Freezing Manga Ending And Announced New Manga Series

Freezing Manga Ending And Announced New Manga Series

After Freezing Manga ending with its latest Volume, which was released in Japan, the author tweeted that a new manga series is coming.

As reported by Anime News Network, he announced this at his autograph session, where he also confirmed that “Freezing” Manga already ended and there will be another series.

This blog post will discuss the Freezing manga ending and the new series that will replace it.

What is Freezing Manga?

Freezing Manga

Freezing Manga is a Manga series written by Dall-Young Lim and illustrated by Kwang-Hyun Kim. The first part was released in 2009, while the recent one just ended with its 96th Volume.

It tells about an alternate world where unique humans exist called Pandora, which can materialize their soul into battle armor called an Exoskeleton.  The main protagonists of the story are grouped in a squad called Pandoras, and they do such things as combat with other Pandora or Karmas(aliens) who invade Earth from space.

Some elements used in this Manga resemble School Days, where School is replaced by Military training and students become soldiers.

What’s the Story Behind Freezing Manga?

The author tweeted that he had already finished Freezing Manga and will start working on a new series that is currently unnamed. Although the Manga was still running, it ended with its 96th Volume, barely reaching 2 years of publication.  

It seems like this manga series will conclude much faster than his previous work called Biomega, which took 11 years before concluding at its 13th Volume in 2014. The author also announced that even though Freezing Manga is over, he will still work on this new series that seems to be set in the same universe.

Manga fans already expect that Freezing Manga is like Biomega, where it’s serialized for several years but still ends abruptly. However, during his autograph session in South Korea, he confirmed that Freezing manga was quite popular in Japan and many countries, so he decided to end it just like that instead of dragging its story making the fans get frustrated.

Freezing Manga Ending?

Freezing Manga Ending

What do you think about the Freezing manga ending? Because this anime series is based on Manga, the same thing might happen where the author announces that there will be a new series.

If it does, who knows how many years will pass before we see a new installment from the Freezing Manga. I’m also anticipating another anime series based on this Manga because it’s pretty exciting and has many potentials.

Freezing Manga Ending Tweet

On Friday, Comic Web Valkyrie’s Twitter account declared that makers of Freezing manga are dispatching a new manga series this month. The new manga series by author Dall-Young Lim and craftsman Kwang-Hyun Kim will follow a “has-been goddess” who makes a substitute world. The title of the new manga series is yet to be declared.

Furthermore, the declaration of the new series likewise uncovered that because of conditions concerning the creators. Therefore, the Freezing Manga will be on a break with no additional data of its return. The last 225th section of the Manga was delivered on January 25, 2019. 

[Notice] A new serialization of “Freezing” Lim Dall-young x Kanemitsu Hou Tag has started in “Comic Valkyrie Web Version Vol.72” !! The main character is … Ponkotsu Goddess !?

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Freezing Manga Genres: Action, Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi, Ecchi

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How many Chapters / Volumes was Freezing Manga Have?

The freezing Manga has 96 Chapters. It started in 2009 and ended on January 25, 2019. With total 28 Volumes.

Has Freezing been adapted into Anime?

Yes! The anime adaptation of the Freezing Manga is a 12 episode series that ran from 2011-2012. There were also Drama CDs, Radio Dramas, and OVAs.

Is Freezing Manga available in English?

No! Since Freezing Manga is very popular in Japan, most titles are not translated to English. However, there are some fan translations out there you can read.

Where is the freezing Manga ending announcement proof?

read Freezing manga ending tweet by @comic_valkyrie on Twitter

Where can I watch Freezing Anime?

Watch Freezing anime on Amazon Prime Video.


Dall-Young Lim and Kwang-Hyun Kim dispatched the Freezing Manga in Kill Time Communication’s Comic Valkyrie magazine in 2007. The Manga was subsequently moved to Comic Web Valkyrie after Comic Valkyrie stopped distribution in 2012. The 33rd Volume of the Manga was distributed in November 2018. 

The Manga has motivated a few side-project manga series. Therefore, the Manga was adjusted into 12 scene anime series with a similar name and a subsequent season named Freezing Vibration.

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