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10 Popular Blind Anime Characters Of All Time

Blind, also known as blindness, is a disease that targets the eyes, where the eye can’t see. The world of anime is now populated with characters that cannot see. Are you interested in who these characters are?

In this blog post, I will discuss the Best popular blind anime characters, so without wasting any time Check out the list of 10 popular blind anime characters below.

1. Sword Maiden – Goblin Slayer

The first blind anime girl character is Sword Maiden. This stunning and hot girl character is among the most notable characters from the animated. Since she was the one who overcame the evil king, but it was unfortunate that he had lost his sight due to the trauma of the goblin attack, which attacked the character. In addition, the character truly idolizes Goblin Slayer.

2. Komugi – Hunter x Hunter

The next character is Komugi. This character is female. Apart from that, he hasn’t had the ability to see for long. However, he did have some incredible advantages.

The reason is that a girl is highly skilled at the Shogi game. Her ability to play the game is awe-inspiring. In actuality, Museum is the queen of ants, who is strong and smart and has never been beaten by Komugi in the Shogi game.

3. N’doul – Jojo Bizzare Adventure

The following popular person who is blind, N’doul, who is among those who follow Dio. Although he was blind, he created a challenge for Jotaro’s team when they were facing them.

Furthermore, this character nearly killed Avdol and rendered Kakyoin permanently blind.

4. Gyomei Himejima – Demon Slyaer

There’s also Gyommei, who is blind anime boy. He is one of the most formidable characters in the Kimetsu no Yaiba series. Even though he’s blind, he is also an extremely powerful attack.

It is shown through the Manga, showing how it was before being a part of The Demon Slayer Corps. He can destroy demons using just his hands.

5. Sara – Samurai Champloo

There is Sara, and even though she’s blind, she’s one of the most powerful characters from the animated series. Because of her ability to use the spear and the ability to detect it, he’s capable of identifying and attacking the enemies that surround him.

Apart from being an expert in spears, he’s also an expert on musical instruments. We can observe how the musician plays in addition to being capable of beating Jin Mugen and Jin Mugen in the animation.

6. Kaname Tōsen – Bleach

blind anime characters

The next is Tousen; this Shinigami was an officer in the 9th division of Gotei 13. Although he was blind, that didn’t mean it made him abandon his pursuit of justice.

Furthermore, this character is very robust. Since he was able to harm Kenpachi Zaraki, unfortunately, he did not respect Soul Society and followed Aizen.

7. Uonuma Usui – Rurouni Kenshin

blind anime characters

There’s Usui, the eyepatch-wearing male character, who is displaying that he’s blind. His appearance was quite noticeable with the shield and spear the man carried and wore.

Additionally, this character is among the most powerful members of Juppongatana since it was recruited by Shishio to join his group. According to reports, he could take out fifty cops within one or two hours.

8. Issho Fujitora – One Piece

The next is Fujitora The blind man is the third of the three admirals of the One Piece series. However, while he wasn’t able to see, he was extremely strong.

Alongside the power of the fruit, Zoro has, his haki control skills that are extremely impressive make him highly terrifying. In fact, Zoro is required to retrain in order to take on Fujitora.

9. Okada Nizou – Gintama

There’s also Okada, the blind character. He is the antagonist of the anime. However, Gintoki beat him in the first place; however, this didn’t stop him from gaining.

The samurai has also been blind since childhood. This resulted from a severe illness that hit him.

10. Nunnally vi Britannia – Code Geass

blind anime characters

Finally, there’s Nunnally, a sweet little crying anime girl. She is Lelouch’s younger sister. She was the descendant of noble families; however, due to the consequences of witnessing her mother’s death, her little girl began to lose her sight and was unable to walk. He did not feel regret for the circumstance that befell his family and continued to help his brother.


These are some anime that have blind anime characters. After looking through this list, what do you think you would like the most?

I hope that this article is helpful, and it has provided you with enough information to consider watching this anime if you have the time. I hope you enjoyed this article!


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