Will Dragon Ball Reveal Who Vegeta’s Mother Is?

So, who is Vegeta’s mother? “Dragon Ball,” One of the most popular anime series, has spawned a large fan base and is loved by millions worldwide. That’s why it’s so important for many of us to know who Vegeta’s mother is.

As we all know, Vegeta is the main protagonist of the Dragon Ball series. He is also the son of the Saiyajin, or Arcosian, warrior, King Vegeta. However, we still don’t know if he had a wife and if he had a mother.

There are many speculations about this matter. But actually, Vegeta’s mom isn’t revealed yet. Will Dragon Ball Reveal Who Vegeta’s Mother Is? You can predict what he will reveal based on some points.

Vegeta’s mom may be revealed in history.

Vegeta's Mother

In (Theory) Dragon Ball Super, Vegeta’s mother, Gine, is a character who was mentioned early in the series but never appeared in the story. However, in Dragon Ball Super episode 42, fans found out that her name was Saiyan princess. She is the mother of Vegeta.

In the next episode, she appears, and Vegeta says that she is his mother. At the beginning of episode 43, she says, “I was a widow,” and at the end of the episode, she says, “I was a wife,” which implies that she was married before.

While Vegeta’s mother has not been revealed in the Dragon Ball series, Vegeta himself has claimed that he is Gine’s son, but this has never been proven. The only other way to find out is if there was an upcoming latest season of Dragon Ball, which would answer this question.

Her name might be something

Vegeta’s mother’s name might be something else, and we don’t know what that is! We are fans of the series Dragon Ball Z, and one of the most interesting characters is Vegeta’s mother.

However, this comes from one of the greatest theories that Vegeta’s mother is alive. We all know that Vegeta and Goku are not blood-related because their parents were sent to another planet to protect them after Frieza destroyed their home planet.

But a Saiyan child survived and came back to Earth and later kidnapped Gohan and Piccolo. That Saiyan child is named Raditz, and we all know that Vegeta and Goku sound alike, which might also be why they look alike.

So there’s a great chance that Vegeta’s mom might be revealed in history as he peeks back at his kingdom!

Vegeta’s mom is still alive.

In Dragon Ball Super episode 10, Vegeta says, “I am the prince of all Saiyajin’s!” This implies that there were other Saiyajin’s before him – he is not the first one.

So if there are many Saiyajin’s out there – then it means that Vegeta might have a mother too. She might be alive somewhere, but we don’t know where. She might be hiding because of Frieza, who destroyed everyone on Vegeta except for Vegeta and Goku.

It is still unknown whether or not Vegeta has a mother other than his father. Still, no one can deny that there are some speculations about it! We all hope that Dragon Ball will reveal who Vegeta’s mother is.

Vegeta’s mom might be Kakarot’s wife.

Some of us like to think that Goku is Vegeta’s father! This is because they look alike, sound alike, and have the same power level of 9001 (wink).

Also, when Raditz tells Goku that Saiyan females are tough, Goku says, “I had a tough time with one,” which implies that he was married.

If Vegeta’s mom is Kakarot’s wife, it will be revealed that Vegeta is also half-Saiyan! This might be what Akira Toriyama is aiming for. Akira Toriyama likes to leave clues for his manga that might be revealed in the future.

So Vegeta’s mom might also be Kakarot’s wife, which will lead to some interesting theories about who Vegeta is! Will Dragon Ball reveal who Vegeta’s mother is? Let’s wait for the new season!

When was Vegeta’s mother shown for the last time?

When Dragon Ball Super started, Vegeta’s mother was mentioned but never shown! Finally, in episode 42, she is shown, and Goku says that “Vegeta’s mother looks kind.”

Next, in episode 43, Vegeta says to his mom, “you are a Saiyan” – this implies that his mother is from the same race as Vegeta. This is interesting because it makes Vegeta a half-Saiyan. He has the same power level as his father, King Vegeta!

So when was Vegeta’s mother shown for the last time? In Dragon Ball Super episode 42 where she is mentioned but never seen.

How old was she when she had Vegeta?

Another interesting fact about Vegeta’s mom is that we don’t know how old she was when she had Vegeta! We don’t know what planet they all came from or where they were living.

It is also unknown how long ago that was. There might be some people who think it was after Frieza even started destroying the planet. King Vegeta might have sent Vegeta’s mom to another planet with his two children.

There are some speculations that it was after when Raditz came to Earth, making sense because then Frieza would not know where they are!

Who was she?

We all know that she is the wife of Saiyan king and a mother of Vegeta, but do we know her name? So, he is the queen of Saiyans.

So who was Vegeta’s mother? Was she just a Saiyan warrior like the other Saiyans, or is there more to her?

We can all agree that Vegeta’s mom is probably still alive, but where might she be hiding now that Frieza has returned and destroyed planet Vegeta! We hope to know soon enough because everyone wants to know who Vegeta’s mother is! 

Will Dragon Ball reveal who Vegeta’s mother is?

Will Dragon Ball reveal who Vegeta’s mother is? This subject is the subject of many speculations, but only time will tell! Maybe the next upcoming season of ‘Dragon Ball’ will have something to do with it, so keep an eye out for it!

We hope you enjoyed our article about Vegeta’s mother and why he is not revealed yet. In the comments below, share your suggestions for future articles!

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