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The 9 Best Gifts For Demon Slayer Anime Fans!

The anime Demon Slayer (Japanese: Kimetsu No Yaiba) has become a popular show. Watchers won’t be able to ignore the show’s impressive animation and mind-blowing storyline. If you know a fan of Demon Slayer, then this gift guide will be ideal for you.

Merchandise for Demon Slayer is hard to find, as it is a new band. But after searching different places, we have shortlisted these 25 Demon Slayer gifts for you. The best way to satisfy any Demon Slayer fan might be with these cute and unique gifts.

Here are some of the coolest, freshest Demon Slayer Gift Ideas for the anime fan in your life, based on Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.

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9 Best Gifts For Demon Slayer Anime Fans: Demon Slayer Merchandise

1. Tanjiro & Nezuko Look Up Figure Set

There isn’t an anime fan out there who doesn’t appreciate cute and adorable anime figures. Take a look at Tanjiro and Nezuko Kamado from Demon Slayer looking up, they’re just too cute. Any anime lover who loves collecting everything kawaii will love this figure set as a gift.

2. Tanjiro’s Kimono Cardigan/Jacket

Tanjiro is the main character of the anime Demon Slayer. Character’s compassion and dedication keep his fan base growing day by day. For anime fans, Tanjiro’s Kimono cardigan is one of the top choices. This is because every Demon Slayer fan would like to have this merchandise. Plus, it looks like a stylish and comfortable outfit. As a result, this jacket is one of the best Demon Slayer gifts for anime fans.

3. Tomioka Giyu Cosplay Hoodie

Another Demon Slayer fan-favorite cosplay costume! As an inspirational character, Tomioka Giyu helped Tanjiro (the main character) become a Demon Slayer. He’s the guy who doesn’t say much but acts a lot. This is why cosplayers love him. At comic con, you might see more Tomiokas than Tanjiros. Please consider this cosplay hoodie as a gift for the Demon Slayer cosplayer.

4. Demon Slayer Gift Pack

This is the ultimate gift pack for the ultimate fan! This is a great deal if you’re looking for more merchandise at a lower price. The pack includes a drawstring bag, phone ring holder, scarf, keychain, 2 button pins, and 100+ stickers. This package contains a lot of goodies of high quality. Check the customer reviews for confirmation if you don’t believe us. Undoubtedly, this is a great gift idea for fans of Demon Slayer.

5. Demon Slayer Graphic Hoodie

The perfect gift for any Demon Slayer fan who loves to wear hoodies. With this comfortable wear, especially during winter, they can keep their hands in their pockets and wear a hood over their heads. Since it is related to Demon Slayer, there is another good reason to wear it. The graphic on the hoodie depicts characters introduced in the early chapters of the anime. It makes a great gift for anime fans.

6. Demon Slayer Phone Case

Another unique gift idea is this stylish phone case related to Demon Slayer. Plus, they protect the back of the phone from scratches by adding another layer of protection. We are sure that you could choose at least one attractive phone case to give as a stylish gift to a Demon Slayer fan, since there are so many stylish designs available.

7. Demon Slayer Color Changing Mugs

Color-changing mugs are another cool gift for geeks! These merchandise items offer a creative appeal for the eyes when mixed with animation. A fascinating animation will appear when the hot liquid is poured on it. As one of the most iconic moments of the Demon Slayer, this animation became a social media trend. So, it is undoubtedly a marvelous gift idea for Demon Slayer fans.

8. Demon Slayer Pillow Plush

Demon Slayer Gift Ideas

The Demon Slayers need some rest after a long day of killing demons and saving humans. Bring these chibi Demon Slayer pillows to your house for a slumber party!ring your favorite character or the whole gang! These pillowThese pillows are so cute!se cutJust lookeeping faces. Bonus, they Plus, they have little blankets attached to cover them.

9. Demon Slayer Large Mouse Pad

Get yourself a cool Demon Slayer large mouse pad to decorate your desk! It features action shots of the main characters. Display your love for anime. With a non-slip base and a smooth surface, the mouse pad has a nice thickness. It is also great for comfort in the office and for gaming.


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