Who Is Kawaki In Boruto? Explained

Kawaki is a character from “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.” In the anime, he has made only a few cameo appearances. He is also known as a friend of Sarada Uchiha, Boruto Uzumaki’s childhood friend, and classmate. Kawaki is because of a mysterious crash that happened when he was in his childhood. For this reason, he almost died.

In this blog post, I will discuss Kawaki in full detail. His past, who is Kawaki’s dad, and Who Is Kawaki In Boruto?

Who Is Kawaki In Boruto?

Kawaki | Source: cbr.com

Kawaki was first seen in the twenty-first episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. Konohamaru Sarutobi rescued him but then attacked him. Kawaki also mentioned that he had met Boruto before, but no one knows when and where they met each other.

Kawaki is a vessel of Isshiki Otsutsuki. After Kawaki was born, Jigen took him in and allowed Isshiki to become his successor.

Kawaki has a mysterious power that no one knows. After the attack on Konohagakure, he is in a coma for two weeks and is also implanted with untraceable weapons.

Kawaki Is a Scientific Tool

Kawaki Is Tool | Source: twitter.com

Kawaki is different from another normal person. His body is made of scientific tools that help him to survive. These tools can be removed anytime during surgery.

Isshiki Otsutsuki implanted his DNA into Kawaki’s body so that Kawaki would have supernatural powers like Karma after he was born.

Jigen also allowed Isshiki to set up multiple unknown devices in the body of Kawaki, which is very helpful for him even if he does not know they are there.

Kawaki Is a Successor To Isshiki

Isshiki Otsutsuki | Source: comicbook.com

Jigen allowed Isshiki to become Kawaki’s successor to strengthen the power of the Otsutsuki clan in the future.

Isshiki was willing to take care of Kawaki, but he would choose Kawaki as his successor in return. This will allow him to control anyone or anything that possesses any special ability or seal it in a container so Isshiki can use it for himself.

Kara is one of these people. When Kawaki was still in his mother’s womb, he could not carry out the mission to kill her because she saw the child’s face before she died.

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Who is Kawaki’s Dad?

Kawaki’s Dad | Source: brainstudy.info

Even though we do not know much about Kawaki’s father, Jigen claims that he would not let them take care of his successor if they were alive. This is because he does not want their children to bear the burden or risk that comes with it.

Konohamaru Sarutobi saved Kawaki after he almost died in an accident when he was a child. For this reason, Kawaki holds great gratitude for him and even considers him as his only friend at first.

Kawaki came from nowhere as an ally of Boruto Uzumaki, Sarada Uchiha, and Mitsuki (Mitsuki). Although he was also an enemy to many that tried to stop him on his way, with the help of Boruto’s group, they succeeded in completing their mission together for now.

Kawaki’s Mother.

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Kawaki’s mother was almost killed by Jigen and leaves Kawaki, who is still in the womb. Kara, a person under the control of the infinite Tsukuyomi, has gravity and is always with Isshiki.

Kara possessed the Karuraa, so she became a woman who loved Kawaki very much and wanted to protect him at all costs.

Karuraa sacrificed her life to protect her son from Jigen by jumping into the lava. Kara’s chakra is then transferred to Kawaki’s mother before she dies.

Isshiki Always uses Kawaki.

Kawaki Attack On Isshiki | Source: naruto.fandom.com

As a tool to get what he wants, Kawaki’s power is so great that Isshiki no longer needs the Infinite Tsukuyomi, making him the only person who can control Kawaki.

Isshiki Takes Advantage of Kawaki To Get What He Wants. Kawaki does not try to do anything wrong, but Issihki manipulates Kawak to do his dirty work.

Isshiki intends to get the power he wants, and he does not care if Kawaki dies in the process. So, as part of the secret organization Kara, Kara was made to take care of Kawaki and Isshiki.

Hokage Take a Decision Over Kawaki

Naruto Hug Kawaki | Source: twitter.com

Naruto, a current Hokage of hidden leaf village, decides to take care of Kawaki and protect him from Isshiki. However, Naruto knows that the enemy will not let him go, so he takes this precaution.

Naruto adds Kawaki in the village as a member of the hidden leaf village with a new name; Kawaki has no choice. He has to adapt it.  

Naruto tells Boruto that they are not allowed to tell anyone the identity of Kawaki or where he lives. This is because Naruto may act like he is Kawaki’s father and Boruto is his brother.

Boruto And Kawaki

Boruto And Kawaki | Source: AnimeCoach.com

Boruto and Kawaki become close friends of the same age, so they play together after their missions. Kawaki was often bullied at the orphanage, and Boruto was always there to help Kawaki get his revenge by using ninja techniques.

Like a father, naruto always talks with Kawaki when he gets the opportunity, even though he knows that it is difficult to make new friends because of who is a vessel.

They both possess Karma sealed in their bodies, but like Boruto, who has a light version of it. Kawaki has a dark version that makes his body stronger and powerful at the next level.

Kawaki Seeing His Future

Kawaki Save Naruto | Source: youtube.com

After meeting Naruto and Boruto, Kawaki began to see his future. He saw that if he did not change his life now, he would be killed by the people who forced him to do bad things.

Still, Kawaki is a vessel, but he is a member of the Uzumaki family for now. Naruto always shows emotion to Kawaki, like he is his next children.

They also train Kawaki to use skills like a ninja to protect himself when the time comes.

How did Kawaki become a vessel?

Kawaki Become Vessel | Source: naruto.fandom.com

Kara was an organization that Jigen created to be the tool for obtaining what he wanted, and it was only a matter of time before Kawaki became one of them.

Kawaki spent his childhood at the orphanage, and Jigen had already noticed him as part of his group.

Jigen decided to make Kawaki believe that he (Jigen) is an ally and can help him achieve what he wants.

He asked Kawaki to fight with him and allowed Kawaki to feel a new power, but Kawaki realized that everything was a trap and he had no choice.

So he escaped from Jigen and met Boruto at his school.


Now you know that Kawaki will play a major role in the future. Because he is a vessel and can not be killed by anyone who wants to kill him, this leads us to believe that he will become an ally of Boruto.

I hope you like my article about Who Kawaki in Boruto, Kawaki in detail information. Story of who is Kawaki dad.

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