What Was Goku’s Power Level When He Fought Frieza

Goku’s power level is what many people are asking. Some say it was over 1,000,000. So what was Goku’s power level when he fought Frieza? Others claim that he had a power level of 4,000 when fighting Frieza.

There are so many different opinions on what his power level was! To find out what Goku’s true power level was at the Battle with Frieza, let’s look at some facts.

This blog post will look at what we know and don’t know to find out the truth.

You must understand Goku’s power levels before fighting Frieza.

what was goku’s power level when he fought frieza

Goku is the main character from “Dragon Ball Z.”

He is a Saiyan and begins at what people call his base form. Goku’s power level, or ki as in “Dragon Ball Z,” was between 300 to 350 when he first fought Frieza on Namek.

As you will see later, this can be questioned because of what some say about Vegeta being stronger than him even though they are both the same race of warriors (Saiyan). what was goku’s power level when he fought frieza?

When he fought Frieza as a super Saiyan, he had a power level of 150,000,000. According to the super Saiyan webpage, a super Saiyan is 50 times stronger than its base form. That means Goku must have received a power-up of at least 2,800,000.

What We Know About His Power Levels In The Battle With Frieza

Goku Starts At his Base Form And Has A Power Level Of 300 To 350.

It is what we know for sure about Goku’s power levels in the Battle with Frieza. He Was Super Saiyan For The First Time During His Fight With Frieza, Which Brought Him Up to 150,000,000 In Power Levels.

This Is According To Dragon Ball Wiki’s Article On “Super Saiyans.” Unfortunately, we Do Not Know If He Had A Higher Or Lower Than That Because It Does Not Tell Us How Strong Each Stage Of The Transformations Are Compared To Each Other or how much stronger it was than before he became a Super Saiyan (unless they are all based on multipliers).

His base form had increased tremendously when he became a Super Saiyan, meaning he has what it takes to become one.

We Don’t Know For Sure What His True Base Form Power Level Was Because It Never Shows Us How Much Energy Each Transformation Uses Compared To One Another (unless they all use the same amount).

What We Don’t Know About His Power Levels In The Battle With Frieza.

What Is A Super Saiyan, And What Does It Mean For Someone To Be One?

goku saiyan mode

A Super Saiyan is what? When a regular person turns into an extremely super-powered individual. Everything about the power of these people changes, not just their appearance.

Frieza challenged Goku in his attempt to become stronger, and ultimately, he lost that Battle due to Frieza not being able to handle Vegeta anymore after turning into a Super Saiyan himself.

Many characters in Dragon Ball Z seem like they have similar abilities. Still, only certain ones develop into what we would think is truly ‘stronger than before. For if someone breaks out in blue eyes and blonde hair, what is it that makes them more powerful than Goku?

But Power levels are what you look at to determine who will win a battle, but what truly makes someone stronger is their ability to defend themselves against what their opponent has to dish out.

Powers And Abilities

Powers And Abilities of Frieza

What makes Frieza powerful:

  • He has a tail that uses as a weapon (i think this mean the ability to use the tail in different ways)
  • transform into other forms by powering up.
  • Ability to shoot lasers from the palms of his hands.
  • Ability to shoot what appears to be fire out of his mouth.
  • He can use telekinesis, which is what he did when fighting Goku.

Powers And Abilities of Goku

There are some of his abilities mentioned below.

  • The ability to transform into a Super Saiyan.
  • Ability to shoot what appears to be energy blasts or beams from his hands.
  • Ability to fly (which we see him often do).
  • His ability to use energy in what appears to be different ways.
  • Make a list of [Powers And Abilities Of Vegeta]
  • He has ‘ki,’ which allows him to shoot beams and blasts from his hands.
  • It increases with each transformation, allowing him to use the Kamehameha Wave.
  • He can also use the Final Flash.
  • He has a ‘tail.’
  • Ability to fly through ‘levitation.’
  • Ability to have an extreme burst of speed.

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In which Arc Goku Fought Frieza

Goku fought Frieza in what is known as The Namek Arc after he came to planet Earth, where they originally were.

They decided it would be best for Vegeta and Gohan to head out into space because of what would happen next, leading them to an adventure that no one could have imagined.

Frieza wanted Goku’s energy so badly that he killed Krillin when there seemed like there might be a chance at doing ‘a deal.’

The whole time this happened, though, Frieza kept thinking up ways to destroy a Saiyan race but never got the chance until now. It also seems like he thought killing his kind made him stronger or something along those lines too.

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is a Super Saiyan? 

A Super Saiyan is what happens when someone turns into an extremely powerful individual. Everything about them changes, not just what they look like.

What is a Kamehameha Wave? 

A Kamehameha Wave is called a Ki blast; this wave can shoot out of Goku’s hands. It was what he used to defeat Frieza at the end of this Battle with him.

What is levitation? 

Levitation is what Vegeta calls what happens when he flies. It allows him to be able to fly through the air at different speeds and heights. He also uses it for attacking purposes, where Frieza got injured in this Battle with Goku.

Where did Goku fight Frieza? 

Goku fought a battle with Frieza on planet Namek. It is also known as the name of this arc, making it even more popular than before.

Who else did Goku fight in The Saiyan Arc besides Vegeta and Nappa? What happened to them afterward?

Goku fought a battle with Vegeta in the Saiyan Arc, which happens to be the first arc on planet Earth. It also made him go into The Namek Arc and then what happened after it too.

Where did Goku come from? And why do we see him as a protagonist? 

Goku came to planet Earth from Planet Vegeta, which was also the home of Saiyans. They were born with tails, and we call royal blood in them too. Likewise, Goku has Saiyan DNA running through his veins, so what happened to Vegeta and Nappa, both Saiyans like him too can happen to Goku.

What was Frieza’s power level when he fought Goku? 

Frieza had what some would say is an extremely high amount of power for what they are calling a villain in this arc. He had considered being a power level of 530,000.

What is the Saiyan race? 

The Saiyan Race is what Vegeta and Goku were a part of before they came to Earth as infants. They look similar in some ways but also different in others too.

Who were Vegeta and Nappa? What happened to them in The Saiyan Arc?

Vegeta and Nappa are Saiyans who Goku fought what some might say are ‘battles’ before The Namek Arc. They were what some would call the main antagonists of this arc too.


In this blog post, Goku’s power level when he fought Frieza is what someone might get information about. We saw what Frieza’s power level was when he fought what some would call Goku.

The above blog post is what some people would call a guide, and it can give what someone might need to know about Goku’s power level when he fought Frieza.

It also has other information that makes this blog post useful too.

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