Top 25 Anime Where the Main Character is OverPowered, Ranked

One type of anime that has become increasingly popular is the “overpowered” anime. Overpowered anime is defined as an anime in which the main character is significantly more powerful than the majority of other characters in the show. In the world of anime, there are many shows where the main character is an overpowered being.

This can be due to a number of things, such as having special abilities, being born into a powerful family, or simply being really lucky. Whatever the reason, it makes for some really exciting anime. Here are some of the best anime where the main character is overpowered, Ranked

Anime Where the Main Character is OverPowered

25. Berserk – Guts

Berserk Guts

Guts from Beserk, better known as the Black Swordsman, is a teenage traveling mercenary noted for his massive greatsword. He accepts the most lucrative missions, but he never stays with one gang for long—that is, until he encounters the Band of the Hawk. Guts is attacked after a mission, and several of its members are crushed in the struggle. Griffith, the leader, and inventor of The Band of the Falcon, is intrigued by Guts and dares him to a fight. Griffith annihilates Guts with a single attack, and the others are no match for him.

Guts awaken two days after being rendered unconscious and carried to the Band of the Hawk’s camp to recover. He encounters Griffith again, and the two battle again, but this time there’s a catch: if Guts loses, he must join the Band of the Falcon. Guts succumbed to his new afflictions and were joined by Griffith.

24. Cautious Hero: The Hero Is Overpowered but Overly Cautious – Seiya Ryuuguuin

Cautious Hero Seiya Ryuuguuin

“You can never be too careful,” as the saying goes. It is vital to plan for each possible situation, even if it appears to be a waste of time. Furthermore, in games like RPGs, it is desirable to exceed your opponents in order to achieve complete victory.

These sentences nearly perfectly describe Seiya Ryuuguuin. After being asked by the goddess Ristarte to save the kingdom of Gaeabrande from destruction, the hero is ready for his epic journey. Despite his overwhelming stats, he spends a large amount of time training himself, which may appear usual. To be safe, he confronts lesser opponents with his best abilities and stockpiles food and potions.

While his manner is irritating, it might be Gaeabrande’s saving grace in a world where malevolent powers govern every expectation.

23. Trigun – Vash the Stampede


Vash the Stampede is the subject of a $60,000,000,000 bounty. Reward. He’s a vicious villain who annihilates anyone who resists him and flattens entire cities for amusement, earning him the moniker “The Humanoid Typhoon.” According to tales, he leaves a path. He brings death and disaster wherever he goes, and anybody who merely looks at him is doomed. Dead. Vash, in truth, is a huge softie who claims never to have murdered anybody and avoids combat at all costs.

Vash uses his crazy doughnut to explore the wastelands of Gunsmoke. fixation and buffoonish attitude in tow, all the while being followed by two insurance agents, Meryl Stryfe and Milly Thompson, who strive to minimize his influence on the public. However, their follies quickly turn into life-or-death circumstances when a crew of renowned assassins is sent to cause the trio harm. Vash’s tragic history will be revealed, and his integrity and values will be tested to the limit.

22. Code Geass – Lelouch Lamperouge

Code Geass

One year has passed after the failure of the Black Rebellion. Revolt against the Holy British Empire led by Zero, the now-missing masked vigilante. Without a revolutionary commander, Area 11’s resistance army, the Black Knights, is powerless to counter Britannia’s brutality against the Elevens, which has escalated significantly in order to crush any future rebellion.

Lelouch Lamperouge, who has lost all recall of his double life, is a high school student at Ashford Academy, living quietly with his friends. In this dramatic conclusion to the series, his former colleague C.C., unable to accept this turn of events, takes it upon herself to remind him of his primary objective, hoping that the mastermind Zero would rise once more to complete what he began.

21. Sword Art Online – Kirigaya Kazuto

Sword Art Online

Since the revolutionary NerveGear, gamers all around the world have been able to experience completely immersive virtual reality. One of the console’s most recent titles, Sword Art Online (SAO), provides a doorway into the interesting realm of Aincrad. In this lively, mediaeval atmosphere, players are free to do whatever they wish with their creativity. Since the release of this international smash, gaming has never been more vibrant.

When the creator of SAO restricts hundreds of players within the game, the lovely illusion rapidly turns into a terrifying nightmare. The “log-out” option has been removed, leaving the only way out to complete all one hundred progressively difficult stages of Aincrad. To make matters worse, any in-game death is permanent, erasing the player’s real-world existence.

