Best Swordsmen In Anime
Best Swordsmen In Anime

21 Best Swordsmen In Anime With Special Abilities

There are many epic things about shounen anime that contribute towards their immense popularity, and swordsmen are a big part of them! These badass anime characters have a unique way of showcasing strength, power, and honor during intense battles that no other form of combat could portray.

There is just something enthralling about an anime character wielding a sword while engaging in a deadly fight, that blows our minds and keeps our hearts constantly beating. 

Whether it’s their impressive skills at sword fighting? The way they get lost in a battle and go all out? Or the merciless gruesome ends they give their enemies? We’ll never know. 


But what we do know is that the anime industry has brought us several of these powerful characters to go crazy over, so much to the point: we even buy anime t-shirts to feel more connected with the anime series!… Now that’s crazy!

Also, not a single fight scene goes by when our minds do not go insane over their absolute badassery. Whether it’s a samurai, a demon, or a shinobi, as long as they’ve got a sharp blade, you bet their vibe is intimidating.

In no particular order, today I have brought to you 21 of the best swordsmen in anime we have come across. These characters deserve inclusion in this list due to their unignorable mastery of swordplay.

21 Best Sworden In Anime With Special Abilities

1. Gazef Stronoff (Overlord)

Gazef is a commendable warrior captain of the Re-Estize kingdom, and the king’s personal bodyguard. His heightened body strength, stamina, speed, and intelligence allow him to use his sword and armor brilliantly. 

He holds instant reflex and instant counter abilities that correct his balance and allow him to keep throwing continuous attacks with his razor edge- a sword that can cut through armor, like paper.

2.  Kirito (Sword Art Online) 

Best Swordsmen In Anime

Having a plethora of knowledge on RPGs on top of real-life kendo experience, both things help Kirito’s character have an edge during battles, which shape him into one of the best swordsmen in the series!

He has numerous abilities that allow him to showcase his power and courage, and ultimately beat undefeated enemies. Fighting for his friends, family, and beliefs makes him one of the most elite anime swordsmen alive.

3. Saltherine Aldarake (Peach Boy riverside)

Best Swordsmen In Anime

A princess who dreams of going on adventures ultimately finds herself in a big one. Saltherine’s peach eye ability turns her eye into a peach every time an oni is near- demons she was once attacked by. 

This ability allows her to become physically stronger, to an extent that she becomes immune to oni’s attacks. With the strong urge to annihilate Oni, as she wields a sword, the princess of Aldarake transforms into a powerful swordswoman!

4. Kyojuro Rengoku (Demon Slayer) 

Best Swordsmen In Anime

Kyojuro Rengoku is one of the strongest demon slayers in the anime, and one of the nine chosen Hashiras. His tremendous amount of power drew all our attention towards him in the anime.

His fire-breathing techniques combined with his stunning swordplay have given us one of the greatest jaw-dropping battles seen in anime. A demon that seemed too powerful (Akazza) to defeat was almost decapitated thanks to Rengoku’s strength and bravery.


5.  Hyakkimaru (Dororo) 


In search of his body parts that were stolen from him by demons through a pact made by his father, Hayakkimaru sets on a quest to avenge his father. Driven by desperation and revenge, Hayakimaru’s willingness to annihilate anyone who gets in his way is seen during his brutal battles with the enemies. 

His heightened and enhanced physical abilities combined with his sword proficiency allow him to remain invincible. His swords embedded in his arms are a symbol of unmatched strength in the series.

6. Kei Tachikawa (World Trigger) 

No.1 Attacker and a solo combatant, these titles make Kei Tachikawa one of the strongest A-class agents in the series. He was able to single-handedly cut open an Ilgar in one strike. 

In the anime, he gets to showcase his immense strength in various moments. He tends to fight head-on but that doesn’t stop him from being analytical during battles.

7. Kento Nanami (Jujutsu Kaisen) 

Fed up from working as an average salaryman for 4 years after graduating from Jujutsu high, Kento returns to work as a jujutsu sorcerer where he is ranked as a grade 1 sorcerer. He is admired by his peers and is known to do his work with great efficiency. 

Nanami mostly utilizes his blunt blade, which he strikes with such great accuracy and grace that it cuts through any target. Even opponents using cursed energy have no edge over Nanami’s speed and precision!


8. Askeladd (Vinland) 

Askeladd, is a man without any flashy moves or background magical powers. He only exhibits raw strength and competence during battles. Although he is probably hated by most fans due to Vinland’s depressing plot, to ignore his excellent swordsmanship would be an injustice. 

His ability to take on many opponents at once and completely demolish them will always remain one of the most striking and noteworthy points about him. 

9. Akame (Akame Ga Kill) 

Best Swordsmen In Anime

Another powerful female character with her excellent sword fighting skills worth mentioning is, Akame from Akame ga kill. Akame, a powerful assassin, specializes in one-hit kills. Her single blow is a guaranteed victory for her. 

Her poison-coated blade makes her a tough foe for anyone who would encounter her during a battle. Her speed, precision, and strength enable her to deliver powerful attacks that no one can escape.

10. Mugen (Samurai Champloo) 

Best Swordsmen In Anime

Mugen, a fighter by nature, sets on a journey to find a samurai who smells of sunflowers. He has a unique and unpredictable fighting style of his own that’s based on breakdancing, dubbed- champuru kendo, where he mixes bits and pieces from different martial arts and incorporates them all into his own fighting style, making him an unpredictable opponent to fight with. 

