Ace One Piece | Story of the legendary “Fire Fist Ace”

The legendary fire fist ace in One Piece, also known as “Ace.” A pirate who had never lost a battle.
A devil fruit gives him the power to manipulate fire, and Red-Haired Shanks taught him the ways of the sea. At Marineford, He sacrificed himself to save his older brother Luffy from death.
Monkey D. Roger adopted Ace after his parents were killed in an attack by pirates while protecting him from Gol D. Roger Garp and his wife.

He had a scar on his chest, proving he was of Roger’s bloodline. He is a famous pirate with a bounty of 550,000,000 Belize.


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‘Ace’s relationship with Luffy’

One Piece Strongest Devil Fruits

Ace One Piece was Luffy’s older brother and best friend. They always fought with each other, and He was the one to make Luffy stronger than anyone else.
At Marineford, He sacrificed himself for the sake of his brother Luffy when a marine soldier attacked where spears pierced him. This act caused Ace’s death.


Ace was an essential person in Luffy’s life, and he always looked up to him for anything.
Ace’s Devil Fruit power “Mera Mera no Mi” allows him to regenerate from injury. He can create, control and transform his boy into the fire.
His left arm can turn into a flame-throwing weapon that burns anything it touches, thus the nickname “Fire Fist.”.

As a pirate

he has three scars on each side of his face called “X” marks. These marks indicate how many people he has killed so far.

He was a mighty pirate who sailed the Grand Line and had his crew. He fought in many battles, including one that almost took his life. So the journey he took with Luffy became an essential part of his life.

Sadly, when they reach Skypiea, it appears that there is no chance for them to stay together, and then He died!

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