raphtalia and naofumi the rising of the shield hero

Raphtalia And Naofumi are the main protagonists in the anime and manga series. The story is about Naofumi, who got betrayed by his fellow companions, and how he gets thrown into a world where everyone believes that Heroes are no more than frauds.

The Rising of The Shield Hero anime makes Naofumi and Raphtalia seem like an obvious match. Unfortunately, Naofumi’s intentions when he bought Raphtalia were not all good. But they got better.

A bit shocking for those of us who support the Shield Bro, right? Time to quickly tell you why.

naofumi iwatani and raphtalia rising of the shield hero


Raphtalia has a lot of information behind her, but with how things are going in the series, is it possible to trust Naofumi when she says he was tricked too?

Starting from the end of volume 1, Raphtalia’s trust in Naofumi has been shaken.  Previously she was made to serve as a slave against her will by those who called themselves nobles, but she did as Naofumi’s shield without any complaints as he saved her life.

The two of them fought off hordes of monsters together, and they worked hard to buy Raphtalia freedom.  That alone was enough for the two of them to develop mutual trust.

How did Naofumi end up shouting “Monster!”?

The appearance that the one who called herself Firo’s sister gave off was human, but she gave off an aura similar to monsters.  The fact that she made Firo her sister made Naofumi suspicious of the girl’s true nature.

Raphtalia had to go through quite a lot, though.  Her appearances changed, and she aged rapidly… or perhaps something else happened.

Raphtalia’s true form was revealed.  It is hard to tell if it is terrible that she was able to hide up until now. Still, the way things are going in the series, there are quite a number of readers who would like to see Naofumi and Raphtalia get together romantically.

Raphtalia’s true form is revealed in the story.

Raphtalia has many mysteries surrounding her, but it seems that she will be developing into quite an admirable individual. Therefore, I think that Naofumi should stop treating her like his possession.

If you go by the developmental plan, could Raphtalia get together with Naofumi?

Raphtalia is the heroine of this story, but she will not develop if Naofumi does not turn into a good person.  If I were to say it simply for this volume, then Raphtalia’s character has not completely made an appearance… But in the previous volume, I think that the Raphtalia that showed up for Naofumi was great.


Why did Naofumi decide to buy Raphtalia?

Raphtalia was the only slave he bought after becoming a hero, but there’s no special meaning.  He just thought that she would be helpful.

Raphtalia is Naofumi’s possession, but if anything, Raphtalia views Naofumi as her master. Of course, the two were together, but Raphtalia’s personality didn’t change after becoming a slave.

Raphtalia has been with Naofumi from the very beginning, and he saved her.  That is why Raphtalia thinks that Naofumi is her savior and follows him without any questions asked.

Raphtalia’s trust in Naofumi was broken quite a number of times before she entered the bath with him.  Did you think that if Naofumi told her “I’m being deceived”, then Raphtalia would react in this manner?

Naofumi’s choice between three slaves is shield hero

did he pick Raphtalia because she was the cheapest?

Raphtalia did not become Naofumi’s slave through a bidding process like the other slaves, but instead, it seems that Naofumi had resolved himself to get her.  And it makes you think if there was another reason for him to choose Raphtalia over the other slave.

Raphtalia is the heroine of this story, and due to her status as a slave, there’s a lot of meaning behind the fact that she has been with Naofumi from the beginning.

I think readers should wait and see for themselves. Little by little, we will be revealing Raphtalia & Naofumi’s future development, so I don’t think it would be good to say more about the matter of Naofumi and Raphtalia right now.


In Volume 4, the mysterious female is revealed.  What kind of development will she have in the future?  Raphtalia has been with Naofumi from the beginning, but her trust in Naofumi was broken many times before they entered the bath together.  

And before Naofumi bought Raphtalia, there was a large reason he chose her. So what are the conditions needed for Raphtalia to become Naofumi’s?

I hope you can find out in the future.  Raphtalia is the heroine of this story, so I don’t think it won’t be good if you write down your thoughts.

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