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Character Tier List: Find out the best and worst characters of Bleach Brave Souls, as well as their variants.

Are you looking for Bleach Brave Souls character tier lists? In that case, we are on your side. Additionally, you need to be aware that these rankings are based on the knowledge and skill of our players. 

Now, let’s find out more about character rankings in the following sections.

S – Tier

It is possible that the ‘S’ tier means ‘Superb’ or ‘Super’ and may originate from Japanese academic grading. In a game like Super Smash Bros. … A game’s tier list may vary depending on the version. On the website, Smashboards are based the yearly tier lists for Super Smash Bros.

Nnoitora GilgaCan’t Feel Your Own World
Kenpachi ZarakiThe Belief
Yasutora “Chad” SadoThe Bond
Yachiru UnohanaThousand-Year Blood War

A – Tier

YhwachThousand-Year Blood War
Ichigo KurosakiFourth Anniversary – Fully Hollowfied
Toshiro HitsugayaThe Belief
Tier HalibelHalloween
Shigekuni Genryusai YamamotoOne-armed
Ulquiorra ShifarThird Anniversary
Nelliel Tu OdelschwankCan’t Feel Your Own World
Lilinette GingerbackHalloween
Yammy LlargoCan’t Feel Your Own World
Sosuke AizenJapanese Parasol
Toshiro HitsugayaThousand-Year Blood War – Zombie

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B – Tier

Kenpachi ZarakiThousand-Year Blood War
Hanataro YamadaNew Year
Orihime InoueThe Bond
Soi FonThousand-Year Blood War
Yukio Hans VorarlbernaThe Bond
Sojiro KusakaMovie 2
Homura and ShizukuMovie 3
ShurenMovie 4
Ururu TsumugiyaChristmas
Ichigo KurosakiThousand-Year Blood War – True Bankai
Kenpachi ZarakiThe Lost Agent
Sosuke AizenFourth Fusion

C – Tier

Nanao IseResurrection
Szayelaporro GrantzResurrection
Shukuro TsukishimaHeart
Koga KuchikiTag Team – Resurrection
Ginrei KuchikiSealed
Sosuke AizenThousand-Year Blood War – SP
Yoruichi ShihoinHalloween
Ryuken IshidaThe Lost Agent
Nnoitora GilgaUTB
Hiyori SarugakiOG Remake
Nelliel Tu OdelschwanckJapanese Parasol
Ichigo KurosakiResurrection – Hollowfied
White ZangetsuWhite
Izuru KiraTag Team
Ulquiorra ShifarWhite Day
GanryuMovie 1
Nemo KurotsuchiSwimsuit

D – Tier

Ichigo KurosakiThousand-Year Blood War – True Shikai
Shuhei HisagiTag Team – Resurrection
Momo Hinamori 
Marechiyo Omaeda 
Shukuro TsukishimaWhite Day
Kensei MugurumaThe Lost Agent
Sajin KomamuraThousand-Year Blood War
Isane KotetsuSealed
Sajin KomamuraThe Lost Agent

F – Tier

Mashiro KunaThe Past
Kisuke UraharaWhite Day
Mayuri KurotsuchiNew Year Version
Soi FonHalloween
Ikkaku MadarameThe Lost Agent
Jackie TristanThe Bond
Shunsui KyorakuJapanese Parasol
Jushiro UkitakeJapanese Parasol
Grimmjow JeagerjaquesJapanese Parasol
Riruka DokugamineThe Bond
Yoruichi ShihoinThe Past
Rukia KuchikiValentine’s Day

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Bleach Brave Souls Tier List

Bleach Brave Soul tier list lists features that will guide you as you progress through the game. The player can choose the best character to level up in the game by knowing its features.  

Bleach Brave Souls

Bleach creator ‘Tite Kubo’ has also designed several unique character versions for the game.

Including those from the direct sequel “Can’t Fear Your Own World.” As well as characters and stories from the Bleach “Thousand-Year Blood War arc.” Bleach Brave Souls features music by the J-pop bands Hello Sleepwalkers and Lie and a Chameleon.

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