Where do one punch man monsters come from

Are you sick and tired of all those pesky monsters that give Saitama such a hard time? Are you waiting for an epic monster who can put up a fight against the almighty One Punch Man?

Well, if that’s the case: don’t even bother with this article. However, you can find exciting information here because not even ONE has ever seen or heard about where these monsters come from.

However, if you are interested in the biology of some of the more peculiar One Punch Man monsters, read on!

Where do monsters come from in One-Punch Man?

Even though there are probably many theories about the origin of One Punch Man monsters, most people believe they are just conventional animals or humans gone wrong.

The squid monster in episode 1 is an excellent example of this. He was once an octopus fisherman who went out to sea one day and got caught up in the underworld of evil. While this might be a bit stereotypical, it does make sense.

Monsters in One-Punch Man are not fully explained. But there are several ways that people can become monsters. First, some monsters or Mysterious Beings have always existed, like vampires and sea folk.

Other monsters are made or created. Someone’s obsession can make them, or they can be made by science. More of them have been seen in the last 15 years.

A human being can be turned into a monster:

  • Biological Weaponry – Weapons that change humans to make them stronger.
  • Radiation – Nuclear energy that transforms humans into monsters. Radiation is referred to as “evil” or like a “curse.”

Some characters have been “affected” by a virus or other disease that causes them to become monsters.

These are just a few explanations for where some of the One Punch Man monsters come from. However, this article does not answer all questions surrounding these creatures. So it’s still up to you to imagine where they could come from!

Natural One Punch Man monsters

Sea Folk

These creatures live as far as 1000 meters below the sea. They are one of the more mysterious One Punch Man monsters because humans know little about them. They have been stealing fish from anglers and getting up to mischief on land.

Bat Monster

This monster is “affected” by a virus that makes him sensitive to light. He has a horrible allergy to light but strangely has no issues with darkness.

Octopus monster

This is the only known instance of an octopus turning into a human. He was once an octopus fisherman who went out to sea one day and got caught up in the underworld of evil. While this might be stereotypical, it does make sense.


This is the common term for souls in hell. They are beings without physical form but can take shape if they feed on negative emotions (like hate or anger). Hollows are considered “evil” creatures that look like floating skulls with bat wings.


These once normal humans feed on blood and turn into vampires. They cannot stand garlic or silver and can be killed with a wooden stake to the heart.


These creatures come from another planet and look like humans but have different DNA, so they are considered monsters. Some of them also often time travel back in time to change history.

Demon God

This monster was once a human who made a deal with the devil. The Demon God has lived for over 400 years and can transform into any person he likes, but his proper form is that of an enormous, horned demon.

Human Monsters

Rock Humans followed in Enel’s footsteps from One Piece and became lightning humans after being struck by lightning.

Mecha-humans are humans who have been turned into machines but can still think and feel.

OPM Monsterification through obsession.

Like Saitama has become strong because of his determination and obsession, humans can also become monsters.

Some people transform into monsters because of the things they do. For example, fist Fight Djinn became a monster because he was obsessed with fighting. Other ones don’t make sense, such as Phoenix Man can trigger monsterification by shadowboxing too much and wearing a costume for too long.

A lot of people have always been obsessed with things like fighting. So it does not explain why there are suddenly so many more monsters around. According to Dr. Gene, people transform into monsters if their environment triggers an abnormal cell reaction.

OPM monsters powers and abilities

How do OPM monsters fight, and what type of powers and abilities do they have?

Sea Folk – can shoot out tentacles/tentacle-like objects to trap enemies.

The Bat – Monster’s ability is being severely allergic to light, which causes him much discomfort. However, his being a monster is an advantage. He would be in a lot of pain if he were to go outside during the day, and this is a good way for him to avoid that.

The Octopus Monster – can disguise himself as other people by pulling his head off, revealing it is just a mask! He can also produce octopus tentacle-like objects from his mouth.

Hollows – can eat people and absorb their souls, leaving the person an empty shell. They emit light, so it is possible to escape them by running away in the darkness. However, they will chase you even if you run into a room full of light because they are blind but have excellent hearing.

Vampires – are weak against garlic and silver. They also cannot stand the sun, which is fatal to them after prolonged exposure.

Aliens – can use telekinesis or psychokinesis to control people by manipulating their brain waves. All aliens have one eye that has an x-shaped pupil in it.

The Demon God – can fly and shapeshift. However, he has vague details because he is never shown fighting in the manga (he was once seen emerging from a wall with his lower half missing).

Humanoids – are people that have been turned into robots but retain their bloodlust and human form. They can also regenerate limbs by using screws or bolts to assemble their body parts.

The evolution of mysterious beings/

We talked before about how monsters are becoming more common. But, unfortunately, they appear more often, and the danger is greater.

Interestingly, some monsters like to come to Saitama. Even the place he lives in has become empty because of monsters. Watchdog Man’s Q City also has a lot of monsters. We don’t know why they’re coming here, but we know it is not on purpose. One time when Saitama was fighting a monster, this other monster showed up.

As for an educated guess on what is causing this, we have to turn the webcomic. The below section contains spoilers, so proceed at your peril. To see them, highlight this sentence and scroll down.


One Punch Man monsters come from several different sources, including humans who are transformed into these beings. They can also be existing mystical creatures. Unfortunately, the origin of One Punch Man monsters is not fully explained in the anime, leaving room for imagination in viewers.

I hope that it helped you choose which one you want to read or watch.

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