeating a member of the Otsutsuki clan, one of Kara’s top agents.

The Curse Mark

boruto villain

As Koji has hinted, although Boruto and Naruto didn’t receive this mark, Jigen did, which is why he began experimenting on boys so that he could pass it on scientifically.

The Jigen’s only successful subject has been Kawaki, which is why his fate is bound to Boruto. Their Karma mark makes them as powerful as Naruto and Sasuke were in their teenage year. Momoshiki has returned for some mysterious reason as well, so it’s clear they need to unlock their potential as soon as possible.

He is back for revenge, and Boruto will need the whole family, including Kawaki, to defeat what seems to be an eternal foe.

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