Top 15+ Strongest Sword in Anime/Manga History, Ever

A powerful sword is an essential accessory for any anime hero. These are the most powerful swords to appear in an anime series. Anime fans have seen many ordinary and sharp swords. Still, they’ve also seen a lot of high-quality blades, some of which have special abilities.

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Many swords throughout anime history have proven to be some of the strongest in the series. However, some swords reign supreme when it comes to being one of the strongest swords in anime history.

1. Enma From One Piece

Strongest Sword in Anime/Manga History, Ever

In Japanese-Buddhist mythology, Enma is the king of Hell and the judge of dead souls. He is the Japanese version of Yama, this same king of Hell found in Buddhist sects throughout East Asia; Enma is based on the Chinese-Buddhist Yánluó, based on the Hindu (Vedic) god of death, also known as Yama.

Enma, along with Ame no Habakiri, is said to be a match for even Shusui, wielded by Shimotsuki Ryuma. Enma is extremely difficult to master because it drains all Haki from its user, causing their bodies to shrivel up in the process.

2. Tessaiga From Inuyasha

Strongest Sword in Anime/Manga History, Ever

Tessaiga, Iron-Crushing Fang or Steel-Cleaving Fang, also represented as Tetsusaiga, is a powerful yokai sword wielded by Inuyasha during the main story. It was originally owned by his father, who had instructed Totosai to forge the sword using one of his fangs as material.

When properly welded, it can transform into a weapon the size of a car bumper that resembles a falchion. The Tessaiga will only transform if the user cares about humans and has yoki, which means that humans will never be able to wield it because they lack yoki.

3. Lostvayne From The Seven Deadly Sins

Strongest Sword in Anime/Manga History, Ever

The Demon Sword Lostvayne is a Holy Treasure belonging to Meliodas, the Dragon’s Sin of Wrath. Lostvayne is a short curved sword with the Dragon tattoo emblem in the hilt, five holes down the center of the sharp blade, and five half-moon holes down the opposite side of the blade.

4. Yoru From One Piece

Strongest Sword in Anime/Manga History, Ever

Yoru is one of the world’s strongest swords, ranking as one of the 12 Supreme Grade swords. Dracule Mihawk, the “Strongest Swordsman in the World,” currently owns a “Black Blade.”

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The One Piece world is full of monstrously powerful characters, some of whom wield the most powerful swords. Over the years, we’ve been introduced to mighty blades such as Mihawk’s Yoru and others that are even more unusual, known as Cursed Swords.

5. Dragon Slayer From Berserk

Strongest Sword in Anime/Manga History, Ever

Guts’ signature weapon since surviving the Eclipse is the massive sword known as the Dragon Slayer. During his heyday, Godo was a master craftsman who frequently built swords, shields, and armor for wealthy patrons and their private armies.

One day, Godo received an unusual request: to create a mighty sword powerful enough to slay a dragon, even though no one had ever seen one. Dragon Slayer is estimated to be 60 inches long, 12 inches wide, and 2 inches thick.

6. Zangetsu From Bleach

Strongest Sword in Anime/Manga History, Ever

Zangetsu is the result of the fusion of Ichigo’s Hollow White ancestors’ Hollow White powers and his father’s Shinigami powers. The old man Ichigo Kurosaki refers to as Zangetsu is the manifested spirit of Ichigo Kurosaki’s Quincy powers, which can be found within Ichigo’s inner world.

Zangetsu has access to Ichigo’s Shinigami powers because he is one with Ichigo’s true Zanpakut spirit/Inner Hollow. As a result, he can access Ichigo’s Shinigami powers and can even stand in for him during his Bankai training.

7. Murasame From Akame Ga Kill!

Strongest Sword in Anime/Manga History, Ever

Murasame was a cursed blade capable of killing someone with a single cut. When the sword pierces the victim’s skin, a poisonous curse spreads throughout their body, killing them in seconds by stopping their heart. The curse manifested itself as black markings that spread across the victim’s skin from the wound.

Murasame is a type of rain that falls hard at first, then gently, in fits, and starts. Muramasa is the only sword that has been officially designated as an Important Work of Art. Katana, 66.4 cm long, 1.5 cm curvature, 2.8 cm bottom width.

8. Venuzdonoa From The Misfit Of Demon King Academy

Strongest Sword in Anime/Manga History, Ever

Anos Voldigoad created Venuzdonoa, a demon sword capable of destroying all reason. When the sword is summoned, shadows form on the ground, and black particles rise up as a sword shadow reverses to form a dark longsword that shines darkly.

