Ishiki’s Greatest Asset becomes Naruto’s gift to Kawaki

The Boruto anime finally shows Naruto cutting loose against Isshiki Ōtsutsuki as the alien claims Kawaki as his vessel. It’s been a long time coming, with Sasuke and Boruto both trying to help the Hokage.

Fortunately, Kawaki is hidden away in Konoha, undetectable by Shikamaru, Amado, and the others. While Naruto’s Baryon mode gives him the upper hand, it also proves Isshiki’s greatest strength. Ishiki’s Greatest Asset

The Nine Tails Fox Chakra

The Nine Tails Fox Chakra

The Nine Tails Demox Fox chakra of Kurama has been activated by this mode, giving Naruto ultimate power. At this point, he’s even more powerful than the Sage of the Six Paths, leaving even Sasuke stunned.

The Baryon Mode

The Baryon Mode

In baryon mode, Naruto can move and fly at the speed of light, allowing him to punch Isshiki effortlessly. Naruto and Kurama could die once this chakra starts to deplete, which begins to happen as soon as he strikes Isshiki. Each hit damages Isshiki’s body, meaning once he’s drained, he won’t be able to find Kawaki.


Isshiki gains an advantage in the race to see whose frame gives out first as Naruto overstretches himself, coughing up blood. As a result, Isshiki lands his vicious blows, choking the Hokage as well. The amplified chakra locks him onto Kawaki as he grips Naruto.

Kawaki rocking a prosthetic hand imbued with Naruto’s chakra acts as a beacon as Isshiki touches and senses the energy connection. Initially, the villain struggled. However, Baryon mode allows access to the signal like never before, with Isshiki opening a portal and teleporting the kid in.


Kawaki’s arm

Kawaki's arm

As Kawaki’s arm deactivates due to Naruto’s waning life essence, Baryon mode accidentally creates the bond that Isshiki has been trying to do to his would-be host for a while in Boruto. While Isshiki tries to barter with the leader’s body, Naruto beckons the kid to run.

As Kawaki flees, Isshiki rains down his alien spears on the landscape in this hidden dimension Sasuke has taken them, making it clear that if he doesn’t surrender eventually, he will slaughter Naruto.

Ishiki’s Greatest Asset

Ishiki's Greatest Asset

When Isshiki corners Kawaki, Sasuke switches places and chokes him using substitution Jutsu. Isshiki smashed Sasuke up, just like he did Boruto. The Hokage has also been brutally beaten and broken after Naruto’s thunder-stomp. The poor kid realizes he has no choice as Isshiki hovers in the sky and yells for Kawaki to come out.
Naruto’s chakra gift helped Kawaki assimilate into Konoha and feel whole again, but now it threatens their future. Ironically, Naruto lost his hand too, and with no one to ask for advice or assist with fighting the alien, it does seem like Isshiki will achieve his goal at long last as Boruto continues.

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