His unique technique makes him an interesting swordman to counter during intense clashes.


11. Yato (Noragami)

Who would’ve thought that such a wholesome character could be God of War and calamity? 

Yato offers services for 5 yen on a daily, so he could save enough to build a shrine for himself.

During his days he comes across powerful opponents that compel him to unleash his tremendous power. 

Since he is God of war, he is very skilled at the sword and was known to be even stronger in the past. Using his shinki, yato gains the ability to sever the ties of people, and exorcise and destroy Ayakashi.

12. Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail) 

A strong S class mage of the fairy tail guild, Erza, a member of Team Natsu is an incredibly powerful character. Her magic abilities allow her to showcase various types of strengths. 

In addition to her signature technique, Requip, which allows her to switch between armors, she also uses sword magic that revolves around the use of swords and enables her to perform different magic attacks with them; and combined with her different types of armor, Erza morphs into a deadly combatant who is very hard to defeat.

13. Meliodas (Seven Deadly Sins) 

The captain of the seven deadly sins, Meliodas is a powerful Demon son, who wields a demonic sword Lostvayne, although small in size but insanely deadly. His powerful sword allows him to reflect any magic with twice its initial force, his brutal counter-attacks leave no one alive.

Combined with his immortality curse, which makes him undefeatable, and robust sword skills, Meliodas is easily one of the most powerful swordsmen in this anime.


14. Sakata Gintoki (Gintama) 

Best Swordsmen In Anime

The badass Gintoki, also known as the white Yaksha- for his white hair, earned his title soon after he successfully managed to sweep out his opponents during the Joi war single-handedly. The law-abiding Gintoki is also known to often take on steel with his wooden swords. 

Yes, you heard it right, this man has been beating people up with wooden swords. It’s his confidence and great sword fighting skills that continue to offer us one of the best battles and fight scenes in anime, despite having such a huge gap in battle equipment.

15. Ichigo (Bleach) 

Trained in martial arts since childhood, Ichigo is known to have always shown great agility and coordination in his attacks. 

Although he wasn’t always a sword fighter, a lot of skills he acquired through only 8 days of training made him a far better swordsman than most others, who had been training for several years. All thanks to his determinant nature and talent, now I have one more gem to add to this list.

16. Yami Sukehiro (Black Clover) 

Yami is undoubtedly one of the strongest captains in the series, black clover since no one has used Black magic except him. These are the things that make him stand out from the rest. 

His ability to use dark magic with his katana in different forms, allows him to slice through dimensions, and even enemies at greater distances don’t stand a chance!


17. Shanks (One Piece) 

Best Swordsmen In Anime

The red-haired shanks everyone fears is among the four emperors of the sea. He earned his title by unleashing raw strength, without relying on devil fruits, unlike other emperors. 

He is the strongest Haki user and can use it to its full extent. His powers could wipe out thousands of marines and fishermen with ease. His intimidating presence remains unaffected even after having only one arm to showcase his sword skills with.

18. Himura Kenshin (Rurouni Kenshin) 

Himura is undeniably one of the most iconic swordsmen in anime history, who is a walking threat to anyone who challenges him. 

Don’t fall for his polite demeanor, because once his vows to never kill are tested in the anime, Himura exhibits his true potential and absolute life-threatening skills at sword fighting. His one strike is known to be so quick and sharp that it cuts through the limbs like water.

19. Levi Ackerman (Attack on Titan) 

A mad expert at using the 3D maneuver gear, Levi Ackerman, whose abilities are hands down one of the tops most impressive and jaw-dropping in the anime. Coming from the underground where the poorest of the poor lived, Levi lived a brief life as a criminal to make ends meet. 

Trained by his uncle who taught him to fight till death, Levi eventually went on and became one of the strongest titan-slashing machines we’ve ever seen.

Levi has many cool fighting scenes and one of them is when he fights the tall monkey Titan. He destroys him within seconds and pulls the human out from his back as you’ve never seen before.


20. Uchiha Sasuke (Naruto)

Sasuke belongs to the Uchiha clan that is one of the strongest and most known clans in the anime universe. In addition to his eyes that hold his true powers (Sharingan), Sasuke despite having one arm can display brilliant swordsmanship. 

One of the most epic fights is when he was fighting Kinshiki Otsutsuki, even though it may have lasted about 60 seconds, it has some pretty badass scenes of Sasuke fighting against an elite with only one arm and one sword.

He often covers his sword with lightning using his overpowering capabilities, making him a noteworthy swordsman.

21. Guts (Berserk)

A top-notch and epic swordsman, who has been hounding Griffith for what he did to the band of hawks. Guts had always been a great fighter, his skills only improved through time. His sword, a demon slayer, allows him to fight apostles and can slice through humans like butter.


Anime Swordsman Battles Are The Best

To date, anime has brought us several amazing Swordsman fighters that we want to follow because of their amazing background story. Some of these swordsmen have gone through hell back in their infancy but they have never given up in life!

Many awesome fighting scenes leave one wondering about “what if this happens instead of that” or “If X would’ve used this power, it would’ve been a different outcome”, this is one of many reasons fans love the anime industry.

The best anime has always been the battles that one has to fight to the death vs the other opponent using a sword, just take a look at the anime “Demon Slayer”. One of the best Anime Swordsmen in 2021 and 2022 and the anime series is still not over yet.

Overall, there are many genres when it comes to anime but if you want to feel the adrenaline rush when it comes to one-on-one combats with swords involved, go with anime fights! 

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