The Reason Destroying Sword “Venuzdonoa,” the founder’s magical sword that can destroy everything in creation. Venuzdonoa will destroy it along with its reason, no matter how tough, eternal, or infinite it is.

9. Kurikara From Blue Exorcist

Strongest Sword in Anime/Manga History, Ever

The dragon Kurikara represents the internal energy developed through sword practise in Mikkyo, Japanese esoteric Buddhism. Kurikara is a manifestation of the fierce bodhisattva Fudo Myo O, Japan’s patron of ascetics and warriors, who uses his sword to sever attachments and destroy delusions.

Kurikara is a katana with blue wrapping around the hilt, an unusual silver handguard for a katana, a silver collar just above the guard, another on the hilt, and a green tassel attached to the hilt’s end.

10. Scissor Blade From Kill la Kill

Strongest Sword in Anime/Manga History, Ever

Ryuko Matoi’s signature weapon in the anime/manga series “Kill la Kill” is the Red Scissor Blade. The Scissor Blades, also recognized as the Rending Scissors when combined, are a massive pair of scissors designed specifically for severing Life Fibers by Isshin Matoi.

Ryuko’s Red Scissor Blade, like Bakuzan’s, is one of the few weapons in Kill La Kill that can cut Life Fibers. On the other hand, the Red Scissor Blades can transform into a ‘Decapitation Mode’ and magically change size!

11. Ea From Fate/Stay Night, Fate/Zero

Strongest Sword in Anime/Manga History, Ever

Gilgamesh is one of Fate’s most powerful Servants, and his sword Ea is a big part of why. Gilgamesh is defined by his arrogance.

Ea, also known as the “Sword of Rupture,” is the most powerful of the Fate universe’s magical weapons known as Noble Phantasms. It belonged to Gilgamesh and is housed within Babylon’s Gate.

12. Demon-Slayer Sword From Black Clover

Strongest Sword in Anime/Manga History, Ever

The sword has the ability to cut magic with its edges and reflect it with its flat. When used to cut anything else, however, it is reduced to a harsh sword that uses blunt trauma to impact negative damage on the opponent.

Asta’s demon-slayer sword is the first to emerge from his five-leaf grimoire. This anti-magic sword technique pushes and condenses magic at its blade’s edges. The sword is already enormous, but Asta manages to wield it even when it grows to several times its original length.

13. Excalibur From Fate Series

Strongest Sword in Anime/Manga History, Ever

Six great Fairies in Avalon created Excalibur 14,000 years ago. It was created as a weapon for the planet to use against external threats, and it was used to defeat the White Titan.

Excalibur is a Blessed Sword of Eternal Injuries is the Holy Sword wielded by Sir. Kay of the Knights of the Round Table is one of three swords called Excalibur, along with Excalibur wielded by Arthur and Excalibur Galatine wielded by Sir. Gawain.

14. The Sword Of Totsuka From Naruto

Strongest Sword in Anime/Manga History, Ever

The Totsuka Sword is the blade used by the god Susanoo to defeat Orochimaru’s Eight Branches Technique, just as it was used by Itachi’s Susanoo to beat Orochimaru’s Eight Branches Technique.

Itachi obtained these weapons through his Susanoo, just as Sasuke obtained his weapon (technique) Indra’s arrow and a long bow.

15. Black Nichirin Swords From Demon Slayer

Strongest Sword in Anime/Manga History, Ever

Kanjiro wields the most mysterious sword color in Demon Slayer. The black blade symbolizes the Sun and is surrounded by intolerance and misconceptions, as every demon slayer who has used it has died young.

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Tanjiro Kamado wields a “Black Nichirin blade,” but its symbolism is unknown. Black blades are considered rare because demon slayers who wield them die young. Tanjiro is an excellent example because he only became a Demon Slayer and obtained his black Nichirin after a Human demon Slayer for most of his family.

16. Ryujin Jakka From Bleach

Strongest Sword in Anime/Manga History, Ever

Ryujin Jakka is the oldest and most powerful fire-type Zanpakuto in Soul Society, with more offensive power than any other Zanpakuto.

On the other hand, Yamamoto will rarely release Ryujin Jakka’s bankai, let alone use it against an opponent. As some characters have noted, this bankai, known as Zanka no Tachi, has the ability to burn the entire world down, including the Soul Society itself.

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