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Saitama x Genos is a hero who works as a construction worker. They are both on their way to fight against the monster of the episode when they encounter each other for the first time.

Saitama is one of the most powerful beings in the series. He has an incredibly strong punch that can destroy any opponent with its sheer strength.

Genos, on the other hand, is a cyborg who relies on technology to defeat his opponents.

In this blog post, we will explore their first meeting and first fight!

One Punch Man Genos vs Saitama

The action of this fight is not only thrilling but also hilarious! Watch one punch man

Genos vs. Saitama “Saitama x Genos” fight scene here.

Even if you are not a fan of the show, there is no denying that this fight scene was incredible. It’s thrilling and exciting to watch!

They both are powerful but in different ways. We’ll explore each of their powers and see how they fight together!

Like much other anime, One Punch Man has fantastic fighting scenes that are thrilling and exciting to watch. Since Saitama is a hero who works as a construction worker, it wouldn’t be surprising if he’s also incredibly strong!

Genos Style Of Fighting

Genos is a cyborg who relies on technology to defeat his opponents. His body is half-machine, and he powers himself up with energy to be able to fight.

He can even fly, so he usually flies to his opponent’s location and starts fighting them. His weaponry includes a giant Gatling gun that shoots lasers.

Since Genos is mostly machine parts, people assume that he would fight in any way possible because of his technology. However, what people don’t realize is that Genos has a set of fighting techniques.

His basic attack includes shooting his opponent with the laser gun. Still, he also uses physical attacks such as kicking and punching to deal damage too. He will use these two types of attacks simultaneously or separately, depending on how he feels during battle. Because he has a human brain, Genos does feel pain and has to strategize accordingly.

Genos is the type of fighter who likes to fight one on one to give his opponent all his energy. He’s not like Saitama because even though he doesn’t have any superpowers that increase his strength or speed, he still has the potential to fight at his full power.

Saitama Style Of Fighting

Saitama does not rely on technology like Genos and instead relies on his physical strength. He is the type of person who doesn’t like to fight unless necessary, and he also likes fighting one on one.

He uses different punches in battle, including a normal punch that only deals with damage using his human body. He can even use attacks that send shockwaves of air to attack his opponent without even touching them.

The unique thing about Saitama is that he can easily dodge attacks, but this doesn’t mean all of his opponents are easy for him to defeat. Some people have attacked him and ended up being the ones who got hurt because they didn’t know how powerful he was compared to them.

Saitama is the type of person who likes training, so he doesn’t fight unless it’s necessary or if someone challenges him, which has happened a few times in One Punch Man. He also uses his physical strength as a way to motivate himself and others while fighting.


As you can see, both Saitama x Genos have superpowers that allow them to fight in their unique ways. However, even though they have different fighting styles, both of these characters are still strong and capable fighters who can defeat anyone at any given time.

Genos Tools And Guns

Genos have too many guns and weapons inside his body, but he mostly uses a Gatling gun. That is the weapon that shoots energy bullets at very high speed (6000 rounds per minute).

Besides, Genos has a few more Abilities like:

  • immense strength
  • speed and reflection
  • Endurance
  • Cyborg Modification
  • Core
  • Armors and Replacement parts
  • Canons
  • Hyper Sensors
  • Arm Blades

And some other too; I am not good at all weapons, so I stop here.

Also, he uses all his weapons during fights. Therefore, he is very dangerous. he is perfect at using his weapons to shoot or attack with many bullets simultaneously.

Saitama Death Punch

The result of Saitama’s Death Punch Saitama’s punch is revealed to have blown a hole through several mountains and clouds, which form a canyon. Genos thinks he will never even come close to becoming as strong as Saitama.

He Also Posses Some Physical Abilities:

  • Unparallel Strength
  • Enhanced Leap
  • Shockwave Generation
  • Speed and Reflexes
  • Immense Stamina
  • Supernatural Senses
  • Enhance Lung Capacity
  • Pain Suppression
  • Super Natural Abilities
  • Serious Punch
  • Indomitable will
  • Non-Physical Interaction

As we all know that Saitama,s True fighting spirit is not seen yet. Because he never got an opponent/Villain on his challenging level. Maybe we will be on his next season. 

Genos Respect Towards Saitama

However, Genos eventually stops obsessing over Saitama’s source of strength after seeing Saitama for who he is, the perfect hero. When Saitama tells Genos: “If heroes run and hide who will stay and fight?” Genos realizes that Saitama is the embodiment of a true hero whose goal is to protect. No amount of distractions (ranking, popularity, lame nickname) will change that.

That causes Genos to develop a genuine respect for Saitama, who truly cares about heroic work. But, at the same time, other “heroes” are busy playing pretend.

Genos feels a sort of responsibility towards Saitama and cares for him cause he understands this very well. Genos would have left by now, knowing that Saitama has nothing to gain if it were just for his purposes.


Saitama has no limit to his physical strength, but we cannot assume that he can defeat the universal forces due to this; at this moment, we must take the real strength that he has demonstrated and wait for the future. 

We have to wait for an enemy to push Saitama to his real limit; yes, he has a limit, the limit in OPM works differently, and we don’t know much about it, but what is known is that it increases the limit of growth, Saitama x Genos has a growth limit and can increase when fighting a worthy opponent.

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