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One Punch Man Webcomic is the original one. It was written and illustrated by ONE (Yusuke Murata did character designs for it) and started online in 2009.

So it looks like you can read the original webcomic to get familiar with Saitama and Genos’ story before jumping over to the official release. What’s interesting about ONE’s One Punch Man Webcomic is that it did not start at its current form.

This blog post will discuss what’s different in the One Punch Man webcomic and manga versions.

The creation of the One-Punch Man webcomic

One Punch Man Webcomic is originally illustrated by ONE. Still, when it was published, WSJ requested several changes to be made – i.e. make Genos look more like an actual robot, update Tatsumaki’s appearance to match her current looks in the manga, etc.

Another thing is that ONE’s version of One Punch Man starts with Saitama meeting Genos, but they already have a history before the webcomic started in WSJ’s version.

When ONE first submitted his webcomic to WSJ, they declined it due to its slightly poor art quality. However, at some point during their submission process, ONE started working with an artist for redraws. Interestingly, this artist was Yusuke Murata, who later on would be hired as ONE’s assistant.

The art style and quality of the OPM webcomic

One Punch Man Webcomic

Murata’s art style was a huge shock to most readers at first, but it eventually became one of the reasons why One Punch Man is so popular. It almost feels like Murata’s art style makes everything more dynamic and exciting!

So what can you expect from ONE’s original webcomic? For one thing, it has a lot of action scenes that rotate the viewpoint around a scene, which Murata’s art style cannot do.

In addition, webcomics are usually read from right-to-left in Japan, while most webcomics and comics you find online in English regions are read left-to-right. So it will be a big difference for people used to reading left-to-right webcomics.

The art style of the OPM manga

The art style of the OPM manga is an exciting mix between ONE’s original webcomic and Murata’s version. However, in this case, it feels like more artistic liberties are being taken from Murata’s side instead of ONE’s because Murata is already a very popular manga artist.

The story of OPM manga and the webcomic are pretty much the same up until they come to City Z. What you can expect from ONE’s original webcomic is that some things will be similar while not precisely the same – i.e. instead of Anti-Skill, the police force is called “City Safety Force”.

What’s interesting about ONE’s One Punch Man Webcomic?

I think one of the most exciting things about this webcomic is that you can see how much the webcomic changes when it becomes popular. For example, Genos used to be drawn with white hair instead of light silver hair.

Takeuchi’s design served as the basis for ONE’s webcomic, so it makes sense that Genos looks more like his version than Murata’s.

Saitama used to have some muscles early on in the webcomic – not too much, but enough where you can tell he trains. HOWEVER, when one redraws the webcomic to be published online, he “de-muscles” Saitama (Saitama’s current look is also based on Murata’s version).

One may say this is because ONE wanted to make the webcomic less serious – by making Saitama more like an average Joe with no superpowers makes the story funnier when he does all these amazing things.

One Punch Man Webcomic vs manga

One Punch Man Manga is about Saitama’s journey to becoming a hero. It also explores his relationship with other heroes and villains until the present day-to-day activities of being a hero.

From ONE’s original webcomic, you can expect subplots that are not included in the official version – i.e. Genos buying items to increase his power, Saitama trying to become a hero at the Hero Association building, etc.

OOne Punch Man Webcomic vs anime

So far, the OPM anime follows the manga very closely, so you can expect many of the same events occurring in both sources.

On the other hand, the animation is different – some people complain about it being too flashy and not serious enough; however, Murata has said that he likes it more than the manga version because of how it’s animated.

So if you like watching anime, this is an excellent way to get your One Punch Man to fix even while reading the webcomic.

One Punch Man Webcomic vs manga – Similarities and Differences?

Even though some things are different in the webcomic than the official series, it’s safe to say that most of the major events are still there.

For example, the fight between Saitama and Boros is different from how it happens in the OPM webcomic version – but both fights happen pretty much one after the other. So if you like watching anime, this is a good way to get your One Punch Man to fix even while reading the webcomic.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Which One Punch Man manga is better, the online webcomic or the official series?

It’s up to you which one you like more. The art in Murata’s version is better than ONE’s original art – but what I think it lacks is the expression of emotion in Genos’ eyes when he tries to kill his former master.

Which version should I watch – OPM manga, webcomic, or anime?

This is a hard question because, again, what you like more comes down to personal preference. One Punch Man manga follows the story and events closely and has good animation (in my opinion).

Which One Punch Man is better, the webcomic or the anime?

I like ONE’s original art style in his One Punch Man Webcomic more than Murata’s version. However, if you prefer watching anime over reading manga and vice versa, this is definitely for you!

Is it worth reading the webcomic even though I’m already caught up on the manga?

Even though most of the events are not different in ONE’s original One Punch Man Webcomic, you can see how some things were drawn differently early on in the webcomic. This gives you some insight into the behind-the-scenes of making this famous franchise!


If you like watching anime and want to read the original webcomic or one that closely follows it, I would recommend looking up ONE’s One Punch Man Webcomic.

If you prefer reading manga, then I would suggest just waiting for OPM to officially come out in English instead of trying to find a translation of the webcomic.

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