Who Is The Strongest DBZ Villain Ranked

Many people have debated and argued over who the strongest DBZ villain is. So who do you think is the strongest? If your answer was Frieza, then congratulations on being correct!

This blog will discuss 10 of the Strongest DBZ Villain Ranked In Order. Who do you think deserves to be number one? Who is the strongest?

All these characters are fought against Goku, Gohan, and others. So who do you think, Who Is The Strongest DBZ Villain?

Dr. Gero

Dr. Gero was the main villain in the Android Saga back when Goku and Gohan were babies. He played a key role in releasing Androids 17, 18, 19, 20, and more!

Dr. Gero is the creator of the Androids, a scientist who aims to destroy Goku. He was also the one who created Cell! Dr. Gero is a villain who should not take lightly!

Gero is the most powerful villain in the Android saga. He was able to defeat both Goku and Piccolo at once when they first fought him! Although his plan failed miserably, he was still a strong villain.

The Ginyu Force

The Ginyu Force

This group of villains is the strongest ever to be assembled. They pose a threat towards Goku, Gohan, and even Vegeta!

They are all incredibly powerful, and their poses can either make or break your chances of surviving. They were originally only used to get the Dragonballs, but after Vegeta killed them, they became eviler than ever!

The Ginyu Force is probably one of the most powerful groups in DBZ history – even if they all died at once! All of these villains are incredibly strong. But, unfortunately, they were only defeated by Goku, Vegeta, and Gohan together!

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The Androids

The Androids are one of the most dangerous villains in Dragon Ball Z. Dr. Gero made them extremely powerful, and they ended up being too strong for him!

They have a wide range of abilities, including super strength, speed, flight, teleportation, ki blasts that can wipe out entire cities with just a few shots. They can also absorb their opponent’s ki to gain power!


The Cell was the ultimate creation of Dr. Gero, and he is a villain Gohan has fought against on more than one occasion. He appears as an insect-like being with purple skin from outer space that absorbs Androids 17 & 18 to become perfect.

He is extremely powerful, and he can regenerate as well! He can also absorb other people’s powers by regurgitating them with his tail. If need be, he will use it for instant regeneration so that if a part of him gets destroyed or cut off, he doesn’t have to grow back from scratch!

Majin Buu

Majin Buu was created by Babidi, who used his magic powers to bring him to life. He is the final villain that Goku and his friends fought against in Dragon Ball Z.

He has numerous abilities, including super-strength, flight, teleportation, ki blasts (which are extremely powerful), telekinesis which allowed him to move objects with his mind, regeneration (he can heal himself by turning into candy or chocolate if he gets injured). He can even turn his opponents into candy or chocolate!


Vegeta is one of the most popular characters in Dragon Ball Z. He has a wide range of abilities, including super-strength, flight, teleportation, ki blasts that are shockingly powerful and can also turn into an Oozaru which allows him to become stronger than ever!

He was originally good, but after transforming into this monster, he turned into an evil being that only thought about himself. After becoming this monster, he also lost his reasoning abilities, which allowed him to kill his opponents without any mercy easily.

Zamasu / Black Goku

Zamasu is Goku Black’s teacher. He was originally a Supreme Kai, but he switched bodies to become immortal and stay young forever!

He has an amazing amount of abilities such as teleportation, flight (he can fly at the speed of light), telekinesis which allows him to move objects with his mind, ki blasts that can wipe out entire planets in just a few shots.

His most powerful abilities are the God Split Cut and the Holy Wrath! He is also immortal, so he will never die unless his body gets destroyed with no chance of recovery.



Broly is a Saiyan who was born with an uncontrollable rage that increased his power every second. Because of this, he got the strength to defeat nearly anyone in Dragon Ball Z!

His abilities include super-strength (he can easily destroy planets), flight (which allows him to fly at ludicrous speeds), incredibly powerful ki blasts, and he can regenerate as well.

He was banished from Planet Vegeta because of his destructive behavior but returned to take over the world again! In this video game Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi, Broly is even more powerful than ever with a different type of power that’s stronger than anything we’ve seen in the series before!

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Freeza is the emperor of all Saiyans, and he has an incredible number of powers that make him very dangerous. He’s not only strong but also smart, which makes him even more powerful than ever before!

He has numerous abilities, including super speed, flight, teleportation, and the ability to regenerate. He is also extremely strong, and he can use an attack called Death Ball, which creates a massive ball of energy that could wipe out planets with just one blast!


Jiren is the strongest warrior in Universe 11! He has an amazing amount of abilities, including super-strength, flight (he can fly at speeds that break the speed of light), and teleportation.

He’s also extremely intelligent, which makes him able to use his power for other things like creating barriers or hiding from sight so no one can find him.

He was the only warrior who didn’t fall for Goku’s Ultra Instinct. Instead, he managed to overpower him in his base form, which is something that no one has ever done before!

Lord Beerus

Beerus is a God of Destruction, and he looks like an evil version of Whis with black eyes instead of blue ones. He’s one of the strongest beings in the universe, but he doesn’t show off his strength that often.

His abilities include teleportation, flight (he can fly at speeds that are faster than light), and ki blasts! He can also create objects out of thin air like swords or daggers if he wants to make sure someone gets hurt.

He’s very powerful, but he doesn’t show his strength as much as other characters in the Dragon Ball anime series. That is because of him being a God of Destruction, and these beings are known to be calm and collected, which means that they don’t need to fight unless necessary!

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