While Kazuto “Kirito” Kirigaya was fortunate enough to be a game beta tester, he quickly learns that, despite his advantages, he cannot solve SAO’s issues on his own. Kirito joins forces with Asuna Yuuki and other powerful players to overcome the seemingly insurmountable difficulties. With demanding superiors and threatening dark cults impeding his development, Kirito learns that such things are far easier stated than done.

20. The Saga of Tanya the Evil – Tanya von Degurechaff

The Saga of Tanya the Evil

A godlike force known only as “Being X” reincarnates him into a magical yet war-torn world to put his mettle to the test after being intrigued by a specific salaryman’s dreadful lack of trust as he took his final breath. If this individual suffers constantly under these new conditions, X believes he will seek aid from the gods.

Starting again as a young lady named Tanya Degurechaff, the salaryman immediately applies his prior knowledge and enlists in the Empire, the armed forces of his nation. Tanya is still a young woman, but she has a remarkable talent for strategic and magical warfare that enables her to advance up the ranks swiftly and constantly lead her people to miraculous triumphs in the ongoing battle. Nevertheless, she carries out all these actions to reject Being X’s objectives and live outside the conflict zone.

19. The Irregular at Magic High School – Shiba Tatsuya

The Irregular at Magic High School

Magic, once considered a part of mythology and fairy tales is now taught as a technical talent at the start of the twenty-first century. Based on their admission exam results, students are divided into two categories at First Good School, the school for magicians: “Blooms,” or those with high test scores, are sent to the First Course, while “Weeds,” or reserve pupils, are assigned to the Second Course.

The enrolled siblings, Tatsuya and Miyuki Shiba at First High School are the subjects of Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei. The brilliant Miyuki is admitted to the First Course after taking the exam. In contrast, Tatsuya is demoted to the Second Course. Tatsuya is the outcast at a magical high school because of his remarkable technical knowledge, physical fighting prowess, and special magic techniques—even though his results on practical tests and his position as a “Weed” indicate he is magically incompetent.

18. That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime – Rimuru Tempest

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

Satoru Mikami, 37, is a typical corporate worker. In Tokyo, he is content with his ordinary existence. That he has never been in a relationship. During a casual contact with a coworker, he is stabbed on the street by an unknown attacker. However, as he loses consciousness as a result of his injuries, a strange voice echoes in his mind and recites a sequence of orders that the dying man does not understand.

When Satoru comes to, he learns he has been resurrected as a slimy goop in an unknown location. As a result, he gets new abilities, most notably the capacity to ingest anything and duplicate its appearance and characteristics. He then encounters Veldora, the caged Catastrophe-level monster that has been imprisoned for the preceding 300 years for destroying a community. Satoru befriends him, sympathising with his predicament, and offers to assist him in breaking the seal. Veldora bestows the name Rimuru Tempest on him in exchange for heavenly protection.

17. How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord –
Takuma Sakamoto

How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord Diablo

No one can match the power of the Demon King Diablo in the fantasy MMORPG Cross Reverie. With the rarest artefacts in the game and an unrivalled player level, he effortlessly destroys anybody foolish enough to confront him. Despite his terrifying reputation, Diablo’s real name is Takuma Sakamoto, a loner gamer with few social skills. Takuma focuses about nothing except his virtual existence as he confronts hopeless obstacles day after day—that is, until a surprise summoning spell transports him to another dimension where he has Diablo’s appearance!

Takuma is greeted by two girls named Rem Galeu, a tiny Pantherian adventurer, and Shera L. Greenwood, a busty Elf summoner, in this new region that mirrors his favourite game. They perform an Enslavement Ritual to subjugate him, but the spell backfires, and they instead become his minions. Takuma decides to accompany the ladies in their search for a way to break their contract while learning to adjust to his new existence as the terrifying Demon King, as the situation worsens.

16. Overlord –


The conclusion of the well-known virtual reality game Yggdrasil has come. As the servers begin to shut down, Momonga, a strong wizard and ruler of the wicked guild Ainz Ooal Gown, chooses to spend his dying minutes in the games. Momonga is completely conscious of his nature even though the clock has struck midnight. In contrast, the non-player characters appear to have developed their own identities!

