Top 10 Strongest Devil Fruit Ability in One Piece Ever

One Piece is an anime that has been around for 20 years, and it’s still going strong. One of the strongest devil fruit characters in this series is those who ate Devil Fruits, which give them special powers.

Every strongest devil fruit owners are not the strongest character in One Piece. There are many people with solid abilities that do not have a devil fruit. However, these are the top 10 strongest Devil Fruit Ability in One Piece.

Here is a list of the strongest Devil Fruit owners in One Piece!

10.The Flare Flare Fruit (Portgas D. Ace, Sabo)

The Flare-Flare Fruit is an advanced type of devil fruit that allows the user to control fire. 

This Devil Fruit ability could have easily destroyed half of the Marine Headquarters building if used for attacking purposes. It means the strongest among all other powers because fire can destroy anything anytime, anywhere.

9.The Mag Mag Fruit (Sakazuki)

Theis ability Use to create and control magma in various forms. It is considered one of the strongest Devil Fruits, able to melt metal with pure heat alone.

What other superpowers do these people have? The Magma Magma fruit can create and control magma in various forms. It is considered one of the strongest devil fruits, able to melt metal with pure heat alone.


8.The Mochi Mochi Fruit (Charlote Katakuri)

This strongest devil fruit allows the user to be in their desired form.

The user can also create and control any food they want, from candy, cake, and chocolate for themselves or others.

Katakuri has ready countermoves if this strategy is used against him as he cannot change shape, making him vulnerable to Logia Devil Fruits.

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7.The Dark Dark fruit (Blackbeard)

The Dark Dark fruit (Blackbeard), the strongest Devil Fruit, grants the user power over darkness. The powers of this fruit allow them to control people’s memories and turn parts or all of their bodies into living shadows that can act independently from one another like some swarm.

Therefore, Blackbeard is such a powerful pirate that he comes out of Whitebeard’s attack unscathed only if he refuses to surrender his life willingly.

6.The Tremor Tremor Fruit (WhiteBeard)

The strongest of all the devil fruits is one that can move an entire island like a piston. The Tremor Tremor Fruit, also known as the Whitebeard power or Cursed-type Devil Fruit (Once believed to be something common in other worlds), allows its user to create earthquakes and cause tsunamis by clapping their hands together with great force.

This ability makes it both very powerful and potentially destructive. Still, only two people have been seen using this fruit: Admiral Aokiji and Marshall D Teach, aka Blackbeard.

5.Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Phoenix (Marco)

The strongest of all the devil fruits, Model: Phoenix allows its user to bring back any lost body parts they may have. The power also allows the user to regenerate body parts from their ashes or even create new ones.

Because this ability is so powerful, many characters in the series fight for days without feeling tired until they exhaust themselves and are nothing but withered husks. 

4.The String String Fruit (DoFlamingo)

One of the strongest devil fruit abilities is creating a special black string controlled by its user. The String String Fruit (DoFlamingo) also has the power to control people’s movements and actions with these strings, which may make them stronger than others do.

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3.The Glint Glint Fruit (Kizaru)

His strongest ability is ‘Pika Pika no Mi,’ which allows him to shoot lightning. It’s the first Devil Fruit in the series with power other than physical strength or speed, and it can be considered one of the strongest fruits when used correctly.

He can control, create and transform into light; his attacks are powerful as light speed.

2.The Op- Op Fruit (Trafalgar D. Water Law)

It allows him to manipulate all types of water, even inside other people’s bodies, and make it solid on command.

These Cursed fruits allow users to arrange and position objects however they see fit in an Op-Op room, thus transforming themselves into Modification Humans.

1.The Rumble Rumble Fruit (Eneru)

He has control over electricity and can also generate it from surrounding objects like metal tools that are electrified upon contact with water vapor.

The level of power Oda has is 400,000 volts per touch or 180 million volts per second. He also possesses superhuman strength, speed, and durability, the same as Linlin.

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