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Ace of Diamond Act 2 Filler List Ultimate Guide

Ace of the Diamond: Act II was an anime series that ran from 2019 to 2020. In total 52 episodes of Ace of the Diamond: Act II was aired. With a total of 1 reported filler episode, Ace of the Diamond: Act II has a very low filler percentage of 2%.

Eijun Sawamura finally makes his first appearance at the spring invitational! He wants to restore Seido’s reputation as a first-rate team and make them national champions! Seido High School Baseball Club’s new run is about to begin!

Ace of Diamond Act 2 Summary

After a past inability to arrive at nationals, the first-class ball club of Seidou High and its pitcher Eijun Sawamura chose to go all out at the fall competition, offer nationals another opportunity, and in doing so persuade their dearest mentor not to resign.

The blessed ground of Koshien Stadium is the “divine location,” where the desires of secondary school baseball players work out as expected. Subsequent to arising triumphant in the fall competition last year, Seidou High School ball club has at long last procured the option to contend there without precedent for seven years. Past the spring competition lingers the fight to conclude who is the best group in the country the Summer Koshien.

With the third-year players due to resign after the late spring competition, the group needs to coordinate the experience of the seniors and the capability of the novices to conquer natural and new rivals the same and bring home the sought after public championship.

In the interim, pitcher Eijun Sawamura is not set in stone as could be expected to acquire shirt No. 1 and hold onto the place of “pro” from his tireless adversary, Satoru Furuya. As the group plans for their most noteworthy test yet, Sawamura and Furuya carry on their battle to lead their group to magnificence and become the star of the game: the valid “Ace of the Diamond.”

Ace of Diamond Act 2 Quick List

Manga Canon Episodes:
2-3, 5-28, 30-52
Mixed Canon/Filler Episodes:
1, 4
Filler Episodes:

Ace of Diamond Act 2 Episode List

1Beyond the DreamMIXED CANON/FILLER2019-04-02
2Wanna Take the MoundMANGA CANON2019-04-09
3Blessed by the Baseball GodsMANGA CANON2019-04-16
4The Day It BeganMIXED CANON/FILLER2019-04-23
5JoiningMANGA CANON2019-04-30
6Go StraightMANGA CANON2019-05-07
8CamphorMANGA CANON2019-05-21
9Battle, BattleMANGA CANON2019-05-28
10DebutMANGA CANON2019-06-04
11Where You LookMANGA CANON2019-06-11
12SelfishMANGA CANON2019-06-18
13Batting FirstMANGA CANON2019-06-25
14PresenceMANGA CANON2019-07-02
15My RoleMANGA CANON2019-07-09
16Only After You’ve WonMANGA CANON2019-07-16
17Three MonthsMANGA CANON2019-07-23
18Something to Find OutMANGA CANON2019-07-30
19Competitive StreakMANGA CANON2019-08-06
20Self-AssertiveMANGA CANON2019-08-13
21Out of TimeMANGA CANON2019-08-20
22ChosenMANGA CANON2019-08-27
23One Pitch, One SecondMANGA CANON2019-09-03
24IncompleteMANGA CANON2019-09-10
25UnleashedMANGA CANON2019-09-17
26Beneath the Same BannerMANGA CANON2019-09-24
27The NoteMANGA CANON2019-10-01
28I’m Not StoppingMANGA CANON2019-10-08
29After Spring ComesFILLER2019-10-15
30Bloom of YouthMANGA CANON2019-10-22
31Kind of Like a PromiseMANGA CANON2019-10-29
32HungerMANGA CANON2019-11-05
33Heat TransferMANGA CANON2019-11-12
34CompetitionMANGA CANON2019-11-19
35Because He’s AwesomeMANGA CANON2019-11-26
36As a CatcherMANGA CANON2019-12-03
37Invincible MentalityMANGA CANON2019-12-10
38FragileMANGA CANON2019-12-17
39I’m Counting on YouMANGA CANON2019-12-24
40ExpressionMANGA CANON2020-01-07
41Shared FateMANGA CANON2020-01-14
4220 PeopleMANGA CANON2020-01-21
43Summer Training CampMANGA CANON2020-01-28
44Setting SailMANGA CANON2020-02-04
45Go EXCEED!!MANGA CANON2020-02-11
46EncouragementMANGA CANON2020-02-18
47Under the FeetMANGA CANON2020-02-25
48Get BackMANGA CANON2020-03-03
49Seido Goes All OutMANGA CANON2020-03-10
51That’s the Reason WhyMANGA CANON2020-03-24
52Ace of DiamondMANGA CANON2020-03-31

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Ace of the Diamond Filler List 

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