When confronted with this unusual scenario, Momonga orders his faithful warriors to assist him in exploring and claiming control of it. Planet to find out what triggered this shift and whether others are in the same boat.

15. The Devil Is A Part-Timer – Sadao Maou

The Devil Is A Part Timer Sadao Maou

A Demon Lord Satan begins to attack the continent of Ente Isla with his massive demon army, driving fear into the hearts of humans. However, Satan’s efforts to capture the continent are blocked by the hero Emilia, forcing Satan to retreat via a dimensional vortex only to arrive in the human world. The demon, together with his loyal general Alsiel, is stranded in modern-day Tokyo and vows to return and consummate his dominance over Ente Isla—if they can find a way back!

To make ends meet in a world devoid of magic, Satan disguises himself as Sadao Maou, a human. It begins with working at a small fast-food restaurant called MgRonald’s. He immediately realises that simply possessing Ente Isla is insufficient. He is inspired to go up the corporate ladder and become Earth’s leader. King, one satisfied customer at a time!

Maou-Sama, congratulations! Gives a comedic perspective on the most fundamental aspects of everyday life, as seen through the eyes of a hapless demon ruler, whether it’s a part-time work, household tasks, or simply trying to pay the rent on time.

14. Assassination Classroom – Koro-sensei

Assassination Classroom

Class 3-E delinquents and dropouts are housed in a tiny decaying facility in the mountains near the famous Kunugigaoka Middle School. Students in this class have little chance of advancing in their academic careers since their classmates loathe them. That is until their new instructor is designated as the greatest threat to their planet by the national government.

Following the destruction of the moon, the octopus-like professor known as “Koro-sensei” pledged to exterminate the Earth by March of the following year. In light of their goal, the students have learned that murdering him is easier said than done. Koro-sensei not only has the ability to move at speeds of up to Mach 20, but he can also withstand almost any earthly weapon. He’s one of the best teachers Class 3-E has ever had.

Koro-sensei is certain that if his students are educated to excel academically as students and as assassins, their ingenuity and indomitability will bring them back to the main campus. Nagisa Shiota and the other Class 3-E students must figure out Koro-flaws sensei’s via trial and error—and fast, for the fate of the planet is at stake.

13. God Of Highschool – Mori Jin

God Of Highschool

The “God of High School” competition has begun to find the best combatant among Korean high school students! All martial arts styles, weapons, means, and techniques of triumph are legal. What is the prize? One wishes for anything the winner desires.

Jin Mo-Ri, a taekwondo specialist, has been asked to compete. There he meets karate expert Han Dae-Wi and swordswoman Yu Mi-Ra, both of whom have come for personal reasons. Mo-Ri knows that no two opponents will be identical and that the fights will be the most vicious he has ever fought. Instead of being concerned, he is ecstatic about the possibility.

A mystery lurks behind the tournament’s ostensibly straightforward test of fighting prowess, with Korean political hopeful Park Mu-Jin watching every battle with waiting, hungry eyes. Mo-Ri, Dae-Wi, and Mi-Ra will learn what it takes to be the God of High School.

12. Fairy Tail – Natsu Dragneel

Fairy Tail

The Grand Magic Games reach a peak with Natsu Dragneel and Gajeel Redfox’s shocking triumph over the Sabertooth guild’s Sting Eucliffe and Rogue Cheney. This triumph brings the Fairy Tail guild closer to being proclaimed overall champions. Still, winning isn’t the only difficulty they face. A cloaked man and the menacing Eclipse Gate remain shrouded in mystery, raising more questions than answers.

Fairy Tail is in for more wacky adventures as their destructive pranks and gleeful rowdiness continues unabated. Their biggest challenge is rapidly coming, but the guild, united as a family, will always be ready to fight any threat that comes it’s way.

11. My Hero Academia – Izuku Midoriya

My Hero Academia

Over the years, the prevalence of “quirks,” or newly discovered superpowers, has been quickly growing, with 80 percent of humanity holding different skills ranging from element manipulation to shapeshifting. This renders the rest of the world helpless, and Izuku Midoriya is one of them.

Since he was a toddler, the aspirant middle schooler has desired to be a hero. Izuku’s unfortunate circumstances cause him to admire heroes and take notes on them whenever he can. But it appears his perseverance paid off: Izuku meets the number one hero and his personal idol, All Might. All Might’s quirk is a hereditary ability, and he has picked Izuku as his successor!

