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10 Anime Lego Ideas That Are Great As Gifts Or Presents For Anime Fans

In this current generation, each and every human has watched anime or cartoons. We all know that there are always some of the favorite anime or anime characters of each of all time which everyone loves to see.

There are always some memories of anime and cartoons that we created at our small ages. So if anyone loves to watch anime and is maybe a fan of it, giving them a gift that is related to anime is the most memorable for them.

LEGO Ideas is the best way to present your surprise or give a gift. Lego anime gifts are unique and make a good surprise for them. So, here are 10 Anime Lego Ideas That Are Great As Gifts Or Presents For Anime Fans that you should know.



Anime Lego Ideas

Naruto is one of the most popular and best ever anime in the world. Everyone knows who is Naruto and as we all know, Naruto’s favorite food is ramen. He always eats ramen at a restaurant named “Ramen Ichiraku“.

This ramen shop is also a popular spot and food for Naruto, who watch Naruto well knows about that. Also at the end of Naruto Shippuden where Our MC is going to Marry, there one of their sensei gives them a free card for ramen to eat from that restaurant.

It is a place of happiness and brings back happy and emotional memories of the saga. Naruto and his teammates would go to Ichiraku Ramen Shop to eat after every mission. Naruto received encouragement from his academy teacher to begin his Ninja Path, the beginning of an extraordinary adventure.

This Lego is not only represented Ramen shop but also represents naruto’s favorite food and spot. also to make this lego more unique there are all naruto characters around there with a chef of Ramen Ichiraku “Teuchi Ichiraku & Ayame Ichiraku”.

Characters included with this Lego Set –

  • Naruto Uzumaki
  • Sasuke Uchiha
  • Sakura Haruno
  • Hinata Hyuga
  • Kakashi Hatake
  • Teuchi Ichiraku
  • Ayame Ichiraku
  • Iruka Umino

This is just a description of a ramen shop but to know more about this Lego Set with deep detail that makes it more special visit Lego Ideas – ICHIRAKU RAMEN SHOP.


Anime Lego Ideas

When it comes to prestige feature-length Japanese animation, Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli are unsurpassed. Some of their anime movies have become cultural icons in Japan. The anime medium has also done the heavy lifting in gaining mainstream Western appreciation.

Studio Ghibli has created some of the most colorful and memorable anime worlds. In addition to this, The LEGO Ghibli project contains four little vignettes from Studio Ghibli movies in LEGO style, including How’ls Moving Castle, My Neighbor Totoro, Castle in the Sky, and Spirited Away. 

For more details you can watch this video: 


Anime Lego Ideas

Anime Girl is the Best gift for a present, And this is the perfect state of anime girl made by lego. Where a girl is on her way home from the LEGO Store and happily carries a LEGO bag with the sets she bought.

This girl lego Set is 27 cm tall with a stand girl post where she carries an attractive bag of Lego, So she can carry some objects In this bag. By wearing Yello & Black color of a light dress the statue has 267 parts.


Anime Lego Ideas

A box for your most prized cards, featuring the franchise’s two most iconic monsters: Dark Magician vs Blue-Eyes White Dragon, depicted in their anime colors. A box that holds four Yu-Gi-Oh! cards are 192mm wide, 128mm deep, and 576mm high.

This card has some extra finger room. this build was inspired by my hobbies of LEGO and Yu-Gi-Oh!, as well as many others. It has given me comfort during hard times.

The strength of this concept is that being a fan of both is unlikely to be an unusual experience. Both of these hobbies revolve around collecting, so their target audience should overlap to a large extent. It will sell, I’m sure of that, which makes the IP well worth pursuing.


Yuko Shimizu and Yuko Yamaguchi recreated the very first appearance of Hello Kitty, produced by the Japanese company Sanrio and designed by Yuko Yamaguchi. It was introduced on a vinyl coin purse in Japan in 1974 that the character first appeared on an item.

The design and simplicity of the character have always fascinated me. Finding a minimalist solution and being expressive at the same time is very challenging. Creating something relatable or cute also impressed me, and the shape language gave me a great opportunity to build the character with round curved elements.

Figurine sitting on its own bow, which is also her attribute, became an icon. As seen on the original vinyl coin purse, the model includes the milk bottle and the goldfish bowl. The character is movable and can sit and stand up as well.


The Gundam shown here is made out of LEGO, and it sits somewhere between the 1/100 and 1/144 scales.

This is what I made because I wanted to combine my two hobbies into one.
I think it will make a great LEGO set. Due to the techniques used to create this detailed model on a small scale, not because of the line. Additionally, there are a lot of LEGO mecha enthusiasts who want a nostalgic piece.

There will also be a demand from model builders. This will become an essential part of their collection.


Lego Ideas For Anime Fan's

In 1982, the first episode of “The Super Dimension Fortress Macross” was broadcast, featuring the Mecha vehicle VF-1 Valkyrie. The vehicle also appeared in Robotech in 1985.

It was developed using alien technology obtained from the spaceship SDF-1 Macross, and its distinctive feature is its ability to transform into three distinct modes: Fighter mode, Gerwalk mode, and Battroid mode.

In the Macross universe, the vf-1 is the equivalent of the Millennium Falcon in the Star Wars universe. There are a lot of fans of this anime, and a LEGO set dedicated to Macross would be a wonderful gift.

check out the video for


In addition to the 3 big triple turrets, the iconic mechanical legs, the mystery rear door, and the charming micro-city, this stunning 1:100 LEGO interpretation of Howl’s Moving Castle features intricate exterior detailing. 

Is a moving castle complete if it doesn’t move? A motorized system on this wicked model enables it not only to move forward, but also to trigger the movement of its mouth, tongue, bodyside panels, and chimney at the same time!

The beast contains about 2000 pieces, which makes it the perfect display model for your living room!
The set could include five Minifigures: Howl, Sophie, Markl, Calcifer, and the Scarecrow.


Fly with Haran Banjo’s famous Mach Patrol from Daitarn. It can be transformed into a jet Mach Attacker, from which you can even fly the unbeatable Daitarn 3.

Mach Patrol’s car mode and jet mode can be converted without having to add or remove even a single piece, as shown in the animated video! This set was created because I have always loved the Daitarn 3 anime, and I love the Mach Patrol, as well as its simple but effective idea of transformation.

Both the automobile and plane modes of the Mach Patrol are beautiful. I think this fantastic vehicle would make a great Lego set, both for those who already know the anime and for those who are yet to discover it, and I’m sure they’d enjoy it as well. I would buy two, so I could expose it both ways.

To see more about this transformation check out the video.


I’m glad to introduce my mech. It represents a Mobile Suit Gundam. About 1000 parts make up the mech, which is 28 cm tall (280 mm). A shield, laser sword, and gun are included. A figure can also be placed in the cockpit.

Gundam is the name of a Japanese science fiction universe that was created by the toy manufacturer Bandai. The television series Mobile Suit Gundam began in 1979 and continues to air today.

This model will also find a place in the LEGO universe because the series is known worldwide and because it offers an excellent alternative to the Bandai model kit.


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