One Punch Man: The Most Iconic Scene of Each Main Character

For One Punch Man Scene, There are many characters in One Punch Man, and each character gets their moment to shine.

One Punch Man has a wide range of characters, from the almost invincible Saitama to the powerful cyborg Genos. In the anime, their personalities are extensively explored, even with those relegated to the peripherals.

One Punch Man is an anime that focuses on the strengths and weaknesses of its characters. As a result, it is easy to identify when the characters change or do something memorable. Fans associate all major players with at least one iconic moment.

Saitama: The Famous ‘OK’ Scene

“I’m a hero for fun,” Saitama says, evidencing his easygoing nature. Of course, Saitama could also attribute his unbeatable nature to his easygoing nature. However, his most iconic one punch man scene proves that it goes beyond that.

Saitama cannot defeat Lord Boros with just one punch, but he stays calm even when facing him. The only response he can give is “OK.”. It is the iconic scene that most anime fans associate with the anime’s protagonist. It provides both a sense of Saitama’s persona and its trademark humor.

Genos: Blowing Up The Elder Centipede

genos blows up

Genos has rarely won a battle, but that has never stopped him from giving his all. As a result, his fights do not resonate with viewers. However, his battle with the Elder Centipede in One Punch Man Season 2 is distinctive for several reasons.

First of all, it’s the first time his upgraded exterior has been glimpsed, which gives fans hope of his victory. As a second example, Genos took the courageous act of blowing up the Elder Centipede, even knowing it might result in his death. This moment stands out because of the action and stakes involved.


Mumen Rider: His Stand Against The Deep Sea King

One Punch Man contains only a handful of noble characters. He proved this by standing up against the Deep Sea King in “Unyielding Justice.”. Mumen Rider doesn’t back down despite facing a monster twice his size and strength. Instead, he tries to protect the people around him.

 The Mumen Rider follows a specific strategy. It is this scene that drives his motivation for being a hero home. When viewers think of the character, their minds will likely go to his courageous stand against someone he cannot possibly beat. This is the biggest and most iconic moment in the series so far.

Tatsumaki: The Meteor

Despite how most villains and heroes view her, viewers know Tatsumaki is a powerful character from One Punch Man. Her use of a meteor against the Ancient King proves that point loud and clear. The villain’s remark that only a meteor would beat him is meant to be sarcastic. Yet, Tatsumaki can pull one from space using her psychic abilities.

It humorously highlights Tatsumaki’s power by letting her do something seemingly outlandish with hardly any effort.

Speed-O’-Sound Sonic: ‘Checkmate’

Speed-o’-Sound Sonic comes off as a joke in One Punch Man, especially when pitted against Saitama. A memorable series is the first one they fought together, and it’s not because of the action. Saitama accidentally hits Sonic in the groin, uttering “checkmate” in the process.

A comical introduction to the anime, this scene has become iconic just for its humor. Just as people associate Mumen Rider with his brave stand against the Deep Sea King, they associate Sonic with this entrance. It’s certainly one that’s difficult to forget.


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Garou: Becoming A Monster

One Punch Man Season 2 is centered around Garou’s quest to become a monster, which explains the intensity of his transformation. Garou finally meets his match when the Class S heroes and Genos corner him while he is injured. However, somehow, he survives the encounter beyond human capabilities.

Not only does this moment mark a pivotal moment in the story, but it is the most epic fight Garou has ever faced. But, for now, this is likely how fans will remember him until he returned more powerfully and healed.

Silver Fang: The Master Confronts The Pupil

Silver Fang is One Punch Man’s most grounded character, and viewers rarely see him make a mistake. However, in season 2, he sets out to rectify his biggest mistake – training Garou. The last episode of the film finds him and his brother, Bomb, attempting to take on Garou.

Silver Fang’s fight is probably the most epic in the series so far, and it reveals the character he is. Unfortunately, his other scenes don’t compare, but hopefully, viewers will see more like this in One Punch Man season 3.

King: The Philosophy Lesson

Indeed, King is not the heroic, powerful hero his fans believed him to be, but he gives some pretty solid advice. For example, when Saitama complains of feeling dissatisfied with his hero career, King provides astute advice to his new friend.

It’s King’s most iconic one punch man scene because it’s one of the few times viewers see his actual talent — which isn’t fighting villains, but that’s OK. Unlike most comic relief characters, he is not simply a comic relief character. Instead, it allows both viewers and Saitama to appreciate him in a new light.

Metal Bat: Taking On The Elder Centipede

Elder Centipedes don’t just interact with Genos. Metal Bat also goes head-to-head with the creature, which is impressive considering he is a human with limited stamina. Even though he doesn’t defeat the monster, he performs a remarkable performance that will stay with viewers long after the episode is over.

Metal Bat hasn’t had nearly enough opportunities to prove himself in the One Punch Man anime. Still, this one punch man scene highlights why he’s so admired within the One Punch Man Hero Association.

Fubuki: Going Head To Head With Do-S

The anime One Punch Man hasn’t given Fubuki many chances to shine. Although her first appearances on screen suggest a confident, powerful character, however, these impressions was undermined by the presence of someone as apathetic as Saitama. The next one punch man scene maybe her fight against Do-S. Her sister saves her, but this showdown highlights her character quite a bit.

Fubuki’s interaction with her sister adds a lot of depth to the jealousy and insecurity she discusses earlier in the season. Having her men turn against her also affects her fighting strategy to impact her decisions in the future.

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