Best website to find Raw Manga
Best website to find Raw Manga

MangaBTT – The Best website to find Raw Manga [Promotional]

Manga is a Japanese word, and it is used for novels made in Japan. Most commonly, this word refers to comic novels, but a number of other genres of novels also fall in this category like; adventurous and mysterious novels, action novels, novels related to business, dramas, romantic novels, historical novels, etc.

Most often they fall to the novels written in and after the 19th century. As novels are enjoyed by everyone, in the same way here in Japan people also enjoy reading Manga and you can also read the translation of Manga in different languages if you are not Japanese.

But getting the true Japanese accent and their original writing is the best thing to find ever. As when a particular Manga is written it’s been translated after some time and it loses its true accent. But Raw Manga MangaBTT is the best online website you can turn to to find the Raw Manga as well as their translation in English.

It is considered one of the biggest online Manga Libraries in which you can find a number of genres of your own choice and taste. It’s one of the best websites in the sense that you can find all kinds of genres there and a quick opening experience. You also do not have to face the ads problem as you face on a number of other websites.

The genres which you can read in Raw Manga MangaBTT include; Manhua, Mystery, One shot, Josie, Sports, Tragedy, Isekai, Comedy, Fantasy, Harem, Mature, Romance, Shounen, Historical, Sci-fi, School life, Manhwa, Seinen, Adult, Slice of life, Adventure, Ecchi, Drama, Supernatural, Cooking, Shoujo, Action, Psychological, Webtoons, Horror, and Martial arts.

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Top list Manga on Raw Manga include:

Reality Quest; Its views are 21,506. It belongs to the genre Manhua. You can find it in the raw as well as in the English Language. The story is about school bullying, in which the main character is Ha Do-wan in which he has to play games forcefully and he dies playing them. You can consider the moral by yourself after reading the story. But it’s a very tragic kind of Manga.

Martial Peak

You can find action, adventure, fantasy, martial arts, and also some historical elements in this Manga. Its views are 10,852. You can also find it in the Raw and English language. It’s about the characters who travel alone on their long journey of learning Martial arts.

They faced a number of adversities, but these adversities made them strong. Sky Tower tests them in the harshest way in order to prepare them. The lowly Sweeper finds a black book, which sets him to the peak of the martial world.


You can find action, comedy, drama, supernatural elements, fantasy, and a lot of adventure in it. Its vows are 5,215. It is an award-winning series. You can find both the translation in English and the original version of it on the website. It’s about finding a great treasure that has been referred to as ONE PIECE. The story is about a Pirate King who gets executed by the World Government. But before his Execution, he tells about that treasure in a vast ocean.

This one will belong to whoever reaches it first. Then, twenty-two years later, a man who is striving to become the new Pirate King gets on this journey of finding the ONE PIECE.

  1. Apotheosis- you will find action, supernatural, adventure, fantasy, martial arts, revenge, and romance in this Manga. Its views are 4592.  You can get both the original version and its translation in English. It’s about the elevation of a slave who was born in a wealthy family but because of a lot of family issues, there came a decline in their status he found a book left by his father raised to the level of God by gaining a number of superpowers.
  2. Rebirth of the Urban Immortal Cultivator; You can find Action, Shounen, Supernatural, Adventure, Fantasy, Martial arts, and Harem genres of Manga in it. Its views are 4,114.  It’s about the story of a Monk Chen Fanyu who fell into a catastrophe, he dreamed of returning to the earth’s young age.
  3. Tales of Demons and Gods; there are elements of action, comedy, school life, drama, supernatural, adventure, fantasy, martial arts, romance, reincarnation, and revenge in it. Its views are 3,651. You can find both English Translations and the Raw Manga there. Nie li who has been shown as the strongest demon in the Manga standing at the pinnacle of the Martial world and died in a war with a number of Deities. He was reborn at the age of 13 and in his school life he has been shown as the weakest of students but with the help of knowledge, he gets trained faster. Then in the future, he has to save his country from the beasts from which his loved one got killed.
  4. MARTIAL GOD ASURA; You can find the elements of action, adventure, and Martial arts in it. Its views are  2,695.  It’s about a weak character named Chu Feng because of his bodily weakness, he has been considered an insult to the Chu Family. But being tired of tolerating all this and fed up with it, he decides to become the strongest.

SO, Raw Manga MangaBTT is one of the bests websites for searching for Manga. Their top list doesn’t end there. You can find many and many more of them in a number of your favorite genres and enjoy them.

Check it out! –MangaBTT

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