Tournament of dragon ball super powermanga ending

There will be a Tournament of Dragon Ball Super Powermanga. In this tournament, all participants must fight with the anime’s canon established by Toriyama and the “Super Manga Daizenshuu” guides.

This is for those fans who want to keep Dragon Ball super manga in a specific tone and want to know how well they match Toriyama’s canon.

I created this article for those of you who don’t want to read the entire manga but still want to know what happened. You will find out some important differences between anime and manga.

Tournament Of Dragon Ball Super Powermanga Ending:

Before the Grand Priest started the turn, Oob absorbed Vegeta’s ki and became stronger than ever. Then, he took Goku to be healed by Dende and waited with impatience for his turn to come.

The Grand Priest said 11 fighters in Universe 11, but one of them had been erased from existence when Jiren trounced him.

The Great Priest also said that a warrior had died, but the Zeno didn’t want to erase him from existence because he had lost his will to fight and become weak.

Android 17, Freeza, Goku and Jiren are the last three contestants. 17 is the winner in the manga because he has more strategy than in the anime.

The Last Remaining Tournament of dragon ball super powermanga Contestants:

1) Jiren (He is the only contestant who has no desire to defeat anyone or stay alive. He said to Goku that there was no need to be dominated by a weaker opponent like him. )

2) Android 17 (he used play dead and deactivated his ki and waited for half an hour until he had the lowest amount of ki and had to go. He was no match for Jiren because he could not control his ki very well.)

3) Freeza (In the manga, he did not reveal his true power before going to a fight!! He has a transformation that can turn him into Golden Freeza, but he is still weaker than Jiren, of course)

4) Goku (In the manga, he did not reveal his new transformation before going into a fight!! In this form, he can be able to turn into Kaioken, of course)

5) Vegeta (He can not go beyond Super Saiyan blue. He needed more training because he wanted to beat Jiren.)

6) Gohan (He can go up to Super Saiyan, but it is too much for him. He trained with Piccolo, Tien and Master Roshi)

7) Android 18 (She has no chance of winning because she can not fight during the tournament.)

8) God of Destruction Toppo (He lost his will to fight after Jiren defeated Magetta. He did not participate in the tournament at all.)

9) Android 16 (Doubled his ki, but it is still too little for him to participate in the fight. He can not go beyond Super Saiyan. Can you imagine how strong Vegeta would be if he were a cyborg?)

10) Brianne de Chateau / Ribrianne (She can not go beyond super Saiyan rose. She needs more training to compete with other fighters.)

11) Supreme Kai (He has no chance of winning because he knows he is weaker than Jiren, who was a god at that time.)

Final Tournament of Power Contestants in the Manga, but Not the Anime (and Vice Versa)

Only Agnilasa made it to the next round in the anime, but not in the manga. In the anime, Androids take it out with a team attack. But in the manga, Kale takes it out with a single attack. Other characters replace Agnilasa in this round of Tournament of Power:

Kefla vs. Gohan and Piccolo

Kefla in the anime can not go beyond Super Saiyan and lose to Gohan and Piccolo. In the manga, she fights with Gohan and Piccolo and is defeated by them. They give her a lesson for this world that strength is not enough.

RoF Gohanks vs Toppo

In the manga, Gohanks beats Toppo. However, he knows that his power is not enough to defeat Jiren, so he uses all the energy to increase his power at the maximum level.

Frost vs Master Roshi and Tien

Frost trounces Goku and Vegeta in the manga because they are already worn out after fighting with Freeza. Then Frost gives them a lesson and fights with Master Roshi and Tien. Master Roshi has to use the Mafuba against him.

Kale vs. Brianne de Chateau / Ribrianne

Kale defeats Brianne de Chateau / Ribrianne easily in the manga because she can transform into the legendary Super Saiyan.

Caulifla vs Magetta

In the manga, Caulifla defeats Magetta after he loses his will to fight. Magetta can not fight because of this loss of heart. He surrenders to her and tells her that she is suitable for being a God of Destruction instead of him.

Kahseral vs Cabba

In the manga, Kahseral is defeated by Cabba because his power is still not enough to defeat him. But instead, Cabba gives a lesson of morality and fights with Jiren later.

Vegeta vs Toppo

In the manga, Vegeta trounces him without using his full power. He was able to defeat the God of Destruction like this, but not Jiren.

Master Roshi’s Time To Shine

In the manga, Master Roshi defeats Botamo and gives him a lesson of morality.

A Super Saiyan God is Born

Beerus (God of Destruction) and Whis (Angel) visit Zuno for information about the Super Saiyan God. Zuno says that six Saiyans met in a room and had to shout the phrase, “Come out! Super Saiyan God!” Then, Zuo (the Kaioshin) appears and will help them with their ritual. They meet in a room and do this:

-Goku = I am number one!!

-Vegeta = I am number two!!

-Gohan = I am number three!!

-Goten = I am number four!!

-Trunks = I am number five!!

-Bra (Bulla) = I am the pig!  (I am not a Saiyan!)

After doing this, she gets all of their powers together, and they pray to the Gods. They chant, “O God, come out! Super Saiyan God!” Then, the blue light comes down from the sky. Goku turns into a Super Saiyan God! All of them return to their normal forms in this way.

Jiren’s Lack of Teamwork

In the manga, Jiren is strong enough to defeat multiple people without relying on his team members. However, when he faces Goku and co., he realizes that they can defeat him if they work together. So he asks Dyspo and Toppo to help him.

Goku did well against Jiren for a while, but Jiren adjusted to Goku’s incomplete Ultra Instinct and then got the upper hand again. At the same time, Vegeta noticed that Goku had transformed into an incomplete Ultra Instinct form and so he changed his Super Saiyan Blue form into something more mastered.

The power of his transformation was so strong that it sent Toppo away onto a different platform. He almost got eliminated, but he landed on the other platform.

Vegeta fights Jiren. He surprises his opponent with how strong he has become. Jiren says that Vegeta is the 2nd strongest opponent he has fought after Goku’s Ultra Instinct.

After Toppo and Dyspo were eliminated, there were five people left. They are Android 17, Freeza, Goku, Jiren and Vegeta.

The Ending of the Tournament of Power

At this point, it is impossible to know the ending. But there are several rumours about this. First, Goku will defeat 100% Jiren with Ultra Instinct Omen form, and Vegeta becomes the strongest.

Android 17 will win because he has infinite stamina if you look at his ultimate form in Dragon Ball Heroes. The one who will win is not a Saiyan. It could be a God of Destruction, a Namekian or any alien. Nobody knows yet.

Will Vegeta die? No! He will come back alive to Earth and have many children with Bulma after the Tournament of Power. They say he will have 500-1000 kids.

Goku’s Ultra Instinct Omen transformation will be passed to Vegeta after the Tournament of Power.

The future of Dragon Ball Super will be decided after the Tournament of Power. But Toriyama already said that this arc would have no sequel, so there are no more Dragon Ball series!

Strategy versus fluke

The manga version of the Tournament Of Power shows that Vegeta defeats Toppo because he had prepared for this fight. However, the anime version was not quite like this because it relied on a fluke.

But what would have happened if Jiren remained at full power? It is impossible to know, but I believe that Vegeta would have lost the same way as Goku.

He is the only one who can defeat Jiren, but Whis said that he could not because Vegeta’s soul has not completely mastered Ultra Instinct, so he cannot do it yet.

Jiren was able to completely block his attacks even when Vegeta increased his power level during their fight. The only reason why Vegeta hit him at the end was that Jiren had an opening, and he went for it. Vegeta might have done even worse without that opening.

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