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Angel Beats! was an anime series that ran from 2010 to 2015. In total 16 episodes of Angel Beats! were aired. Angel Beats! has no reported filler.

Otonashi is a young boy living in the afterlife with no memories of his life before his death. He joins a school organization called the SSS whose mission is to fight against God.

Angel Beats Summary

Angel Beats! is set in the environment of a high school in the afterlife, a type of limbo for people who have experienced trauma or hardships in life and must overcome them before passing on and being reincarnated. The story follows Yuzuru Otonashi, a boy with amnesia who ends up in the afterlife.

Otonashi stirs just to learn he is dead. A rifle-carrying young lady named Yuri makes sense that they are in eternity, and Otonashi understands the main thing he can recollect about himself is his name. Yuri lets him know that she drives the Shinda Sekai Sensen (Afterlife Battlefront) and takes up arms against a young lady named Tenshi.

Unfit to accept Yuri’s case that Tenshi is underhanded, Otonashi endeavors to talk with her, yet the experience doesn’t go as he expected. Otonashi chooses to join the SSS and fight Tenshi, however, he winds up strangely attracted to her. While attempting to recover his recollections and comprehend Tenshi, he continuously disentangles the secrets of the great beyond.

Angel Beats Quick List

Anime Canon Episodes:

Angel Beats Episode List

1DepartureANIME CANON2010-04-03
2GuildANIME CANON2010-04-10
3My SongANIME CANON2010-04-17
4Day GameANIME CANON2010-04-24
5Favorite FlavorANIME CANON2010-05-01
6Family AffairANIME CANON2010-05-08
7AliveANIME CANON2010-05-15
8Dancer in the DarkANIME CANON2010-05-22
9In Your MemoryANIME CANON2010-06-05
10Goodbye DaysANIME CANON2010-06-05
11Change the WorldANIME CANON2010-06-12
12Knockin’ on Heaven’s DoorANIME CANON2010-06-19
13GraduationANIME CANON2010-06-26
14Another EpilogueANIME CANON2010-12-22
15Stairway to HeavenANIME CANON2010-12-22
16Hell’s KitchenANIME CANON2015-06-24

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