Best 7 anime like a certain magical index

It’s hard to find anime like A Certain Magical Index. The series was unique in balancing action, drama, and comedy without missing a beat. But it’s not just the setup of protagonists fighting each other – sometimes literally, sometimes with their minds – that makes Index so good.

The animation in Index is also fantastic – while you’ll get the standard battle sequences every episode, there are always other things happening, whether it’s a clever comedy bit or an action sequence involving the emotions, etc.

Here are a few other anime that I found somewhat similar to A Certain Magical Index:

1. Code Geass

As much as I love Index, it’d be hard to top the sheer epicness of Code Geass. Both series are about two rival protagonists – in both cases, one is trying desperately to defeat the other. The best part about Code Geass is that you’re okay with hating one protagonist and loving another; this isn’t like Naruto, where you’re told to hate a character, but you still love them. In Code Geass, you get to see all their faults up close and personal – and still hope that they win in the end.


2. Seven senses of the Re’Union

An anime like A Certain Magical Index has to have a lot of action – that’s one thing that makes them similar. However, Seven Senses of the Re’Union is unique. It also adds some terrific drama and romance into the mix. While there isn’t as much comedy as Index (or maybe I wasn’t looking hard enough), Seven Senses is definitely worth watching.

3. fairy gone

It’s not often that you get to see a fun, action story where the characters are all girls, and gender doesn’t matter. Fairy Gone is precisely that – in an alternate world where humans and magical creatures co-exist in relative harmony, we find the members of Tachikawa Unit 3, who specialize in fighting evil fairies. While the series is still ongoing, there’s a lot of action and drama in this unique take on the magical girl anime.

4. Saga Of Tanya The Evil


Probably my favourite anime of the last few years, Saga Of Tanya The Evil, is a dark and gritty story about World War I, where we follow the life of a little girl who’s pretty much killing everyone in her path. While Index and its peers are certainly not ‘light entertainment,’ Tanya goes several steps further – it makes you feel terrible, but you can’t stop watching.

5. Kemono Jihen

I’m not sure how much I can say about Kemono Jihen without giving away spoilers, but this is a pretty unique anime where the world is slowly going to hell, and… well, let’s say you won’t want to miss it. There’s some fantastic animation in here as well – some of which will make you laugh while you’re watching, and some of which will make you scared to death. Just be sure to watch it all before you look up the spoilers – there are a lot of great twists in the story!

6. High School DxD

While High School DxD is undoubtedly not the first series where the protagonist battles evil, it’s probably one of the most well-known after The Devil Is A Part-Timer. Instead of bishounen or lolis versus devils, you get truthfully powerful characters who are both good and bad – this makes for some great action sequences paired with comedy. I highly recommend it for anyone looking for shows like A Certain Magical Index!

7. Fairy Tail

Last but not least, Fairy Tail is a unique story about friendship. While it doesn’t have the epic action that you’ll see in A Certain Magical Index or Code Geass, this epic shounen anime still has a fair bit of fighting, comedy, and romance to go around – all wrapped up in one fantastic series.

That’s about it for anime like A Certain Magical Index “Fantasy shows”- as I said earlier, there isn’t a whole lot out there with action and comedy that’s as good as these series. Thanks for reading, and check back soon for more articles!

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