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Akame ga Kill Filler List Ultimate Guide

Akame ga Kill! was an anime series that ran from 2014 to 2014. In total 24 episodes of Akame ga Kill! were aired. Akame ga Kill! has no reported filler.

Under the rule of a tyrannical empire, Tatsumi, a young swordsman, leaves his home to save his poverty-stricken village. He meets a girl named Akame, an assassin who was bought, brainwashed, and trained to kill by the Empire. Akame is a member of the secret assassin group called “Night Raid” which uses special weapons called Teigu. Together, Tatsumi and the members of Night Raid confront the corrupt empire.

Akame ga Kill! Summary

The story focuses on Tatsumi, a young villager who travels to the Capital to raise money for his home only to discover strong corruption in the area. The assassin group known as Night Raid recruits the young man to help them in their fight against the corrupt Empire.

Night Raid is the secretive death part of the Revolutionary Army, an uprising collected to topple Prime Minister Honest, whose eagerness and voracity for power have driven him to exploit the youngster ruler’s freshness. Without a solid and generous pioneer, the remainder of the country is left to suffocate in destitution, struggle, and ruin.

However the Night Raid individuals are capable executioners, they comprehend that taking lives is a long way from admirable and that they will probably confront retaliation as they brutally dispose of anybody who remains in the insurgency’s manner. This joyful band of professional killers’ most up-to-date part is Tatsumi.

A credulous kid from a distant town who had left on an excursion to help his ruined old neighborhood and was prevailed upon by Night Raid’s goals, yet in addition to their purpose. Akame ga Kill! follows Tatsumi as he battles the Empire and encounters strong weapons, adversary professional killers, difficulties with his ethics and values, and eventually, what it means to be a professional killer with a reason.

Akame ga Kill! Quick List

Manga Canon Episodes:
Mixed Canon/Filler Episodes:
Anime Canon Episodes:

Akame ga Kill! Episode List

1Kill the DarknessMANGA CANON2014-07-06
2Kill the AuthorityMANGA CANON2014-07-13
3Kill Your CaresMANGA CANON2014-07-20
4Kill the Imperial Arm UsersMANGA CANON2014-07-27
5Kill the DreamMANGA CANON2014-08-03
6Kill the Absolute JusticeMANGA CANON2014-08-10
7Kill the Three -Part One-MANGA CANON2014-08-17
8Kill the Three -Part Two-MANGA CANON2014-08-24
9Kill the Lust for CombatMANGA CANON2014-08-31
10Kill the SeductionMANGA CANON2014-09-07
11Kill the Mad ScientistMANGA CANON2014-09-14
12Kill the NewcomersMANGA CANON2014-09-21
13Kill the NuisancesMANGA CANON2014-09-28
14Kill the Giant Danger BeastMANGA CANON2014-10-05
15Kill the Religious OrganizationMANGA CANON2014-10-12
16Kill the DollsMANGA CANON2014-10-19
17Kill the CurseMANGA CANON2014-10-26
18Kill the DemonMANGA CANON2014-11-02
19Kill the FateMIXED CANON/FILLER2014-11-09
20Kill the CarnageANIME CANON2014-11-16
21Kill the DespairANIME CANON2014-11-23
22Kill the Little SisterANIME CANON2014-11-30
23Kill the EmperorANIME CANON2014-12-07
24Akame ga Kill!ANIME CANON2014-12-14

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