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10 anime like Tokyo ghoul You Need To Watch

Tokyo Ghoul is a popular anime. Many people like it because Ken Kaneki gets involved in a war, and there are lots of fights and sad things. Lots of people like it, too.

Tokyo Ghoul is one of those dark series show that can interest even people who usually only watch anime. This show has been on for a long time and it still has lots of animation. But now Tokyo Ghoul: re is over and we do not know if another series will be produced.

In this blog post, you will find 10 Anime like Tokyo Ghoul. There are lots of anime like Tokyo ghoul, many of the same genres with similar themes and characters. Here are a few more anime that might be good to watch after you finish Tokyo Ghoul.

10. Attack On Titan

Same as Tokyo Ghoul, Attack on Titan is a dark anime with lots of fighting and story development. Both are full of action, it may be difficult to follow the story at first, but it will be very interesting once you get into it.

There are few differences between these two series because they have similar characters and themes, although Tokyo Ghoul has Ken Kaneki and Attack On Titan has Eren Yaeger.

9. Akame Ga Kill

This anime is also dark, full of action, and good for those who like fighting. In Akame Ga Kill, a group of assassins wants to fight the evil in the world. This anime can be a bit more violent than Tokyo Ghoul, and Akame Ga Kill is about assassins, but some scenes show people dying and scenes of blood.

Another group of anime like Tokyo Ghoul these shows can be more violent than Tokyo Ghoul. However, there is also a lot of fighting in both anime series, with lots of characters trying to get stronger and make the world better.

8. Another

Another is a mystery and thrilling anime. There are lots of things that happen in the anime that is like Tokyo Ghoul. Koichi Sakakibara, a curious young student, enrolls in a mysterious class plagued by an evil curse. Koichi encounters Yuuya Kizami, who acts as his guide to the local area. However, soon after transferring, strange events start happening at their school, which they don’t understand.

There are lots of mystery anime like Tokyo Ghoul. This is another one because there are some mysteries and actions about characters trying to find out what is happening to the world.

7. Parasite

Parasyte is an anime that is also science fiction, anime like Tokyo Ghoul. In this anime, parasites invade Earth and start taking over humans. One parasite attempts to take over Shinichi Izumi’s brain but fails due to the intervention of his mother in the nick of time. Instead, the parasite emerges with Izumi’s right hand and thus begins a life of cohabitation.

Like Tokyo Ghoul, Parasite: The Maxim is an anime about parasites living with humans and taking over our bodies. This anime has some scenes where people die, but not many other similar themes.

6. Psycho Pass

Psycho Pass is an anime that shows the good and bad of society. The story is set in a futuristic world where people’s state of mind can be measured using a system known as “Psycho-Pass.”

In Psycho Pass, some detectives catch people who have killed or have other wrongdoings. It is similar to Tokyo Ghoul because it has some scary parts, and Psycho Pass is about criminals trying to get away from the police.

5. Ajin

Ajin: Demi-Human has a similar theme to Tokyo Ghoul. The Ajin are people who cannot die because they will resurrect after death.

This is another anime like Tokyo Ghoul because it is about creatures trying to live in society, but there are some scenes where characters die and get hurt.

4. Deadman Wonderland

Deadman Wonderland is about a school and its students and teachers who get trapped and need to complete different tasks.

This anime is like Tokyo Ghoul because of the action and some characters dying or getting hurt, but it has lots more fighting than Tokyo Ghoul does. It also takes place in a school area.

3. Future Diary

In Future Diary, some characters have a diary that tells them the future. The main character is Yuki, a loner at school whose only friend is his classmate and crush, Yuno.

The anime starts with a battle royale between twelve people who get cell phones that can tell their future diaries. Each person’s diary has a special ability.

In both anime, some characters have special cells, and they have to use their skills to survive and get stronger and make society better and help people.

2. Death Parade

Death Parade is about two people who die and then get judged. After this, they play a game to decide if they go to heaven or hell. Both of these anime show characters who have died and get judged by other characters.

They also both show characters playing games to decide what they will do in the future. Like Tokyo Ghoul, this anime has some deaths and sometimes where characters get hurt or have a fight.

1. Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer is an anime that shows how you should treat people, what makes the world go round, and how to stop evil. The story starts with Tanjirou Kamado attempting to buy some milk at a local store when he faces demons.

This story is similar to Tokyo Ghoul because it is about creatures trying to live in society and stop evil, but this story has more fighting than Tokyo Ghoul does. It also takes place in a school area.


All these animes are similar to Tokyo Ghoul in some ways, but they all have different plots and scenes. It is best to watch the animes yourself if you want to find out what you enjoy most!

I hope this helped you understand why Tokyo Ghoul is similar to some other animes. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below!

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