Top 10 anime where mc is overpowered But Hides It.

The idea of having a character hiding their powers from their peers is pretty exciting. Sometimes, they don’t want them to find out what they are capable of doing, or they might even show it at some point in the series. 

It can contain characters with unique or powerful abilities more than others as to why they have a reason as to why not to show it. Hiding powers is an ideal topic a lot of people enjoy watching.

They might even show it, as you know, just to become a show-off as many others do, even from the very first episode.

10 anime where mc is overpowered But Hides It

10. 86

86 is one of the newer anime series currently airing and is nearing its end as well.

It’s an action series featuring characters who fight using spider-like robots with destruction and warfare.

The main character, who was voiced by the same guy who did omikuji from the classroom of the elite, has an extraordinary power in which he doesn’t require a radar to Locate enemies. 

But he has powers within him that are pretty similar, almost like instincts but in the form of actual control.

It’s a series, however, not for everyone as it’s pretty hard to understand and get Into, but you will get the hang of it once you dive straight into the series, and trust me, it’s pretty damn good.

9. Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto 

You can pretty much learn how to use Sakamoto’s secret techniques.

Sakamoto is a mysterious character who somehow uses superhuman powers or just life hacks to get away from those who try and bully Him or strange things that happen on his adventure. 

At one point, he flies using an umbrella, and the next, he is a spider-man crawling on the walls to avoid the mama who falls for him.

Yes, it’s a pretty crazy series, but it’s so hilarious to check out.

8. Noragami

A lot of people should be familiar with the series itself. 

A stray god named Yato does errands for a mere change of coins and helps people who are needed for help or suffer from problems.

Now that his current familiar hates what he does, he is required to have a new one.

Thus, a girl died in a car accident and formed a contract with the auto. It’s one of the best anime series, in my opinion. 

As it’s a comedy combination with so much action involved that you can’t keep your eyes off.

And let’s not forget the beautiful lady bishop as there are some pretty hot moments in there too that you don’t want to miss out on.

For me, it is one of the best anime where the mc is overpowered but hides it.

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7. Talentless Nana

I’m highly sure a lot of you are very familiar with the game called among us, and I’m sure you’ve all played it as well.

This is an anime adaptation very close to the actual game.

A secret organization sent Nana Hiragi to kill or eliminate those with powerful abilities who are said to pose a threat to humanity.

Nana has no talent at all, but secretly she has the brainpower to end it all.

Disguising herself by saying she has powers and hiding among the other students as the killer.

This is a mystery series to find out who the school killer is and end it.

6. By the Grace of the Gods

This is an isekai series focusing on the slice of life aspect of a guy who dies and gets reincarnated as a little boy with special powers.

He made friends with lots of different slimes to help him settle in, and also since other people found out about the guy, they came asking for help. 

There’s not much to say other than it’s a pretty wholesome series to watch, and I get that slice of life is not really for everyone, or it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

But still, it might be something you would enjoy if you start watching it.

5. Deca-Dence

Be oh my, it feels good to be safe from the outside world and work work work non-stop inside a giant moving machine.

Or you could fight the monsters outside and have a great time watching people die.

It’s one or the other, but decadence follows a giant moving machine that is home to many people and a haven from the outside world full of monsters.

Some people specialize in fighting the monsters and use gear to help them move around the outside world and weapons to fight. 

It reminded me heavily of Attack on Titan as its concept was quite similar, and it’s a delightful show to watch. It is also one of the best anime where the mc is overpowered but hides it.

4. Koi to Producer : Evol x Love

This is an exciting series about a girl who works as a producer after her father’s death.

The show she manages has been declining slowly and needs a new topic to cover and fast. 

She learns about something called evil, a gene that exists and grants people special powers that she has no idea who thought. 

Soon she was met with people known as evolvers and are the people who possess powers.

This is also a reverse harem as the four guys also fall in love with a girl, and a lot happens on this journey. 

You should give this a go if you haven’t watched it yet.

3. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

Have you ever thought of wanting to avoid attention in school, but you look so weird and mysterious that you attract so much attention instead.

Yeah, I feel you too man, psyche kuso is the main character in this anime who hides his extreme powers at school and wishes to avoid any attention with people.

However, his silence manages to bring attention to people.

It is causing him to make friends and, of course, love interests even though he is quite the oblivious type who doesn’t care about love at all.

It’s such a unique and funny series, so definitely could you give it a watch.

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2. Nanbaka

Locked up inside an escape-proof prison, damn, now that is something that sounds exciting.

A group of characters known for their record of escaping prisons they have been in.

Now they must try and escape a prison that was said to be escape-proof, but our characters are the real deal of professional escapees from the past. 

This is almost like a test, and it is. 

There are also many references from other anime that you can catch when watching this, and it is incredibly underrated. So not many people have seen the show yet.

1. Twin Star Exorcists

Now getting forced into a relationship is not fun at all. 

But when you are destined to become the twin star exorcist. Then I guess it’s fate that put them together. 

Destined to become the next twin star exorcist, Roku and benyu are forced to live together like a husband and wife when they really both hate each other’s guts.

They will learn to fight and work together to defeat the enemies of the other world and save humanity from the wrath of evil that awaits them.

This anime is one of the studio period’s best anime ever, alongside black clover, of course.

Well, it looks like it’s time to close up the article for an hour since we have reached the ending point.

Hidden power anime is truly something special, and I can’t wait for newer series related to this kind of topic to come out very soon. It is the best anime where the MC is overpowered but hides it.

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