Izuku enrols at UA High, a prominent high school known for its exceptional hero training programme, after months of arduous training, and this year’s freshmen appear especially promising. With his strange but bright peers and the rising danger of a malevolent organisation, Izuku will quickly discover what it truly means to be a hero.

10. Mob Psycho 100 – Shigeo Kageyama

Shigeo Kageyama Mob Psycho 100

Shigeo “Mob” Kageyama is maturing and adjusting to his newfound status as a superhuman psychic with the power to profoundly influence the lives of others. He and his instructor, Reigen Arataka, continue to deal with supernatural requests from clients, whether it’s exorcising evil spirits or dealing with urban legends that plague the locals.

While the technique remains unchanged, Mob is no longer just following Reigen. Mob’s otherworldly excursions have grown in importance due to his experiences as an immensely powerful psychic. As the dangers that Mob and Reigen face grow more apparent and unsettling, things get more serious and darker.

09. Death Note – Light Yagami

Death Note

Heinous murders, petty thefts, and mindless violence contaminate the human world. On the other hand, the world of death gods is a mundane, unchangeable gambling den. Light Yagami, a brilliant 17-year-old Japanese student, and Ryuk, the cruel god of death, share one belief: their worlds are rotten.

Ryuk releases his “Death Note” onto the human world. The first time. Enjoyment. Light comes upon it and laughs at the first of its rules: the human whose name is recorded in this letter will perish. The temptation is too strong, and Light explores it by writing a felon’s name and frighteningly reenacting his first murder.

08. Black Clover – Asta

Black Clover

Asta and Yuno were both born on the same day. Left behind in the same church. Raised together as youngsters, they learned about the “Wizard King,” a title granted to the greatest wizard in the realm. They swore to compete for the role of the future Wizard King. However, as they grew older, the dramatic contrast between them became clear. While Yuno can wield magic with incredible force and control, Asta cannot utilize magic at all and frantically seeks to awaken his talents via physical training.

Yuno is awarded a gorgeous Grimoire embellished with a four-leaf clover when they reach the age of 15, while Asta receives nothing. Yuno, on the other hand, is attacked by a guy named Lebuty, whose sole purpose is to take Yuno’s Grimoire. Asta goes up against Lebuty, but he is outmatched. He finds the courage to persist when he hears Yuno’s voice, even if he is without hope and at the edge of defeat. In wrath, Asta unleashes his inner emotions and acquires a five-leaf clover, Grimoire, a “Black Clover” with enough power to destroy Liberty. A few days later, the two friends ventured into the world with the same goal: to become the Wizard King!

07. Seven Deadly Sins – Meliodas

Seven Deadly Sins 1

The feared yet beloved Sacred Knights of Britannia employ enormously strong magic to safeguard the land of Britannia and its kingdoms in a setting comparable to the European Middle Ages. However, a tiny group of Knights allegedly betrayed their motherland. It turned their swords against their compatriots in an attempt to topple Liones’ monarch. The Holy Knights destroyed them, but stories persisted that these fabled knights, known as the “Seven Deadly Sins,” still were alive. 10 years later, the Holy Knights conducted their own coup and became the Kingdom of Liones’ new, dictatorial rulers.

The anime series Nanatsu no Taizai is based on the best-seller manga series of the same name. Chronicles the exploits of Elizabeth, the third princess of the Kingdom of Liones, and her quest for the Seven Deadly Sins. With their assistance, she attempts not only to reclaim her kingdom from the Holy Knights but also to achieve justice in an unjust world.

06. Hunter x Hunter – Gon

Hunter x Hunter

Hunters devote their life to difficult tasks such as exploring uncharted territory and seeking down rare commodities and monsters. To become a Hunter, one must first pass the Hunter Examination, a high-risk selection procedure in which the majority of candidates are incapacitated or killed.

Those who are brave enough to take the infamous risk test do so. Finding Ging, his father and fellow Hunter, is the aim due to their own motivations. Gon Freecss, a 12-year-old kid, is inspired. Gon embarks on his quest to become a Hunter. He was convinced he could accomplish it. By doing so, he will meet his father.

During the Hunter Examination, Gon meets medical student Leorio Paladiknight, the furious Kurapika, and ex-assassin Killua Zoldyck. While their objectives differ, they band together for a common goal and go on a perilous adventure.

