shield hero slave trader “Beloukas’s Uncle “Good or bad

Many people will say that the Slave Trader in The Rising of The Shield Hero is the wrong person. They believe he does not do anything to help Ashi and wants her for himself.

Some would say that the Slave Trader in The Rising of The Shield Hero is a good person because he cares about his family and helps them out when needed.

People’s opinions on this matter can differ due to their past experiences with slavery or slave traders. Let’s discuss below what made me reach that conclusion.

The Slave Trader: Beloukas

It can’t be said for sure whether the Slave Trader in The Rising of The Shield Hero is good or bad until further information comes out on him or more books come out with him as a character.

Let’s look at what we know so far about the Slave Trader in The Rising of The Shield Hero.

He is a Beloukas slave trader family member that was mentioned in volume 1, chapter 2. Before Ashi was kidnapped, he visited the Naofa temple for an annual service and had a meal with the family.

He is usually seen with his mistress, so it can be assumed that he is not married. He does not come off as an evil person but seems to care about the people in his life, which would make him at least a good person by some standards.

His demeanour when speaking with Naofumi has given that he values chivalry and values order. He is one of the few people that Naofumi would say ‘Yes’ to if they asked for his help in something, which leads me to believe that like most traders in The Rising of The Shield Hero, he does not see slaves as products but rather as a living, breathing people.

Reasons whys slave trader is good person.

If you look at the Slave Trader in The Rising of The Shield Hero, Beloukas, he is a good person.

Our first glimpse into what kind of man the Slave Trader is coming from his conversation with Naofumi’s wife (which I will discuss later), but then we saw more after that when Naofumi requested Ashi’s help.

When Ashi mentioned that she was a slave, Beloukas seemed to be surprised and asked if Naofumi knew about it and why he took her in as his daughter. He commented that even though slaves could be owned for their whole lives, the Shield Hero cared for her and even called her a daughter.

Reasons whys slave trader is an evil person

The Slave Trader in The Rising of The Shield Hero may seem like a good person at first, but there are some things you have to take into consideration when deciding if he is a good or bad person.

The Slave Trader does not seem to care about Ashi herself, only about what value she could bring his family by helping them with their businesses.

On the surface, it may seem that he is a good person. Still, when you think deeper into it, you have to consider that he did not intervene during Ashi’s attempted execution and did not apologise for what happened. He did, however, congratulate Naofumi for saving her life.

Beloukas also made no move to stop the slave traders from hurting Naofumi and his people after discovering that the Shield Hero owned a spirit turtle and believed he tricked them. He also did not apologise for their actions or offer any compensation even though it is standard in most countries when you accidentally damage someone else’s property.


The Slave Trader in The Rising of The Shield Hero may seem to be a good or bad person, but overall he is a minor character who has not been around long enough for us to judge him.

From what we have seen so far, we can tell that Beloukas seems to value order and chivalry; he also appears to care for the people in his life.

However, we know very few things about him, and he does not seem to want to be involved with what is happening around him.

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