Raphtalia death & parents from the rising of the shield hero

Many fan theories arose from the Anime series, The Rising Of The Shield Hero. One of them is about Raphtalia’s death and the death of Raphtalia’s parents.

In this article, we will be discussing the fan theory about the death of Raphtalia and Naofumi Iwatani’s parents.

raphtalia death light novel

Raphtalia is one of the main characters in The Rising Of The Shield Hero Anime series. Naofumi Iwatani’s parents raised her but, many people believed that she died from an illness when she was young. Furthermore, many believed that she died due to the high fever that was brought by the illness.

raphtalia death light novel, though, many people believed that Raphtalia is Naofumi parents daughter and not just someone they adopted. This theory is heavily based on how Raphtalia calls Naofumi’ Onii-chan’, which means o, older brother in Japanese.

In the Anime series, when Raphtalia was taken to Ratotali’s homeland, she remembered her past and how Naofumi’s parents took care of her for a long time. So she named herself Raphtalia due to a story that is a name from a Raph Race that she heard from Naofumi parents when she was young.

What we know about Raphtalia’s Parents from the Light Novel

In the light novel, there are only a few things that we know aboutRaphtalia’ss parents. One is that they are commoners, Naofumi’ss father was a blacksmith, and his mother was a seamstress.

They were very kind people to little Raphtalia when she stayed in their house for a couple of days. Naomi’s mother taught her about housekeeping and sewing, while his father taught her how to play with the sword when she was young.

We know from the Anime series that Naofumi’s parents invited Raphtalia into their house after they saw that she had nowhere else to go in the village. They were a very kind family to Raphtalia, just like how they treated Naofumi when she stayed in their house.

Many theories state that ifRaphtalia’ss parents are dead, then why would she callNaofumi’ ‘Onii-cha”? This theory suggests that this is because Naofumi’s parents raised her since she was young. So this means Raphtalia is Naofumi’s parents daughter.

After the death of Raphtalia’s Parents

Raphtalia’s parents told her to keep smiling, even when she was in the water. If she smiled, then everyone else would smile with her.

The author has a bad experience when she makes her parents’ graves. This taught her to help rebuild the town. After that, things start getting worse, but the Raphtalia that Naofumi buys is not the same person.

Soon after the villagers rallied to rebuild, corrupt knights from the castle came. Led by racism against demi-humans and greed, they killed the elderly and male villagers while selling the women and children.

The novel also mentions the reason Raphtalia was sick. She had caught the illness of a girl who died in a cell with Raphtalia, Rifana.

The reason why Raphtalia’s Parents sacrificed themselves

The book about lights says that there are some people already in the water. The monster jumped into the water and ate them. It is very brutal.

Raphtalia couldn’t get away because the monster was there. So Raphtalia kept fighting back until the current took her away, and her parents had to keep fighting so Raphtalia could get away.

FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Raphtalia dead?

There is no evidence that Raphtalia is dead. She just went into the water, then she is gone, but we don’t know what happened to her.

What happens to Raphtalia?

Raphtalia went into the water to swim, but she was taken away by a current. We don’t know what happened to her after that.

Does naofumi die?

Naofumi is the Shield Hero so that he will survive.

How old is Raphtalia currently?

Raphtalia is currently 21 years old. She died when she was 5, and Naofumi adopted her when he turned 20 years old.


In the story, I said that Raphtalia’s parents were the strongest people. It is said that there is someone else who may actually be stronger. The Wave hit. She was not there yet.

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