05. jujutsu kaisen – Yuji Itadori

jujutsu kaisen

Yuuji Itadori, a high-school student, devotes his days to studying or working. Participating in unfounded paranormal activities with the Occult Club or visiting his ill grandfather in the hospital. However, his peaceful existence takes a bizarre turn when he unintentionally comes into contact with a cursed artifact. After ingesting the claimed object, revealed to be a finger belonging to the demon Sukuna Ryoumen, the “King of Curses,” Yuuji finds himself thrown into the domain of Curses—dreadful entities produced by human hate and negativity.

As he finds his unique talents, Yuuji witnesses firsthand the harm these Curses bring to civilization. When exposed to the Tokyo Metropolitan Jujutsu High School, he begins to go down a path that he will never be able to return to—the path of a Jujutsu sorcerer.

04. Naruto: Shippuden – Naruto Uzumaki


Naruto Uzumaki has been away from Konohagakure, the Hidden Leaf Village, for two and a half years for hard training in the aftermath of events that inspired his ambition to be stronger. Now, Akatsuki, the secret group of elite renegade ninjas, is closing in on their ultimate plan, which might jeopardize the whole shinobi world’s safety.

Although Naruto is older and more challenging events are on the horizon, his demeanor hasn’t altered much—still, he’s rowdy and childish—though he is a lot more confident and determined to protect his friends and family. In the continuation of the drama about the child who desires to become Hokage, Naruto will fight for what is important to him, if it means the sacrifice of his own body.

03. Misfit Of Demon King Academy – Anos Voldigoad

The Misfit of Demon King Academy

A long time ago, a struggle between humans and demons wreaked havoc. Turmoil and murder. Demon King Anos Voldigoad gladly sacrificed his life to end this apparently interminable struggle, expecting to be resurrected in a peaceful future.

In preparation for the return of their king, the demons established the Demon King Academy, a premier institution entrusted with identifying Anos’ identity when he reawakens. He reincarnates two millennia later, only to discover that the world’s amount of magic had dwindled dramatically when he was away. Furthermore, when he enrolls at the academy to rehabilitate his rightful position, he discovers that demonkind has a different memory of him. His personality, actions, and legacy have all been fabricated—masked behind the name of an impostor. Because of this “lack” of common knowledge, he is the academy’s outlier—a misfit never seen before in history.

Despite these disadvantages, Anos is undeterred. As he tries to find people changing his great history, he takes it upon himself to convince his descendants that their monarch has finally returned.

02. Dragon Ball z – Goku

Dragon Ball Series

Five years after winning the World Martial Arts Championship, Goku is now living a peaceful life with his wife and children. This changes with the appearance of Raditz, a mysterious opponent posing as Gokuu’s long-lost brother. He reveals that Gokuu is a warrior of the now-virtually extinct Saiyan species, whose homeworld was completely destroyed. When Gokuu was transported to Earth as a baby, his primary goal was to conquer and destroy the planet; but, after suffering amnesia from a head injury, his aggressive and cruel attitude changed, and he was instead reared as a caring and well-mannered kid, now struggling to defend others.

With his failed effort to persuade Gokuu into becoming an ally, Raditz warns Gokuu’s allies of a new threat that is rapidly approaching Earth—one that might plunge the planet into a cosmic fight and cause the sky to tremble. Only the strongest will survive a conflict for the seven mystical dragon balls in Dragon Ball Z.

01. One Punch Man – Saitama

One Punch Man

Saitama, who looks dull, has an odd pastime: he is a hero. Saitama worked hard for three years, losing all of his hair, to pursue his childhood dream. Saitama’s power has grown to the point that he can defeat any adversary with a single punch. However, because no one can match his might, Saitama has encountered an unexpected problem: he no longer enjoys the exhilaration of fight and has grown immensely bored.

Genos, a 19-year-old cyborg who observes Saitama’s prowess and wishes to be Saitama’s disciple, takes notice of him one day. Genos suggests that the two be recognized as heroes and honored. Joining the Hero Association honors them for their outstanding achievements in society. Saitama quickly accepts, shocked that no one knows who he is. As a part of the Hero Association, Saitama embarks on a new journey, meeting new allies and confronting new opponents to recapture the excitement of a fight.

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