6 Anime Like Magical Sempai (Tejina-Senpai)

Tejina is charming, odd, and loves stage enchantment. She likewise has devastating anxiety in front of large audiences. Initially, the anonymous male fundamental person meets her rehearsing sleights of hand in her club room alone.

His secondary school necessitates that he join a club, and for reasons unknown, he can’t take his eyes off Tejina and her unproductive endeavors at wizardry.

Are you looking for more Anime Like Magical Sempai? Here are 6 recommendations to get you started!

Anime Like Magical Sempai (Tejina-Senpai)

1. Dagashi Kashi

Anime Like Magical Sempai

Kokonotsu “Coconuts” Shikada fantasies about turning into a well-known manga craftsman. The main issue—he’s awful. His genuine ability is selling the intricate and delicious snacks in his dad’s “dagashi” shop.

He never pondered the privately-run company until the popular, erratic Hotaru appeared. As an admirer of “dagashi,” she can’t allow his ability to go to squander and concludes she won’t stop until she’s sold him on desserts.


2. How clumsy you are, Miss Ueno.

Anime Like Magical Sempai

Not exclusively is Ueno, the leader of the science club at her middle school, she’s a virtuoso creator, as well! Nonetheless, notwithstanding all that she has going for her, there’s one major issue she can’t settle: regardless she does, she can’t sort out some way to admit to her crush, Tanaka!


3. Aho Girl

Anime Like Magical Sempai

Aho Girl includes a vitally female person who is a bonehead and knows nothing about good judgment. As a result, her neighbor and colleague A-Kun must consistently deal with her tricks.

4. D-Frag!

Anime Like Magical Sempai

Kenji likes to believe that he and his pack of companions are the awful young men of their school. That is until he meets the four crazy young ladies of a game-production club whose characters are altogether really peculiar (and a little on the nasty side). At the point when Kenji’s compelled to join their little gathering, his life rapidly takes a turn for the over the top.

5. Plastic Neesan

Anime Like Magical Sempai

Plastic Neesan is a secondary school model club committed to building plastic models of vehicles, boats, and even robots. Unfortunately, while the three individuals from the club consistently attempt to do their club exercises, they frequently get derailed by a horde of interruptions.

6. Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out!

Anime Like Magical Sempai

To Uzaki Hana, nothing sounds more awful than being separated from everyone else. That is the reason she’s made it her primary goal to stay with her upperclassman Sakurai Shinichi. The issue is, all he needs is some harmony and calm!


Hopefully, you’ve discovered a few new anime to watch from this list of recommendations. However, if you haven’t seen any of the recommended titles above, we strongly urge you to start watching! You can never have enough anime in your life.

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