Boruto Chapter 74 Spoilers – Daemon Enters in Konoha?

In Chapter 71 of the Boruto, Amado devised another evil scheme that provided Konoha with some fresh defectors – but it’s a tense scenario.

Spoilers from the manga’s most recent chapter depict Daemon and Eida’s arrival at Konoha. The two siblings, Boruto and Kawaki, are supposed to live in the same house for surveillance purposes. The chapter concludes with the two Otsutsuki boats attempting to assault Daemon but failing miserably.

Daemon Enters in Konoha?

Daemon in Boruto

As terrifying as Code has been in the Boruto manga, another big threat Isshiki left behind was Eida. However, Boruto Chapter 71 demonstrated Amado’s skill at winging it with her. He originated a devious strategy that netted the Hidden Leaf some new defectors.

Amado reminded Eida in Chapter 71 that she didn’t need to declare war on Konoha; she might accept Shikamaru’s offer of shelter and gradually win Kawaki’s heart. It sparked a civil war, with Daemon assaulting a jealous Code and forcing him to flee. As a result, now that the Code deal has fallen through, Eida has nothing left to do but accompany her sibling to Konoha and see if she and Kawaki can actually be together.

Daemon is a formidable foe

Daemon is a formidable foe

Previously, Daemon’s abilities have been showcased in the manga. Similar to other members of Kara, Daemon and his sister are basically cyborgs. They have been equipped with shinobi-ware by Dr. Amado in the hopes of taking down Jigen.

When it comes to Daemon, he has been modified using Scientific Ninja Tools. As previously stated, the full degree of his powers is unclear. Still, Amado observes that his combat aptitude considerably outstrips that of Jigen. This was demonstrated in Boruto when he faced and easily defeated Code, whose power limiters had been removed.

Daemon has shown great speed and subtlety in breaking out of his pod and surprising Code. He has also been observed to have an incredibly high level of Taijutsu prowess.

Is Daemon more powerful than Naruto’s baryon mode?

Is Daemon more powerful than Narutos baryon mode

Naruto’s baryon mode is on another level.

When Naruto was fighting Isshiki, he first encountered Baryon Mode (episode 216, chapter 52). Given what Naruto is capable of in this state, this could be his most powerful transformation yet.

This mode, when used, combines Naruto’s and Kurama’s chakra to create a new type of energy, comparable to nuclear fusion. Isshiki and Sasuke are both astounded by the overwhelming power and quantity of new chakra generated.

This mode significantly improves Naruto’s power, reflexes, and speed when activated. Given Naruto’s ability to easily overpower him, the power surge beyond Isshiki’s limitations. He was able to grab the Otsutsuki’s black rods in mid-air before they expanded dramatically. He could also effortlessly avoid and deflect incoming attacks.

Due to the connectivity of all chakra, Kurama saw that contact with an opponent also diminished their lifespan. The cost of such power, however, was Kurama’s life.

Final Thoughts

According to Boruto, Daemon is not stronger than Naruto’s baryon mode. The metamorphosis gives Naruto almost incredible strength, allowing him to effortlessly defeat an Otsutsuki.

However, the real degree of the boy’s powers is unknown. Indeed, he will not be able to defeat Naruto’s baryon mode for the time being. However, given his potential and when more of his talents become known, he is sure to outperform baryon mode.

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