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Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, the international sequel to the enormous action anime hit Naruto, premiered yesterday. Viewers have been anxious to know: Is Naruto dead?

Naruto’s son Boruto is about to embark on his ninja training adventures. The show takes great pains to keep him out of the picture in the first episode, a decision that makes sense from a thematic standpoint.

Boruto First Appearance

In Boruto Episode 1, Boruto is Revell while fighting against the Kawaki. And the whole hidden village is destroyed. The scene to watch is awful to see.

Throughout the manga’s first chapter, Boruto proudly states, “This is my story.”. As a result, Naruto is pretty scarce. Still, as Boruto immediately puts it in the manga, his father is integral to Naruto’s story.

At the beginning of the Boruto anime, Naruto is still in charge of his old village; after all, he appears several times and plays a crucial role in his son’s development. So why do fans think that he may be kicking the bucket?


There are a few Boruto spoilers ahead.

In the first episode of Boruto, Naruto is seen. Still, the show’s opening moments suggest that he won’t be around for long. A much older Boruto and Kawaki, his presumed nemesis, begin the story in the middle of a fight. Boruto fights Kawaki in a decimated version of his village in which he looks exactly like his father.

At the top of the fight, Kawaki issues an ominous threat: “I’ll send you to where I sent the Seventh Hokage, Boruto.”

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Naruto happens to be the Seventh Hokage, wherever he is sent. The sound isn’t good! Some alternate dimension might be home to Naruto. Naruto could also dig a six-foot grave for him.


Throughout the rest of the episode – and the show for now – we see Boruto when he was young and cute, and his dad was alive and well. The frame narrative has some viewers already frantic about Naruto’s eventual fate:

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FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

What happened in Boruto Episode 1?

In the first episode of Boruto, Naruto appears. Although, his opening moments suggest he may not be around for long. The episode opens with Kawaki, Boruto’s presumed nemesis, and a much older Boruto battling it out. He fights Kawaki in a decimated future version of his village, looking just like his father.

Why did Boruto and Kawaki fight?

Knowing that Momoshiki’s consciousness is affecting Boruto, Kawakki tries to cure Boruto of his mark. In addition, it gives the illusion to the Konoha heroes that they have killed the original Code. He can control Kawaki’s body with his mind.

Is Kawaki the son of Naruto?

After Kawaki runs from Jigen, he meets a Konohagakure shinobi and is taken in by the Seventh Hokage, Naruto Uzumaki. Naruto raises him in the Uzumaki household just as Boruto and Himawari do, but he is not his biological father.

Who knows about Boruto’s eye?

Naruto knows about Boruto’s eye, just like Sasuke does. Boruto told his father about the eye, believing it to be an awakened Byakugan. Jogan’s abilities are a mix of all 3 Dōjutsu eyes.  

What does Boruto’s eye do?

Boruto can use it to detect the flow of chakras, allowing him to see how people’s chakras change as well as track targets by their chakra. It can clearly see the chakra pathway system and determine its most critical point. Also, it can see through invisible barriers that connect dimensions.

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