Are you looking for similar anime like Dr. Stone to get you hooked on the same animation style? This article covers seven anime recommendations similar to these anime, so be sure to read through them.

I gathered all the best and most similar anime like dr stone, so you don’t have to spend more time searching. This article is for people already watching “Dr. Stone” and are looking to find similar animes like this.

Here are all seven anime recommendations that are similar to anime like Dr. Stone.

Anime Like Dr. Stone

1. Astra Lost In Space

Warped into outer space by a mysterious sphere, nine children find themselves in an assassination plot as they retrieve a spaceship and try to return home safely. The year is 2061 when space travel is now possible and commercially viable, and the students of Caird High School embark on their Planet Camp.

2. Steins; Gate

Steins; Gate is a story about time travel and the consequences of its misuse. A protagonist is a man named Okabe Rintarou; a self-proclaimed “mad scientist” who goes by the name of Hououin Kyouma. … Perplexed by these recent events, Rintarou sends a message to a friend named Itaru concerning Kurisu’s murder.

3. Cells At Work

anime like dr. stone

The story follows the world of a human’s body which is represented as cities with roughly 37.2 trillion anthropomorphic cells who work together endlessly daily to run their world. Every day, they struggle to remove and resist pathogenic cells such as germs and bacteria from invading the body.

4. Ascendance Of A Bookworm

The story follows Urano Motosu, a book-loving post-secondary college student and soon-to-be librarian who ends up crushed to death beneath a pile of books at her house during an earthquake. … Myne, retaining her memories from her previous life, decides to create and print her own books so that she can read again.

5. No Game No Life

No Game No Life is a surreal comedy series that follows Sora and Shiro, shut-in NEET siblings, and the online gamer duo behind the legendary username “Blank.” They view the real world as just another lousy game; however, a strange e-mail challenging them to a chess match changes everything—the brother and sister are plunged into an otherworldly realm where they meet Tet, the God of Games.

6. From the New World

After a certain incident, Saki and the others come to realize the true nature of their world. Before long, they learn everything, including the bloody history that brought humanity to this state. The five throw themselves into life-threatening adventures and fight to protect friends and a world on the brink of collapse.

7. 7 Seeds

anime like dr. stone

7 Seeds (セブンシーズ) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yumi Tamura. It is set in a post-apocalyptic future, long enough after a meteorite hits Earth that new species have evolved, and follows the struggles of five groups of young adults to survive after they are revived from cryonic preservation.


All the above lists are the most similar anime like fire force; if you love these anime, you will also enjoy watching these anime. So you can pick the one that most appeals to your taste.

I hope that this article is helpful, and it has provided you with enough information to consider watching this anime if you have the time. I hope you enjoyed this article!

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