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10 Best Anime Where The Girl Reject Boy And Regret Later

We’ve all been there. You’re head over heels in love and you can’t wait to tell the person how you feel. You’ve got a romantic dinner planned, a special gift, and a perfectly delivered speech about your undying affection. That’s when you find out that the feeling isn’t mutual.

However, this isn’t always the case, and there is plenty of anime where the girl rejects the boy, only to come to regret it later. Well, that’s the theme of today’s list: an anime where a girl rejects a boy, only to realize she’s made a mistake and wants him back.

Check out our list and see if you can relate to any of these anime. Some of these are pretty funny, while others are a little more tragic, but all are great examples of how complicated and confusing relationships can be. Here are the Top 10 Best Anime Where The Girl Reject Boy And Regret Later.

Anime Where The Girl Reject Boy And Regret Later

1. Sing “Yesterday” For Me

Someone says love is in the air but not for our MC Rikuo, who can’t look at the beauty in front of him and keep chasing after his broken heart. Our MC is a 26-year-old graduate not doing much, just living a simple part-timer life.

However, things change when he meets a teenage girl named Haru, constantly being bugged to be friends with our MC, but Rikuo has a crush on his classmate Shinako. Things get interesting when MC finally decides to confess. As a result, he completely being a friend zone. Well, when you keep running your own thing by your own two hands, things like that happen.

Now the only option left is the teenage girl. After that, the story will take a few dramatic turns here and there. Either way, it is a good slow-paced mature romance if you’re into it.

2. Masamune-kun’s Revenge

Sometimes childhood trauma can create wonders, even stronger than the plot armor. Our MC Masamune Makabe is a perfectionist. You won’t believe this slim-looking guy was extremely ugly when he was a kid. Yet he mustered the courage to confess to the school’s most beautiful and popular girl. Stupid move, right? Of course, the outcome would be a harsh rejection and the nickname Pig’s Foot.

Back to the present, MC is now the most popular guy in the school. Still, he can’t bear the shame he once experienced. So, he decides to make that girl suffer the same.

However, she isn’t any ordinary girl who falls for anyone so easily. Thus, it began the story of revenge and hopelessly falling in love with the same girl all over again.

3. The Case Study Of Vanitas

The underdog of 2021, I am sure you have heard this name before. If not, then you sure need to look at it. Our MC Vanitas is the most interesting character. He had a strong hatred towards vampires but still decided to save them whether they liked it or not. For that, we get to see an awesome pairing between Vanitas and Jean.

They might not get along every time they see each other. However, our MC left no chance to tease her. On one occasion, MC gave her a choice to drink his blood to get more powerful and save her young master Luca. Jeanne can’t stand by how a simple human can be this irritating.

The chemistry between them is intense. Make sure you are watching it in the right place at the right time. Watching them is surely an organic experience.

4. Just Because!

Can someone tell why every dramatic romance story occurs during the final high school year? Can’t you plan anything before that? Seeing you’re going to step out to the uncertain future and the person they cherish the most will remain in touch, is the main focus of Just Because.

Our MC never stays in the same place for more than a year due to its father’s line of work. He finally got the chance to move back to his hometown. His comeback brings a lot of painful feelings to others, especially when he meets Haruto, his childhood friend and the main focus of our list.

Haruto’s future is secure after graduation. Now. he left with only one thing, a confession to someone he likes. So, how did it confession go? Watch the series and find out.

5. Amagami SS

Amagami SS is completely based on rejection, and how can we skip it, especially for this list. Our MC Junichi has been living his whole life on rejection since childhood.

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However, in his high school days, love-struck him again but not with one; instead, he is interested in the five beauties of his class. By overcoming his phobia of rejection, he decided to confess Haruka, the school’s most popular girl in MC’S first love interest. We get to see a happy ending with her but it was all part of genjutsu. Yet our MC didn’t give up.

After all, he still has more options to pick and maybe he will be lucky with either one of them. The story is divided into short arcs, so consider a pack of rom-coms in one anime.

6. Orange

First day of the school year for our female lead Naho day can’t go any worse as she is late. However, she discovered a strange letter that changed everything because the sender is none other than herself, but from the future, ten years.

At first, she thinks of it as a stupid prank like who sends a letter instead of just going back by itself and changing everything to the need. Still, Naho read it out of curiosity and it turns out all the mentioned events started happening, like the new transfer students she will be meeting and becoming a close friend.

If possible, I would write a letter to my younger self, don’t go for a college degree because the world’s going to end miserably anyway but for the case of Naho, it’s all related to a single person and her future self is begging not to make the same mistake again. I’ll let you guess what that mistake was.

7. Osamake

It’s a golden rule in anime, MC has a lovely caring childhood friend who will do anything for him but his heart is always on another track. Like our MC, Sueharu is confessed by his childhood friend Kuroha. As our MC’s eyes are on someone else, he rejects her with a sister tag.

Now our MC goes to confess his feelings to the girl he loved the most, his classmate Shirokusa. Turns out she already has a boyfriend. From here on, MC and his childhood friend work together as they become closer and Sueharu realizes his own feelings for Kuroha.

So, at the end of their plan, he confesses to her in front of the entire school. What do you think will happen next? Watch the anime and find out.

8. Rent A Girlfriend

Sometimes rejections are not that bad and at least for this, I am not against the rejection. The same goes for our MC Kazuya, who may be one unlucky guy due to his weirdness.

In the first few minutes into the series, he gets dumped by his girlfriend. We still don’t know the full details, but who cares. Mommy chan is happy and Kazuya is breaking some sweat even in depression.

On the one hand, he entered a dating app to meet Chizuru, the best girl of 2020. However, one thing led to another and Chizuru became our MC neighbor. See, plot armor can sure do wonders.

Ultimately it will lead to Kazuya ex being jealous and wanting our MC back at all costs. Kazuya, be a man and don’t go back.

9. Koikimo

With all the age gap controversy being aside, love can be found at any point of time. After all, you don’t get an underage girl all the time not until you meet our MC Ryou Amakusa, a genius playboy philanthropist who seems to have it all.

In reality, our MC is not happy with what he has but it all changed after one staircase incident. He got saved by a high school girl from falling. The next thing he knew, the girl was none other than his little sister’s friend.

At the first meeting, MC confesses his true feelings, which obviously is considered a crime and Ichika rejects him immediately but that only makes Ryou want Ichika even more.

Thankfully these feelings are not handled by MC’s little sister. You know What I mean, right? Instead, she helped both to reach a mutual decision.

10. Higehiro

Our MC Yoshida is a true gentleman who earns my respect and all the girls around him as well. After all, he was aiming for one and got many in return. From his looks, he is quite handsome, at least for a programmer surrounded by beautiful women and here I am being tired of greeting my old-age boss.

Anyway, Yoshida is in love with her boss. One day he gathered the courage to confess his true feelings to her. In the end, he got rejected straight ahead to celebrate the occasion he decided to drink all night.

Lucky for him because that decision made him hit the jackpot. On her way back, he meets a runaway high school girl named Sayu, and then after that, they both start living happily with each other.


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