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A Certain Scientific Accelerator Filler List Ultimate Guide

A Certain Scientific Accelerator was an anime series that ran from 2019 to 2019. In total 12 episodes of A Certain Scientific Accelerator were aired. With a total of 1 reported filler episode, A Certain Scientific Accelerator has a very low filler percentage of 8%.

After rescuing Last Order and subsequently taking a bullet to the head, Academy City’s top-ranked esper rests in the hospital. But Accelerator’s recovery is cut short when a mysterious girl carrying a photo of his little clone companion asks for help. Now they’re taking on Disciplinary Action—an anti-evil coalition whose sinister plans threaten Last Order, Academy City, and even the entire world!

A Certain Scientific Accelerator Summary

After protecting Last Order at the cost of much of his power, Accelerator now finds himself dragged into a new conflict in the form of a sinister organization called Disciplinary Action, which plots to use Last Order for a dangerous mission.

Institute City remains at the cutting edge of logical and mechanical advancement, most popular for their improvement of espers: those equipped for using godlike capacities that change the principles of the real world. The most remarkable among them are the Level 5s, and the one known as Accelerator rules, even after being debilitated by a serious mind injury.

Close by is the youngster known as Last Order, whom despite his chilly attitude, he holds intently and is committed to safeguarding no matter what. However Accelerator might be recuperating from his physical issue, the clouded side of Academy City never rests, thus he winds up reluctantly up to speed amidst another contention.

Whenever a puzzling young lady approaches Accelerator in the quest for Last Order, the most elevated positioned esper is faced by a venomous association that has flourished in Anti-Skill, Academy City’s peacekeeping association. Yet again with perilous powers progressing that take steps to endanger Last Order and her sisters, oneself announced reprobate plans to venture into the haziness.

A Certain Scientific Accelerator Quick List

Manga Canon Episodes:
Filler Episodes:

A Certain Scientific Accelerator Episode List

1Accelerator (Academy City’s Mightiest Esper)FILLER2019-07-12
2Necromancer (Raiser of the Dead)MANGA CANON2019-07-19
3Numbers (Charms of the Four Perils)MANGA CANON2019-07-26
4Third Number (The Pseudo-Soul, Huotou)MANGA CANON2019-08-02
5DA (Security Officer Darkness)MANGA CANON2019-08-09
6Scavenger (Corpse-Eating Squad)MANGA CANON2019-08-16
7Download (Time Limit)MANGA CANON2019-08-23
8Friend (Hirumi)MANGA CANON2019-08-30
9Memory of Death (10031 Deaths)MANGA CANON2019-09-06
10Catastrophe (Awakening)MANGA CANON2019-09-13
11Perfect Golem (Perfect Body)MANGA CANON2019-09-20
12Something to ProtectMANGA CANON2019-09-27

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