Griffith And Casca: Why Griffith Didn’t Return Casca’s Love

Even though Griffith and Casca harbored strong feelings for each other in Berserk, here are the reasons they couldn’t work together.

The story revolves around genuine relationships and thrilling action scenes in Berserk, the widely acclaimed anime and manga series. Casca’s relationship with Guts is one of the most important plotlines in Berserk. 

Still, it was built on the back of another fateful relationship: the one between Casca and her boss, Griffith. Casca once regarded Griffith as his hero and idol, as did every other member of the Band of the Hawk. 

However, the relationship between Casca and Griffith wasn’t what she wanted it to be. Later, she realized that it wasn’t meant to be. The reason is as follows.

In Casca’s Fall For Her Savior, Griffith

Casca grew up as the youngest of six children in a poor and remote village. During this time, a nobleman lured her away with a false job offer at a local castle and then tried to assault her. 

Cava was helpless until the young knight captain Griffith arrived and struck back. Griffith slashed off the ear of the nobleman, but rather than save her, he gave her a sword and encouraged her to finish the job. 

Thus, she saved herself in a single action while simultaneously empowering herself as a budding warrior. The experience left a deep impression on Casca, who became a junior knight and followed Griffith everywhere he went.

Griffith has that effect on people. Berserk’s wit, sophistication, intelligence, and charisma enabled him to win over any ally he needed during his Golden Age arc. Midland king favored him, and he became a war hero.  

Still, it was becoming clear that Griffith cared only for himself and his ambitions. Casca and the other members of the Hawk Band were nothing but tools to him. Griffith did not love Casca, and she was forced to admit defeat. He didn’t seem to notice her at all.

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Griffith is not just Casca’s boss; he is her employer.

Despite Griffith’s caring for his followers, including Casca, he viewed them all as tools for his ambitions rather than true friends. 

Moreover, Griffith was simply Casca’s employer, and he could terminate her and the other Band members’ contracts at any time. Thus, Griffith, among other reasons, could not possibly return Casca’s feelings. Why would you have romantic feelings for a simple pawn? 

Guts, who Griffith saw in a very different light from Casca, was the sole exception.

Griffith wanted a friend who would rival him and challenge him to push him further and encourage him to grow. Griffith was a good friend and a fierce rival, but Casca was anything but that. 

Berserk was Griffith’s most loyal and adoring knight, but his total devotion to her was unchallenging. The forward-looking Griffith was at a dead end, while Guts created a path to the future. She believed Griffith could give her more and lead to her happy future. Unfortunately, she was soon proved to be wrong.

Their relationship was doomed since they saw each other in opposite ways. They were separated when Griffith betrayed Midland’s king out of spite and ended up in prison. Griffith turned his back on Casca to become Femto of the God Hand in Berserk, and his ambitions led him to become Femto of the God Hand.


In Berserk, Casca and Griffith’s relationship is one of the most important plotlines. Yet it was built on another fateful relationship: that between her and her boss, Griffith.

She once regarded him as his hero and idol, yet she came to realize that their relationship wasn’t what she wanted it to be. The reason is that he viewed them all as tools for his ambitions rather than true friends or lovers.

He never loved Casca like Guts did- which made hers a doomed love from the start.

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