Naruto and Hinata | Naruto realizes his feelings towards Hinata

Naruto is a famous anime character and manga series. He has many friends, but there are few he considers close to his heart. One of these people is Hinata Hyuga, who Naruto affectionately refers to as “Hinata-chan.” In the latest chapter of the manga series, we find out that it took Him two years before finally realizing his feelings for her!

let’s know more about them:

Naruto’s full name is “Naruto Uzumaki,” a young ninja who has been trained to be the leader of his village. His dreams are to become Hokage, which means “Fire Shadow” in Japanese, and Hinata Hyuga is Naruto’s teammate for both Team Seven and Team Kakashi.

In Naruto Shippuden: The Movie, Sakura calls Hinata Naruto’s “special someone” (something he agrees with). He officially declares his feelings for Hinata after the two-year time skip in chapter 700.


They have lots of trust in each other; he has even allowed Hinata to hold the Nine-Tails, something that no one else can do. Naruto’s trust in her is so strong, and he admires her courage more than anything.

Hinata need’s Naruto

Naruto is always there for her when she needs him most.

He has said that he wants to see what Hinata will become as a strong woman, and he is confident that she will become a woman who can take care of Naruto’s for the rest of his life.


His feelings are so strong that Naruto even told him that they are constantly changing, so he doesn’t know what will happen.

His feelings for Hinata are just as strong now as they were when Naruto first saw her.

Naruto is always there for Hinata when she needs him.

In the latest chapters of the Manga series in Japan, we see a new side of both Hinata and Naruto as their relationship grows ever closer.

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Naruto’s Opinion

Possibly, he only knew how he felt about Sakura Haruno after returning from her extended mission (something Sakura agreed with).

Naruto is always there for her, and Hinata has grown more confident since He came back with his friends from their extended mission.

My favorite part of the Naruto series is that Hinata loved him even when he was weak. When she confessed her feelings to him, I felt like Naruto had lifted a weight from his shoulders, and he became more confident.

They are one of my favorite anime couples because they could find each other despite all odds against them and create something beautiful together.

What’s your favorite thing about Naruto & Hinata?

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