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Dallas REID is most popular for voice acting Asta English Voice Actor from Black Clover, Zack from Angels of Death, Satoshi FUKUBE from Hyouka, Hideki NISHIMURA from And you thought there would never be a young lady on the web?, and Seitarou TANABATA from Nanbaka.

The genuine Asta and Noelle are getting hitched! English name voice entertainers Jill Harris and Dallas Reid reported their commitment via online media on April 20. Tragically, the pair went to a renaissance reasonable that the previous day was sharing the uplifting news.


Black Clover’s Asta and Noelle Are Engaged!

Black Clover Asta English Voice Actor

Last week, voice entertainer Jill Harris (Noelle in the English-language name of Black Clover) took to Twitter to flaunt a photograph of herself and her life partner at her nearby Renn Faire. The life partner being referred to incidentally turned out to be Dallas Reid — the name voice of Asta English Voice Actor!

Black Clover‘s kindred English name cast Micah Solusod (Voicing Yuno) and Monica Rial (Voicing Mereoleona Vermillion) were first to praise alongside a few other voice entertainers. The series fans made a point to fill the Twitter string with huge loads of value Black Clover Gifs. 

Black Clover isn’t the top anime where several has cooperated. They’ve collaborated in Kakuriyo: Bed and Breakfast for Spirits, Sakura Quest, and others.

Dallas REID Anime Voice Work

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